The Division 2 Lifesteal SMG Build Guide

April 14, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
The Division 2 Best Smg Submachine Gun Lifesteal Build Guide PvP PvE World Tier 5 Viable Setup

In this Division 2 guide we'll be showcasing the Lifesteal Sub-machine gun build that seems to currently annihilate all content in the game-- even PVP! This Division 2 SMG Build can be somewhat hard to pull off as it requires strong items with specific rolls but once you acquire your set you'll be popping off. The amount of lifesteal, sustain and damage this build provides will let you solo entire teams of enemies in PvP Dark Zone environments or even very hard PvE missions.

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Chem Launcher

The Chem Launcher Reinforcer variant is going to be your panic skill for regenerating armor really quick. Due to the nature of SMG builds, you'll be within close range most of the time so having a way of replenishing your armor really quick will be very useful. In case you feel like the Drone supports you enough, feel free to swap the Reinforcer variant for Oxidizer as it'll allow you to melt through enemies, especially bosses in PvE.


Both Fixer and Defender (Deflector) Drone are excellent choices to supplement this SMG build because they provide excellent sustain to your character. If you plan on doing PvE content the Fixer drone will be a good choice because it will keep regenerating your Armor and if your armor is low and you keep getting shot, you'll be going to 0 armor, above and again on 0 armor quite often (which procs Crisis response). For PvP, the Drone that deflects bullets might be a better choice, at the end of the day it's all your personal preference as both variants are really good.


The general attributes you're gonna be wanting to look on all Gear pieces for on this Lifesteal Sub-machine Gun (SMG) Character Build Loadout are Health, Armor, Critical Chance, Weapon Damage, Health on Kill and Critical Hit Damage. The mods you acquire should also be focused on increases to health and armor on kill.


The main Brand Set you will want to finish on this SMG build will be the Wyvern Wear because it gives great critical bonuses which will scale this build even further. The only other Brand Set piece that matters is one part of the Murakami Industries set because it will give you an 8% increase to your Health which is really good. Lastly, one piece of Airaldi Holdings and Sokolov Concern are great choices as the Airaldi provides a bonus to accuracy and Sokolov to SMG damage.


What makes this SMG build viable are the specific item talents that you must acquire. The main Talent that you have to get on your items is Clutch, it makes your critical hits restore 2% of your health and armor-- which will prove as a significant amount as you reach the 60% critical chance cap on your weapon. Next, the Safeguard Talent boosts repairs and healing by 150% for 20 seconds (which synergizes extremely well with Clutch) making your "lifesteal" even more powerful. Cloaked is also a good perk to have as it will disrupt enemies for 10 seconds once your armor is depleted, which means this procs very often. The Patience talent is a strong choice because it repairs your armor by 5% every second and it procs after being in cover for 3 seconds. On your Body Armor you'll want to get the Berserk Perk as it will increase your weapon damage by a lot, pretty much permanently as you're going to be on low armor most of the time.



Any high-end strong DPS SMG is going to be your best in slot weapon here. The preferred choices are Vector and MPX because they both have high RPM and damage. Because this build primarily revolves around lifesteal and shredding enemies before they shred you-- higher DPS weapon will be the prime choice. The main talent you will want to look for on your primary weapon is "Strained" because it will give you increased critical damage for every 5% of armor that's depleted. This talent will provide a huge boost to your overall damage output if your whole build is tweaked accordingly. Lastly, Allegro and Extra are awesome Talents to accompany Strained on your main weapon.


The Chatterbox is the best secondary weapon for the Lifesteal SMG build because it has Blabbermouth which will increase your overall rate of fire by a significant amount.


The Division 2 Best SMG Submachine Gun Lifesteal Build Guide Demolitionist Specialization Tree

The Demolitionist is the best specialization for this Division 2 SMG build because it will provide your character with increases to submachine gun damage and full magazine refills once your armor is on 0. The Crisis Response perk makes this build ridiculous because you're going to be hitting zero armor all the time, making your magazine full most of the time without even reloading.

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