The Division 2 Light Machine Gun Build Guide

March 19, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
The Division 2 Best And Strongest Light Machine Gun LMG Dps Build Loadout Guide PvP PvE Viable Dark Zones

In this Division 2 guide we'll showcase currently the strongest Light Machine Gun (LMG) Build Loadout which can reach ~1.5 million DPS at the Firing Range. Of course, that DPS number is not going to be the same versus enemies but it's a good indicator that the build can shred through enemies if you can be provided with enough support from your team to keep the enemies busy. You can start playing with an LMG from level 2-3 once you drop one and it's a very strong weapon for leveling, even without any gear bonuses, mods or talents. Once you've made a loadout like this one though, you'll be able to shred through anything.

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In case you're doing PvP content and Dark Zones, the Deflector Drone or Booster Hive are great choices as these Skills are currently really useful for that type of content. For PvE and playing solo or even in groups, the Reviver Hive can be a lifesaver because you'll be soaking damage all the time with this loadout and you'll want to get revived as fast as possible if you go down.

Chem Launcher

As we mentioned previously, you'll be under fire a lot because this build is mostly mid to close ranged. Therefore, the Chem Launcher Reinforcer variant is going to be your best Skill choice for this slot because it's an all-round excellent healing skill that will provide you with enough regeneration to sustain heavy fire in most scenarios. In case you don't need the Armor repair, you could also try out the Oxidizer as it is a strong choice damage-wise.


The general attributes you're gonna be wanting to look on all Gear pieces for on this Light Machine Gun (LMG) Character Build Loadout are Critical Chance, Weapon Damage, Critical Hit Damage, Headshot Damage and LMG Damage.


On the Armor pieces you can combine many different variations of Brand Sets depending on the content you're trying to do and how tanky you have to be. For the highest DPS loadout, you could do something like full Wyvern Wear, One piece Petrov Defense Group and two pieces of Douglas & Harding or Airaldi Holdings. Gila Guard and Yaahl Gear are also solid choices if you'd like to be more tanky.


The main talents you'll want to acquire on your gear pieces are going to be: Dialing In, Unbreakable, Devastating, Hard Hitting and Precise.


Light Machine Gun

Most LMG's are currently very strong in the latest patch so you'll be fine with any of them. MG5 is a very strong choice if you have one as it has high RPM and a moderate reload time in comparison to other LMG's. The main talent you'll want to get on the MG5 is Frenzy because it will synergize really well because you only have 50 bullets in the mag. Additionally, Allegro will provide a substantial increase to DPS as it provides additional rate of fire.

Light Machine Gun

Your secondary item in the Light Machine Gun (LMG) Build loadout will also be an LMG. The preferred weapon for this slot is the RPK because it has insane base damage and a solid RPM. Talents which you will have to acquire on the RPK are Allegro and Unhinged.


For the Light Machine Gun (LMG) Build loadout you've got two Specialization options: Demolitionist and Sharpshooter. The Demolitionist will mainly provide a boost to your LMG Damage, whilst the Sharpshooter features three key nodes that make the LMG build so much better. Those nodes are: Breath Control (Increased weapon stability), Deft Hands (reload speed) and One in the Head (Headshot damage). I'd personally go for Sharpshooter, but the choice should be your personal preference as both will be just fine.

This Light Machine Gun (LMG) Build is currently a very strong choice for all the content The Division 2 has to offer be it early, mid or late game, Dark zones, PvP or PvE.
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