The Division 2 Overpowered Shield Agent Build Guide

March 18, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Best Strongest Agent Shield Build Guide For Endgame Level 30 World Tier 4 Viable Dark Zone PvE PvP Overpowered Loadout Setup

In This Division 2 Guide we'll be showing you the Best Shield Agent Build Loadout Setup that is currently overpowered for PvP and you'll be able to run through any PvE content with it as well. The Shield Build is focused around..yeah you guessed it..the Shield Skill. The Best Shield Endgame PvP PvE Build For The Division 2 is mainly used for end-game content (level 30) but it's beginner viable as there is not too much skill involved into playing this Shield build and it being ridiculously tanky makes it even better.

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The Deflector Shield is going to be your main Skill for this loadout. It is extremely strong because it's literally an aimbot that fixes onto a certain target and ricochets the bullets onto them whilst providing you cover. If you land the shots with your Pistol you'll easily be able to win crazy tough fights such as 1v3s in PvP Dark Zone environments.

Chem Launcher

The crazy amounts of Skill Cooldown from this build is what's going to make the Chem Launcher and Shield combo be overpowered in most scenarios. Whenever you're running into huge gunfights, all you have to do is double tap your Chem Launcher key which will instantly drop it at your feet. This Skill has multiple charges and with a boost to its duration it becomes extremely useful as you can just keep perma regenerating your Armor and literally never dying. It is going to be EXTREMELY HARD for enemies to kill you if you've got your Shield Deflector up and Chem Launcher Reinforcer Gas to regenerate your Armor.


The general attributes you're gonna be wanting to look on all Gear pieces for on this Shield Agent Build are Skill Power and Cooldown Reduction.


On the armor, you'll want to focus on completing the Providence Defense Brand Set first. After you've completed the Providence equipment pieces, fill in with two pieces of Alps Summit. The last piece of gear can be whatever you'd like, Gila Guard is a solid choice.


Get as many pieces of gear with the Capacitive Talent as you can get. The Capacitive Talent gives 20% increased skill duration which will scale with the Gear attributes, making the Chem Launcher Reinforcer overpowered. Other pieces of your gear should optimally have Self Adjusting and Safeguard because these two will boost your survivability significantly.


Sub-Machine Gun

On the "Primary" weapon you'll want to get the "Recharged" talent because it makes your skills have 25% increased duration and charges if they're deployed when you're at full armor. This is really important because it synergizes so well with the Chem Launcher Reinforcer. You can use pretty much any SMG in the game as it is really not that important due to this Shield build loadout focusing mainly on the Sidearm.

Marksman Rifle

You don't have to use a MR here, but it makes the build better because if you can't reach the enemy up close and you have to trade shots with them via range, it's better to do so with a Marksman Rifle than a LMG for example. That said, Marksman Rifle is mainly for the PvP aspect of this character loadout, if you plan on doing PvE content really any weapon is fine. High damage MR's are the M44 and M700.


The Sidearm weapon is going to be your main gun for dealing damage from mid to close range. The Strongest Sidearm for the Shield loadout is currently the Liberty Exotic Pistol because it has very strong talents. Liberty, Blind Justice and Independence are just so good which makes it the best in slot gun for the Shield build. If you haven't acquired a Liberty Pistol yet, X-45 is great below level 30 and Survivalist D50 is the best alternative once you reach level 30.


The Survivalist Specialization is a strong choice for this build because its skill tree works great with the Shield loadout and playstyle. All the stats the passive tree provides will make your Shield build even stronger and the best specialization skill tree setup can be seen below.
Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Best Strongest Agent Shield Build Guide For Endgame Level 30 World Tier 4 Viable Dark Zone PvE PvP Overpowered Loadout Setup Specialization Tree

This Shield Build is currently overpowered as there are not many ways to counter it. If you're looking for Division 2 build to dominate PvP and DZ fights, the Best Shield Endgame PvP PvE Build is for you.
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