The Division 2 Powerleveling Guide

March 12, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
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The official Tom Clancy's The Division 2 launch is in less than three days! In this The Division 2 Powerleveling guide we'll explain the whole Division 2 leveling process in detail, as well as provide you with the ultimate The Division 2 Powerleveling tips, tricks and strategies in order to reach the end-game faster (max level 30). This Division 2 power lvl guide will be viable for beginners and experts alike, because all it does is provide you with enough knowledge to tweak your questing and time management in order to maximize the experience gain and reach the end-game faster than others in order to dominate them in the Dark Zone as you'll get much stronger gear as you level up.

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XP Gain Booster Perks

The very first thing we recommend in this The Division 2 Powerleveling guide is that you go to the Quartermaster at the base of operations and find him (usually left to the main entrance). Talk to him and unlock all the XP (experience) bonus perks that you can. 
The XP Perks is usually the first icon in the third row of the Perk shop, and as you can see there's plenty of different experience enhancement perks. For example, the Headshot Accolade will reward your headshot kills with additional XP, which after some time will rack up to a good amount of bonus experience. There is a total of five different XP bonus perks: Headshot Accolade, Multi-kill Accolade, Weakpoints Accolade, Tactical Kill Accolade and Survivor. These are all unique perks that will provide you with bonus experience depending on the actions you do. Unlocking all of these XP boost perks will grant you about one or two levels worth of experience once you start reaching the max level.
Note that once you start out, you'll be forced to follow a tutorial during which you'll have to unlock other Perks first so you won't be able to unlock all XP boost perks from the start. Farm up some SHD Tech after that and unlock the rest of the XP booster perks ASAP.


The Division 2 Missions are gonna be your main source of experience during your playthrough. The order in which you're going to be doing these missions is crucial because if you just brainlessly pick your next mission you will end up losing out on so much experience and then struggle getting the last few levels. Learning the most optimal The Division 2 order to do missions is therefore going to be the key to leveling up faster than others.
In The Division 2 there are three categories of missions that you can do:

  • Main Missions (the big storyline)
  • Side missions
  • Open World missions/activities.

These involve Control Points, Saving Hostiles and other side activities.
It's important to keep these three categories of missions separated because the amount of experience you will get rewarded for completing them is very different within each category.

Main Missions

The Main missions will always give you the same experience no matter what, at a point in the game you'll unlock these missions when you go to a settlement and these missions have a certain level requirement. You can do them early, at the required level or much later. No matter when you do the main missions they will always reward you with the same amount of experience, no matter your character level. The only reason why experience gain differs within main missions is because some of them are lower level and some of them higher, meaning that the main mission xp scales with NPC levels and not yours. The NPC enemies themselves though, will scale to -2 of your level and will give some additional experience than their lower level counterparts but it's mostly nothing compared to the experience gain we'll mention soon.

Side Missions

The Division 2 side missions work in a very different way. Instead of getting a set amount of experience per mission, you'll be rewarded no more or no less than 33% of the experience required to level up (for example, level 1 to 2 needs 1000 total experience, you'll be given 333 XP upon completing a side mission). Side missions directly scale with the player's level, meaning that if you're level 8, the NPC's in that side mission will be level 8.

Open World missions

The Division 2 open world missions also scale with the exact player level like the Side missions do, as well as giving bonus experience which is based upon the level at which you complete the open world mission. However, for the Open World activities the experience gain is much less than the side missions. Open World missions will usually reward you with around 10% of the experience requirement for your current level.

Maximizing Experience Gain And Leveling Up Fast

To sum things up, you will want to save up all of your Side Missions for when you start to really struggle with leveling up later in your playthrough. Leveling to around level 20 will not take a long amount of time, but once you reach those numbers, a level up could easily cost hundreds of thousands experience points and that's when you need to start doing side missions and Open World missions if you've run out of side missions. Getting a flat 33% of your experience bar at 25-30 levels you'll be shredding through levels, provided you saved up most of your side missions. Once you're out of Side Missions, do Open World missions and remember to be as active as possible, kill a lot of NPC's (Capture Control Point is especially good for this).
Also, don't make the mistake of thinking that higher level enemies will give you highly scaled amounts of experience-- they wont! The experience gain and NPC levels don't scale proportionally with you, so that is not a good way to level up and neither is replaying the main storyline on normal or hard mode over and over. The only thing that the main storyline on hard mode is good for are loot drops, they scale up really well there and you can read about that more in our upcoming Division 2 gear farming guide.
An important thing to note, if you're truly wanting to min max and Division 2 power level in the most efficient way, only do side missions whenever you're below 66% of your experience bar. Why is that you might ask? Since the 33% exp gain scales with the CURRENT level, any leftover experience from your level up will stay a flat amount meaning that it won't scale. This is inefficient because you'll be losing out on potential experience.
We hope that you've found all of this information in our The Division 2 Powerleveling Guide useful because we covered the fastest way to level up to max level in the Division really quick. Good luck with your experience grinding!

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