The Division 2 Weapon And Gear Talents List

March 14, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
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The Division 2 Weapon and Gear Talents are perks which you can get on weapons and equipment. These perks are going to be a big boost to damage, survivability or even both. This The Division 2 Weapon And Gear Talents list currently features all of the Division 2 known weapon and item talents. Picking the best and strongest ones will be crucial for optimizing your build so below are the Gun and Equipment Talent lists where you can find all of the information you need about talents-- Talent stats, what they do, how much they stack and what are their requirements.

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The Division 2 Weapon Talents List

BreadbasketLanding body shots adds a stack of bonus +5% headshot damage to the next headshot for 10s. Max stack is 10.(1x - 10x) (5% - 50%)5 or more Offense
Close & PersonalKilling a target within 7m grants +50% weapon damage for 5s.-5 or more Offense
EyelessDeal +10% weapon damage to blinded enemies.--
Fast HandsCritical hits add a stack of 3% reload speed bonus. Max stack is 20.(1x - 20x) (3% - 60%)-
First BloodFirst shot fired from a full magazine deals headshot damage to any part of the body hit.-8x Scope or higher
IgnitedDeal +10% weapon damage to burning enemies.--
KillerKilling an enemy with a critical hit grants +50% critical hit chance for 5s.-5 or more Offense
Lucky ShotMagazine capacity is increased. Missed shots from cover have a chance to return to the magazine.--
MeasuredThe top half of the magazine has +15% rate of fire and -20% weapon damage.The bottom half of the magazine has -25% rate of fire and +20% weapon damage.--
NakedHeadshot damage is increased by +50% while your armor is depleted.-8x Scope or higher
On EmptyReloading from empty grants +30% weapon handling for 10s.-4 or less Defensive
OptimistWeapon damage is increased by +10% for every 2% ammo missing from the magazine.(1x - 49x) (10% - 490%)5 or less Offense
PerpetuationHeadshot kills grant +5% skill duration, ammo, and charges to the next skill used. Max stack is 10.(1x - 10x) (5% - 25%)5 or more Utility
PreservationKilling an enemy repairs 5% armor over 3s. Headshot kills improves the repair.-7 or more Defensive
Pummel3 Consecutive body shot kills refills the magazine and grants +50% weapon damage for 7s.-4 or more Offense
RangerEvery 5m you are from the target grants +2% weapon damage.(1x - 20x) (2% - 40%)4 or less Utility
ReformationHeadshot kills increase skill repair and healing by 25% for 25s.-4 or less Offense Stat
RiflemanLanding headshots adds a stack of bonus +10% weapon damage for 5s. Max stack is 5.Additional headshots refresh the duration. All non-headshots remove the bonus.(1x - 5x) (10% - 50%)4 or less Defense Stat
SadistDeal +10% weapon damage to bleeding enemies.--
SalvageKilling a target has a +50% chance to refill the magazine.--
SpikeHeadshot kills grant +25% skill damage for 10s.-5 or more Utility
Steady HandedLanding a shot adds a stack of bonus 2% weapon handling. Max stack is 15.At max stacks each shot landed has a 5% chance to consume the weapon handling bonus and refill the magazine.(1x - 15x) (2% - 30%)5 or less Offense
Strained+10% critical hit damage is gained for every 5% of your armor that is depleted.(1x - 20x) (10% - 200%)5 or less Offense
UnhingedReceive +25% weapon damage at the cost of -35% weapon handling.--
UnwaveringSwapping to this weapon grants max weapon handling for 5s. Kills refresh the buff.--
VindictiveKilling an enemy with a status effect applied grants all group members within 15m +20% critical hit chance for 10s.-4 or less Offense
Accurate+15% Accuracy--
Allegro+10% Rate of Fire--
Distance+15% Optimal Range--
Extra+20% Magazine Capacity--
Jazz Hands+10% Reload Speed--
Optimized+15% Weapon Handling--
Stable+15% Stability--
Double DutyWhile holstered, reloading your primary weapon reloads this weapon.--
EverlastingWhile holstered, this weapon regenerates ammo while in cover.--
GreasedWhile holstered, this weapon increases weapon swap speed by 10%.--
OverlapWhile holstered, your equipped weapon gains a handling bonus based on this weapon's type.--
TransmissionWhile holstered, shock applied to the Agent transfers to an enemy within 10m. Can occur once every 60s.--
WascallyWhile holstered, you are able to resist 2 ensnare attempts.--
CannonWhile equipped, this weapon increases throwing distance by 10%.--
In RhythmWhile equipped, enemy kills have a 5% chance to refresh active skill cooldowns. Can occur once every 60s.--
Protected DeployWhile equipped, this weapon grants +10% bonus armor while deploying a skill.--
Protected ReloadWhile equipped, this weapon grants +10% bonus armor while reloading.--
RechargedWhile equipped, enemy kills from cover can recharge depleted skill charges.--
RootedWhile equipped and in cover, all skill damage and healing is increased by +25% for 10s.Buff is lost when exiting cover. Can occur once every 25s.--
Stop, Drop, and RollWhile equipped, rolling removes burn, bleed, and poisoned status effects. Can occur once every 60s.--
ZenWhile equipped, resting in cover for 3s removes blind and disorient status effects.--

The Division 2 Gear Talents List

Berserk+10% weapon damage for every 10% of max armor depleted.While using an AR//SMG/Shotgun
BracedWhile in cover Weapon Handling is increased by +15%.-
CenteredHeadshot kills grant status effect immunity for 10s.4 or more Defense Stat
CloakedWhen your armor breaks enemy skills cannot track you.3 or less Skill Stat
ClutchCrtical hits restore 15% health and repair 2% armor.While using an AR/SMG/LMG
CompensatedWeapon damage is increased when you have low critical hit chance.3 or less Offense Stat
Creeping DeathStatus effect spread to the nearest enemy within 10m. Can occur once every 15s.4 or less Offense Stat
EfficientUsing an armor kit has a 50% chance to not consume the armor kit.No other active talents affecting armor kits
EntrenchHeadshots from cover repair 5% of your armor.Using a Rifle/Marksman weapon
Fill'er UpReloading from empty reloads all weapons.-
GunslingerSwapping to your sidearm within 3s of a kill refills the sidearm's magazine and grants +20% weapon damage for the entire magazine.5 or less Defensive
Mad BomberGrenade radius is increased by +150%. Grenades that kill an enemy are refunded.4 or less Utility
ObliterateDepleting an enemy's armor grants +25% critical hit damage for 5s.4 or more Offense Stat
On the RopesWeapon Damage is increased by +25% while all skills are on cooldown or reach zero charges.7 or more Utility
PatienceAfter being in cover for 3s, armor repairs by 5% every 1s.7 or more Defensive
PayloadDestroying an enemy's asset grants +50% Explosive Damage for 15s.4 or less Defensive
Restorative+10% Health on Kill-
SafeguardKilling a target grants a 150% bonus to repairing and healing for 20s.5 or less Offense Stat
SkilledSkill kills have a 35% chance to reset Skill Cooldowns.4 or more Utility
Spotter+10% Weapon Damage to pulsed enemies.5 or more Utility
Tech SupportKills by active skills grant +25% Skill Damage for 10s.6 or more Utility
TerminateDepleting an enemies armor grants +35% skill damage for 15s.5 or more Utility
To OrderGrenades can now be "cooked"" by holding the fire buttonmaking them explode earlier."
Unbreakable25% of max armor is repaired when your armor is depleted. Armor kits used within the next 5s are not consumed.No other active talents affecting armor kits
Unstoppable ForceKilling an enemy grants 2% Weapon Damage for every 10,000 Max Armor.7 or more Defense Stat
Capacitive+20% Skill Duration-
Destructive+20% Explosive Damage-
Hard Hitting+15% Damage to Elites-
Hardened+10% Armor-
Insulated+10% Hazard Protection-
Self Adjusting+20% Armor Regeneration-
Surge+10% Skill Haste-
Vital+20% Health-

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Hopefully you've found this Division 2 Weapon And Gear Talents List useful in your venture through the ruins of D.C. If you have any additional information about Weapon and Gear talents in the Division 2, attributes and requirements, feel free to comment below!
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