The Last Spell Perks Tier List

June 7, 2021
by GamerDiscovery
The Last Spell Perk Tier List Best And Most Popular Hero Traits

As explained in our beginner's guide, every hero in The Last Spell has five tiers of unique perks that you can unlock in order to make each of your characters stronger. Picking the best possible hero perks is going to be important as each characters' build is different. Combining really strong perks and min-maxing hero builds will allow you to easily progress through the game as picking the wrong perks will definitely hinder you. In this The Last Spell Perks Tier List we'll be going over each of the hero traits available in the game and sorting them into four different tiers depending on how good they are.

Perk Tier List Descriptors

S Tier - Overpowered. The Last Spell Perks which are incredible in the latest patch of the game as they can considerably alter the difficulty of the game. Pairing hero perks with the proper build will allow you to steamroll through content.

A Tier - Powerful. The Last Spell Perks which are currently very popular but aren't considered broken. Most of these are going to be perks that are very strong at certain nights, but slightly fall off in usefulness during the end-game.

B Tier - Balanced. The Last Spell Perks which aren't necessarily good or bad, they're good choices but there's always much better ones.

C Tier - Underpowered. The Last Spell Perks which are hard to make a build around with as they're pretty useless during most stages of the game. These traits don't synergize very well with most builds, so you're forced to pull off non-meta niche characters.

Perk Tier List


Steady Aim - as long as the hero didn't move during this turn, gain +10% accuracy and +1 skill range. Ranged builds are currently most powerful and this perk is really useful during late-game.

Initiator - if the hero didn't kill anyone this turn, gain +2 propagation bounces, -3% propagation damage and +1 multi hits. This perk is incredible and any hero that uses a skill that can propagate or multi hit should use it (lightning strike mage, crossbow blaze...)

Magic Fuel - magic damage is increased by +50% of the hero's current mana. Magic Fuel is a very powerful trait on mages because having a mage with 30+ mana and a lot of mana regeneration will mean that he's getting a substantial damage buff to magical spells.

Thrifty - the first mana consuming skill used during the turn costs -1 mana. Thrifty is probably one of the top tier perks there is. It's really good on a plethora of builds and it also synergizes really well with magic fuel on mages.

Specialist - disables the second weapon set, in exchange for +20% overall damage and +1 use per turn on every skill provided by your remaining weapon set. Specialist is INCREDIBLE on shortbow characters as the damage boost pairs up really nicely with the huge aoe.

Mana Collector - landing a critical hit regenerated one mana. Exceptionally strong on characters with propagation or multi hits/aoe as each enemy that is hit will roll a critical hit chance so often times one skill cast will pay for itself.

Night Owl - on the 5th turn of each night, grants +2 action points and +2 movement points for three turns. Incredible perk value later in the game.

Adrenaline Rush - dodging an enemy attack grants +1 action points for the next turn. This is a 100% chance so if your dodge is high enough adrenaline rush becomes insanely good. It still performs really well even on small dodge chance characters.


Avid Learner - +25% experience gain for the hero. Avid learner is on most characters a very good choice, especially if you are going for night 6-12 as the amount of bonus levels the character will get is incredible when paired with other exp gain traits.

Coagulation - armor is increased by 75% of the hero's health regen. This perk is really good on melee characters that also have a lot of health regeneration as the conversion percentage to armor is very high. I've made tank melee builds that were able to solo hold a wave simply by having this perk as it can give a ton of armor on a proper setup.

Potent Toxins - +25% poison damage. Potent Toxins is a great perk for poison builds but the weapons that have poison damage are unlocked after about five or more runs. Therefore, the perk is useless for new players but for druid or crossbow poison builds it's a must as the damage boost is surprisingly high.

Stunning - +15% stun chance. In my opinion this is a great perk to have on a hammer or a longbow character due to the huge amount of aoe stuns they can provide the group with.

Confident - while at full health: +50% reliability. Very useful on ranged characters because it maxes out the damage output from skills.

Deadeye - +50% critical power in exchange for 10% overall damage. Very build-niche perk as it is only ever worth it if your critical chance is high enough. But if it is, oh boy does this result in a lot more damage output.

Hitman - when attacking a badly wounded (33% health) enemy, adds armor piercing and no dodge. Making the enemy unable to dodge makes it very worth a perk slot.

First Blood - +15% critical chance when attacking an enemy with full health. Great when paired with Deadeye and Critical Master perks.

Hex - any applied debuff, poison and stun lasts one more turn. Hex is a great perk for a lot of characters, especially those that can reduce mp to a lot of enemies (druid, shortbow).

Energized - 5% chance of regenerating 1 action point after killing an enemy. This perk gives a solid amount of regenerated ap on aoe characters.


Fatality - unlocks the Fatality skill, allowing you to execute any enemy with less than 15 health in melee range. Fatality is REALLY strong during early game as it allows you to save a lot of action points by culling low health enemies for free but after night 5 it becomes completely useless.

Critical Master - +2% critical chance for each enemy taking a hit that is not critical. This bonus resets after landing a critical hit. Critical builds are very niche and in most cases this perk is not worth it. It's okay, but there's better options.

Swift as the Wind - 5% chance of regenerating 1 movement point for each enemy during an attack. It's an okay perk for characters with a lot of aoe but most of the time the percentage is just too low to be worth it.

Potion Throw - Potions can now be used on allies up to 10 tiles away, solid perk for support characters.

Mark - unlocks the mark skill, allowing you to debuff an enemy with 30% less dodge for 1 turn.

Cheer - unlocks the cheer skill, allowing to buff a nearby ally with +10% damage. It has somewhat limited range so it isn't as useful as one would think.

Back Protection - when standing adjacent to a building, defense or obstacle: +20 Armor. Back protection is an incredible early-game perk for melee characters as it allows them to tank damage without losing health, falls off late game as mobs do a lot more damage.

Cherry picking - +50% reliability on isolated enemies (not adjacent to another enemy). Useful, but situational.

Armor Master - the potential move point penalty from wearing a body armor is reduced by 1.

Play Dead - upon dying, this hero will return from the grave during the next day's production phase. If you are playing properly, your main heroes shouldn't take any damage so this skill is not that useful.

Patient - can store a few unused action points (max 1) and movement points (max 2) for the next turn.

Trapper - any trap around (diagonals included) the hero at the end of their turn regenerates 1 use.

Lone Wolf - when there is no other hero within 10 tiles of distance, gain +10% overall damage. Lone Wolf is a very situational perk and in most cases you'll have allied heroes within that distance, making the perk useless.

Relentless - when the hero has 3 or less movement points remaining, attacking with a melee range skill adds +10% overall damage, armor piercing and no block. Melee builds aren't really all that good for late-game.

Poisonous - each enemy attacking in melee gets poisoned for 20 damage (2 turns).

Overload - lose one movement point in exchange for +1 bag equipment slot and +1 use for every usable item.

Don't Panic - when attacking a tile located inside the city, gain +10% accuracy and +30% damage. This is a tier 5 perk, meaning that it's unlocked at high character lvl. At that point if you're trying to finish night 12, you should have a good enough city defense to not get any enemies in it.


Martial Artist - upgrades the punch skill by giving it +50% damage and +20% critical. This is a meme perk, save yourself some time and just don't use it.

Soul Reaper - killing an enemy instantly harvests a few additional tainted essence. The quantity increases with each kill, and is reset every turn. This perk is only really useful if you are trying to get oraculum unlocks quickly.

Leapfrog - unlocks the leapfrog skill, allowing to jump over neighbouring enemies to get better positioning.

Berserk - +2% damage for each hit taken during the night. This bonus resets every morning. Okay on some builds but most wouldn't use this.

Vampire - killing an enemy with an attack provided by a melee weapon regenerates 2 health.6

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