Titan Throne biggest patch so far!

July 1, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Titan Throne patch

The Camel Games development team is doing an excellent job with their most recent game. Every day there is some kind of small patch for certain bugs the game might have, but this patch contains much more than just bug fixes!
The Titan Throne team have noted that the update details were too long to share fully in game mail today so they shared it on their Facebook page.
Below are all the patch notes for this update.

Patch Notes

  • Added a new event: Titan Throne Crown Wars! It will start on June 30th in Realm 1. For other realms, please wait for official announcement about opening dates.
  • Raised the limit of City Guard.
  • Raised the speed bonus for gathering army.
  • Lowered the wounded caused by rally on dragon lair. 
  • Lowered the burning time for alliance buildings. Adjusted the needed gems for repairing alliance buildings. 
  • Now players will receive a mail if their wounded troops die since their hospitals are full. 
  • Adjusted the reward calculation for battles. If your battle power exceeded your enemy, you’ll get more compensation for battle damage. 
  • Players will now receive hints if reinforcement army has already reached the limit.
  • Now you can heal your troops even if there's a battle in your castle. 
  • Adjusted several spells, including Goddess Blessing, Forest Guardian, Fire Ball, Fire Storm, Chain Lightening, Zeus Fury, etc. 
    Detailed Hero Spell Adjustments:
  • Goddess Blessing and Forest Guardian now need 1 energy less, and have a longer duration.
  • For Flash, now the caster will get bonus on the damage of all air spells for a much longer time. Raised the bonus on damage as well.
  • Raised the damage coefficient of Chain Lightening and Zeus Fury.
  • Raised the lasting time of Burning Will, Fighting Spirit and Burning Heart. 
  • Raised the burning damage of Fire Ball and Fire Storm. Raised the damage of Reckoning. 
  • Raised the effect of Ice Arrow and Ice Bomb on magic defense.
  • Raised the lasting time of debuffs caused by Entangle, Stone Piercing and Rock Spike.
  • Raised the lasting time of Rage Roar and Bloodlust Berserk. - Raised the effect of Rage Roar. 
  • Adjusted the effects of several alliance skills.
  • Adjusted the needed resources for the third stage of alliance wonder.
  • If the debuff you set on players’ alliance skills has disappear, you’ll now receive a mail. 
  • Lowered the difficulty of Adventure 19-1 Cash Les.
  • Fixed the display error of race limit of light, dark and water type heroes 
  • Fixed the error of occurring in Bismarck's morale reducing effect in some situations.
  • Fixed the display error of the positions troops appear in some types of devices.
  • Fixed the bug that caused clicking the broken buildings in the page of alliance buildings to be unresponsive in some types of devices.
  • Fixed the bug that no automatic spells would cast in rallies on monsters.
  • Fixed the bug that some players cannot use shields while rallying monsters.
  • Fixed the display error of collected amount when the elite mine is exhausted.
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