Titan Throne Buildings

June 29, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
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Titan Throne has many buildings with each of them being very unique. You should always keep improving your buildings as that is the only way you will become one of the strongest players in your realm.

The Titan Throne buildings you will be using are:

Castle -Your main building. You can check your City info, troop totals, current marches and appoint your Magistrate.
Depot -The only building that can hide your troops and resources from the enemy attacker.
Spell Tower -Building which allows you to research spells and buy new ones.
Battle Hall -Expands your Hero march size.
Hospital -Used for healing wounded troops.
Tavern -Send realm-wide messages and buy new Heroes.
Summon Portal -Your main troop recruitment building .
Castle Wall -Building which is used mainly for exhausting fire in your City.
College -Used for upgrading your City technology.
Legendary Summon Portal -Recruitment building for tier 5 Troops
Embassy -Shows your current reinforcements and amount of reinforcements you can hold.
Market -Trade resources and buy items at the Market shop.
Tower -Your Prison and Scout building, enemy Heroes are held here.
Quarry -Ore production building.
Sawmill -Wood production building.


Titan Throne Castle
Castle is the main building in your city. It gives an overall view of your City Info, including troop totals, current marches, resource production, etc.
Here, you can also appoint your Magistrate: one Hero of your choice who helps upgrade your city with their special own abilities.
Always prioritize upgrading your Castle, as each new Level unlocks new upgrades and functions. When your Castle reaches level 10, you can "Redesign" your city to another clan's.
There are two ways you can play Titan Throne, the first one being Castle rushing and 2nd upgrading all buildings to max before leveling your Castle.
Both of these strategies are viable yet very different. The Castle Rush strategy is more often used by experienced players which can devote enough time to the game to always have enough resources in their Castle to keep upgrading whilst the basic, upgrade all buildings before the Castle route is used among new players and casuals alike.
The Castle rush strategy being the better one, it has some downsides. Your Hospital and Embassy get left behind on low levels so you are prone to having huge losses if you get attacked, and you will also need to make Farms in order to keep having enough resources for upgrades unless you spend a lot of real money on packs.


Titan Throne Depot

Depot can protect a certain amount of your Resources from being plundered. Tap "Details" and view the amounts for each resource listed under "Building Effect." if you keep your resources below these limits, enemies cannot Plunder resources from you, even if they defeat you.

Spell Tower

Titan Throne Spell Tower

In the Spell Tower, there are over 100 Hero Spells of 11 types: Human, Elf, Orc, Undead, Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Physical) in total. You can Research to unlock and upgrade more Hero Spells to become more powerful in Battle.
The Spell Tower interface has three options:

  • Spell Research
    In the Spell Research tab you can set a variety of Researching to get random Spell Cards and Magic Spar.
    Basic Research will grant you Magic Spar, Normal and Rare Cards with a relatively low chance to drop Epic Cards.
    Intermediate Research will grant you more Magic Spar than the previous research, Normal and Rare Cards with a relatively high chance to drop Epic Cards.
    Advanced Research will grant you more Magic Spar than the previous research, Normal, Rare and Epic Cards with a relatively low chance to drop Legendary Cards.
    Master Research will grant you more Magic Spar than the previous research, Normal, Rare and Epic Cards with a high chance to drop Legendary Cards.
  • My Spells
    This interface shows you which spells you acquired and sorts them by rarity, you can also upgrade your Spell Cards here.
  • Magic Shop
    The Magic Shop sells Spell Cards for Gems or previously acquired Magic Spar. You can refresh the Spell Cards available in the Shop once a day for free, after that it will cost you Gems.

Battle Hall

Titan Throne Battle Hall

The Battle Hall doesn't really have much of an use other than granting you Leadership for all your Heroes. Leadership means your Heroes will be able to be accompanied by more troops, thus making your march size bigger. Always upgrade this building if you have excess troops, so they all get combined into a single powerful march.


Titan Throne Hospital

The Hospital is KEY to protecting your troops from being killed when you are attacked. Wounded Capacity determines how many Wounded troops you can Heal. If Wounded troops ever exceed your Hospital capacity, they will die. Try not to leave more troops than your Hospital can hold defending your city, and always Heal Wounded troops as quickly as possible.
Increase your wounded Capacity by upgrading your Hospital level or by researching relevant technologies in the College. Once your Hero or Troops are Wounded, they will be sent to Hospital automatically, waiting for you to Heal. They cannot battle again until they've been Healed. If the Hospital is at full capacity, any additional Wounded Troops will die from lack of treatment.
You should ALWAYS level up your Hospital if you have a lot of troops.


Titan Throne Tavern

The Tavern is where you can recruit more Heroes! You can choose from 3 Heroes each time the Tavern refreshes. Heroes can be bought with Gold, and the current Heroes on rotation can be refreshed also with gold, or wait until it naturally refreshes once a day. There's also a Notice Board in the Tavern where you can post your Notice to the world. You can also ask the tavern keep for some rumors, but you will need to pay some gold of course!

Summon Portal

Titan Throne Summon Portal

The Summon Portal is where you can recruit troops. There are 4 Tiers of troops available through the normal Summon Portal. Each tier has 2 units per Race type (Human/Elf/Orc/Undead), for 8 total. At the game start, you will only be able to recruit troops from your own clan. However, as you level up, you will eventually unlock the ability to recruit other clans' troops.

  • Always recruit all tiers of troops, you can recruit all at the same time.
  • Keep your Summon Portal at a high level.
  • Enhance your troops
    Having the building at level 9 unlocks the ability to Enhance troops which basically means it upgrades them to be stronger and they also unlock new skills.

Castle Wall

Titan Throne Castle Wall

The Castle Wall protects your city. It is equipped with the City Guard, which is formed by troops from your clan. The higher your Wall level, the greater the number of City Guard troops, that's why you should always keep your Castle Wall at the maximum level. The troops that join your defense are automatically set by tiers.
Your Castle Wall also shows your whole City Durability and the Durability of each individual building. When your buildings are on fire they will not be able to be used and their durability will go down. If any building's durability drops below 30%, it will need to be repaired to function properly. If your Whole City Durability drops lower than 30%, your city will be teleported to a random spot on the map so remember to always keep your durability at high levels and exhaust any fires from attacks on your Castle.


Titan Throne College

You can research all types of Technology in the College.

  • Resource Technologies
    Upgrading these will boost the productions of resources, your army load, depot size and gathering capacity.
  • Development Technologies
    Upgrading these will boost various things such as: construction speed, monster attack speed, max wounded, wounded ratio and healing speed.
  • Military Technologies
    Upgrading these will boost your Heroes leadership, troop recruitment and troop stats.

New Technologies can make your armies stronger, upgrades faster, resources easier to collect, etc. The higher your College level, the more Technologies you can unlock. Note that you can cancel Technology research in-progress, but you will only get 50% of resources back.

Legendary Summon Portal

Titan Throne Legendary Summon Portal

Legendary Summon Portal is where you can recruit the highest tier (Tier 5) Troops. There are two Tier 5 units per Race. Each Race's Legendary Summon Portal looks different, and also contains a special clan bonus. You should upgrade your Legendary Summon Portal to increase your Troops level, recruitment limit, recruitment speed, and special clan bonus.


Titan Throne Embassy

In the Embassy you can check your troops that are Garrisoned outside your city as well as your Garrisoned Reinforcements. You can upgrade the Embassy to increase your Help Times within your Alliance.The level of the Embassy also determines your max number of Reinforcement march queues that can be garrisoned in your Castle. Always keep your Embassy at a decent level.


Titan Throne Market

The Market is the taxation and Resource Exchange center of the City. Upgrading it increases your Tax limit and times, and a chance to receive bonus resources when levying Taxes. In the Market, you can collect Gold taxes every 1 hour, for a maximum of 4 times per day. You can also exchange resources in the Barter tab, the exchange rate is 2:1 meaning 10 000 Ore will cost 20 000 Wood. Also remember to check for interesting goods from time to time in the Black Market, the Black Market can contain Gear, Hero XP Tomes, Gear sacks and such.
Market Tax Collection times and cooldown reset daily at 00:00 server time.


Titan Throne Tower

The Tower provides you with Alerts, Reinforcement details, Scout Reports and also serves as a Jail.
When you attack an enemy Castle and win, you have a chance to capture the enemy Hero. If you do so, they get sent to Jail, where you can ask for Ransom (in Gold) to give them back their Hero. Naturally, over time Heroes have a chance to escape the Jail by themselves.
Allies attacking the City where your Hero is imprisoned will also increase your Hero's chance of escape.
If you don't prefer to ask for Ransom, you can Exile the enemy Hero. Exiled Heroes will be teleported far away and they will need to walk back to their Castle.
Upgrading the Tower increases the maximum amount of Heroes that can be Captured, increasing their Ransom, and get more detailed Alerts and Scout Reports. It is CRUCIAL that you upgrade the Tower so you can Scout your opponent for more info.
Here are some key points where you should upgrade your Tower:

  • Tower level 7 shows the types and ability of soldiers marching towards you.
  • Tower level 8 shows the general number of troops attacking the player's main City.
  • Tower level 11 shows the types and approximate number of troops in a City.
  • Tower level 13 shows the exact number of soldiers marching towards you.
  • Tower level 16 shows the exact number of enemy defense troops.
  • Tower level 19 shows the exact number of enemy reinforcement troops.


Titan Throne Quarry

The Quarry produces and holds Ore. Upgrading it will increase the Ore output and capacity. Remember to collect your resources regularly! The mine has a max capacity. When capacity is reached, Quarry will automatically stop production until you collect the resources. The Ore output can be boosted by 100% (double production) for 400 Gems, if you don't mind spending 400 Gems for it.


Titan Throne Sawmill

The Sawmill produces and holds Wood. Upgrading it will increase the Wood output and capacity. Remember to collect your resources regularly! The mine has a max capacity. When capacity is reached, Sawmill will automatically stop production until you collect the resources. The Wood output can be boosted by 100% (double production) for 400 Gems, if you don't mind spending 400 Gems for it.

Resource Mines

These are not exactly buildings in your Castle, but are worth mentioning because they're the main way you will get your resources for upgrades.
Mine Location: World Map (they appear Randomly)
There are two types of Resource Mines: Elite Mines and Basic Mines.
Elite Mines can only be gathered on if you are in the Alliance that covered it with a Flag.
Normal Mines can be gathered on by defeating the Guard to Occupy a Resource Mine on the World Map. When you successfully Occupy a resource mine, a new Guard will be refreshed to help you protect it, and it will begin producing resources for you.
You don't have to leave any Troops gathering in the resource mine. You only need to send a march periodically to collect the resources produced. Collect regularly, as the resource mines will stop producing if they reach max capacity. But watch out! Enemies can Plunder or even take over your Resource Mine. 
The Production Speed of Occupied resource mines will be affected by Alliance Technology and Individual Technology.
When a resource mine is plundered, the Guard for that resource mine will Level Up.

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