Titan Throne FAQ and Beginner Tips

June 29, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
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For beginners and experts alike, here are some tips that will help you while you venture through the world of Titan Throne. If you have any questions, you might find some answers in the FAQ section below tips.

Beginner Tips:

  • Always train troops.
  • Keep upgrading buildings at all times, and have a Golden Hammer active for a 2nd construction worker.
  • Learn how to attack other Castles.
  • Learn how to defend yourself.
  • Explore the Dragon Lair every day.
  • Try to keep your Stamina low at all times (always Monsters on the world map when you can).
  • Do not spend Gems on things such as speed ups unless it is necessary, save Gems for teleports.
  • Remember to donate to your Alliance Technology.
  • Research Technology and Spells at all times..
  • Do the single player Adventure, they give great rewards and cost you nothing.
  • Finish Daily Quests whenever you can, the Chest rewards are awesome.
  • Do Main quests.
  • Train in the Royal Trials.
  • Click on the Hero March you use and click Quick Formation to always make sure your Troop slots are filled.
  • Check the Black Market for items on sale for Gems.
  • Collect resources from the Market, Sawmill and Quarry.
  • Exhaust any burning in your Castle after you're attacked because a building under fire will not be usable.
  • Educate yourself about Titan Throne on this website, there are lots of useful posts waiting for you to explore them!
  • Join an alliance! Your allies can reinforce each other in real time if you are attacked, giving attackers tons of losses. You can also hide troops in each other's castles, or in your alliance's Elite Mines.
  • Upgrade your Hospital frequently so you can hold more Wounded troops and Heal them faster. Your troops won't die when you're attacked, as long as your Hospital doesn't fill up. So, watching your Wounded Limit is EXTREMELY important.
  • Use the "Shelter," located in your Depot. The Shelter can "hide" a limited number of troops in your city (meaning they won't be affected if your city's attacked) for a limited time. It's free, but you'll need to re-hide troops each time it reaches the time limit.
  • When in doubt, SHIELD! Activating a “Peace Shield” will protect your city from all attacks and scouts. Note that Peace Shields can’t be stacked. You'll need to watch the countdown time and manually renew them each time they expire.

Commonly asked questions and their answers:

When will I lose my beginner's shield?
Your shield will expire 72 hours after Castle creation or after you've reached Castle lvl 7.
A new player often asks: "how to change realms?".
In your game open the map, click the planet icon in the bottom left side of your screen. It will open a world map, zoom out with your fingers, you will see your current planet and the realms that are on it.. Find the realm you want to join, click it. Find a spot you like on the new realm and teleport to it.
Why can't I teleport to a new realm?
You can only teleport to a different realm if your Castle is not higher than lvl 7 and if 48 hours haven't passed since it's creation. Also, you will need an Elite teleport for changing realms (Random teleport won't work), check your mail, every new Castle gets a free Elite teleport.
What are Elite Mines?
At Realm creation the World Map will randomly spawn Elite Mines that can only be gathered if they’re in your alliance territory (covered by flags). Armies in Elite Mines receive a gathering speed bonus. Elite Mines do not disappear when they’re exhausted. Instead, they recover their resources after 24 hours. There’s no limit to the number of Elite Mines you can have in your alliance territory. You can check your current Elite Mines on the Alliance Buildings screen.
Why hasn't a new realm opened yet?
New realms don't open so often, it purely depends on the influx of new players and Castles made. A new realm will open when the older one gets filled.
How to get gems for free?
Titan Throne will reward you with a lot of gems if you are an active player. Pretty much everything you do rewards you with some gems. Do Adventures, Quests, level up your Castle and later in the game Events reward you with gems.
What troops should I train?
Train all troops, constantly train to boost your battle power. Though remember to Enhance them, because tier 1 troops without Enhancement are worth nothing. If you have a lot of troops remember to keep your Hospital upgraded.
Is Titan Throne pay to win?
No it is not.
Do resource chests in my backpack expire?
No, they don't.

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