Titan Throne first Crown War is happening NOW!

July 1, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Titan Throne first crown war

Realm 1's first ever Crown War is happening this Saturday at 8 AM (server time)! Make sure you know all the event rules so you'll be ready, and leave any unanswered questions you have in the comments!
1. The Titan Throne is centered at the coordinates 600,600, and it is the power center of the entire realm. Only the strongest alliance can hold the Throne, winning the right to declare the King/Queen!
The Crown War will determine who controls the Throne. The War is divided into 2 stages: Seize the Crown, and Guard the Crown.
2. When the Seize the Crown stage begins, the Titan Throne and the 8 Titan Towers surrounding it will be open to invasion! Occupy the Titan Throne to earn 15 points/minute, and occupy any Titan Tower to earn 5 points/minute.
This stage is 3 hours long, during which you will under constant attack as rival alliances try to steal your buildings! Occupy as many buildings as you can for as long as you can. The alliance with the most points at the end of the stage will successfully Seize the Crown!
All participating alliances will also earn rewards according to their points earned in this stage.
3. Next, the Guard the Crown stage begins. The Crown will be transported to the winning alliance's Alliance Castle. They will need to successfully defend their Alliance Castle against all attacks for 5 hours before they are declared the winners.
If an enemy is able to successfully attack their castle before the 5 hours is up, the enemy alliance will successfully Steal the Crown! The Crown will be transported to the new holder's Alliance Castle, and the 5 hour countdown will begin again as the new alliance Guards the Crown.
4. The alliance that successfully Guards the Crown for 5 hours will win the Titan Throne! Their alliance leader will have the right to elect the King or Queen, who will rule the land until the next Crown War the following week.
5. The King or Queen can appoint Officers to receive special buffs, gift their most valued allies with King Packs, choose the preferred resources of the Realm, and other special privileges!
If you are participating in this Crown War, we wish you good luck and most importantly don't suicide your troops!

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