Titan Throne Races

June 29, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
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Titan Throne has four different Races/Clans you can choose upon Castle Creation. Every Race features unique Troops, Heroes and Spells.
List of contents:

  1. Orc
  2. Undead
  3. Elf
  4. Human
  5. Best starting Race


Titan Throne Orc Race

The Orcs are one of the four Clans in Titan Throne. Orc adore vast land and enjoy absolute freedom. They have derived an unusual culture based around Totem worship. They also admire pride, courage and independence.
The Orc Race feature: High Damage, High Health Points and exceptional Physical Attack.
Heroes that lead the Orc armies into victory are: Attila, Artemisia, Khan, Shaka, Barbarossa and Spartacus.
Orc Troops: Boar Goblin, Orc Infantry, Centaur, Harpy, Two-Headed Ogre, Shaman, Cyclops, Plumed Serpent, Behemoth and Blade Master.
Troop: Boar Goblin
Tier: 1
Charges the enemy, riding into battle on the back of a boar. Basic orc unit.
Boar Goblin Skills: Cruelty, Boar Charge, Vicious Beast.
Cruelty: Each repeat attack on the same target will deal 800(+) bonus damage. Stacks infinitely.
Boar Charge: Boar Goblins have 2(+) higher Attack against humanoid units.
Vicious Beast: Every time a basic unit dies on the enemy side, Boar Goblin gains +2(+) Attack and +15%(+) Attack Speed. Effect cannot be dispelled.
Troop: Orc Infantry
Tier: 1
Undiscliplined, but with strong Attack power. Basic orc unit.
Orc Infantry Skills: Blood Drinker, Giant Resistance, Atrocity.
Blood Drinker: Upon being attacked, Attack +2 on self. Can be stacked up to 2(+) times.
Giant Resistance: When attacked by a Tier 4 troop or higher, damage is reduced by 10%(+).
Atrocity: Damage against enemy troops with lower Attack than self is increased by 9 for each number of Orc Infantry.
Troop: Centaur
Tier: 2
Ranged unit. A superb archer.
Centaur Skills: Centaur Fury, Ancient Archery, Guided Attack.
Centaur Fury: Attack the farthest back target, dealing 2.2(+) times normal attack, and reducing target's Attack by 6(+). Limit 2 times.

Ancient Archery: During ranged Physical attacks against troops on foot, Attack is increased by 4(+).
Guided Attack: After being hit by Centaur, targets will take 15%(+) more damage from Physical attacks by Heroes.
Troop: Harpy
Tier: 2
A sharp-clawed flying orc unit.
Harpy Skills: Wind Blade, Continuous Attack, Double Wind Blade.
Wind Blade: To a single enemy unit within a certain range, Harpy can deal Physical damage equal to 1.5(+) times normal attack damage. Limit 2 times per battle.

Continuous Attack: When Harpy casts Wind Blade, her own Attack Speed is increased by 40%(+).
Double Wind Blade: Each Wind Blade attack hits 2 times.
Troop: Two-Headed Ogre
Tier: 3
A large and resilient orc unit.
Two-Headed Ogre Skills: Big Stick, Two Heads, Ogre King.
Big Stick: Every 3 attacks, Ogre can Stun an enemy target for 2(+) seconds.

Two Heads: Ogre gets 80(+) additional HP.
Ogre King: Attacks on humanoid units reduce their Physical Defense by 3(+).
Troop: Shaman
Tier: 3
Ranged unit. Can increase allies' Attack.
Shaman Skills: Bloodlust, Backflow, Ancestor Totem.
Bloodlust: Shaman can increase the Attack of the highest-quality ally unit by 5(+). Limit 2 times.

Backflow: When Shaman's Bloodlust is active, their Attack is increased by 3(+).
Ancestor Totem: At battle start, grant nearby allies +2(+) Magic Defense and +6(+) Luck for 20 seconds.
Troop: Cyclops
Tier: 4
Ranged unit. Attacks by throwing boulders.
Cyclops Skills: Eye Beam, Stone Strength, Mastery
Eye Beam: Attack a single target with a ray of light, dealing Physical damage qual to 1.1(+) times normal attack, and reducing target's Physical Defense by 3(+). Limit 3 times.

Stone Strength: When boulder attack hits a Tier 3 troop or lower, target will be unconscious for 1.5(+) seconds.
Mastery: Active Skill use times increased by +2.
Troop: Plumed Serpent
Tier: 4
A mysterious flying unit..
Plumed Serpent Skills: Eye Beam, Stone Strength, Mastery
Mystic Ritual: Reduces chance of receiving a Critical Hit by 40%(+). First attack reduces Energy of target's Hero by 3(+).

Chaos Resistance: Damage taken from Light and Dark is reduced by 20%(+).
Aztec Ritual: After being attacked for the first time, makes nearby enemies take 15%(+) more Physical Damage for a short amount of time.
Troop: Behemoth
Tier: 5 (Legendary)
A high Health melee unit.
Behemoth Skills: Sharp Claws, Unyielding, Primal Blood, Trample.
Sharp Claws: Ignore 30% of opponent's Physical Defense, and Attack increases by 3 when attacking Legendary troops.

Unyielding: Each attack taken from a troop has a chance to increase own Morale by 9 for 30 seconds.
Primal Blood: If attacked more than 3 times by any enemy unit, damage dealt to that unit is permanently increased by 24%
Trample: A large area charge attack. Deals physical damage equal to 2.7 normal attacks and Stuns for a duration of 4 seconds.
Troop: Blade Master
Tier: 5 (Legendary)
A high Health melee assassin.
Blade Master Skills: Sword Master, Sword Draw, Heart Blade, Infinity Blade.
Sword Master: Attack against tier 1 and tier 2 troops is increased by 8.

Sword Draw: 20% of any damage taken by Blade Master before activating Infinity Blade is stacked to the damage dealt by Infinity Blade.
Heart Blade: Blade Master's Critical Hit deals 60% additional damage.
Infinity Blade: Attacks in an aoe, dealing 2.5 normal attack damage. Always becomes a Critical Hit, and if it's a first attack against someone, deals 35% bonus damage.


Titan Throne Undead Race

The Undead are one of the four Clans in Titan Throne. Death worship has long been the heart of Undead civilization. They believe that all natural beings will turn into Undead creatures after death. An innumerable army of corpses and souls serve them, many as evil as they are powerful.
The Undead Race feature: Curse and Weaken, Sustained Warfare, Terrifying Spells.
Heroes that lead the Undead armies into victory are: Emperor, Bismarck, Bloody Mary, Yoshitsune, Baldwin and Sargon.
Undead Troops: Skeleton, Phantom, Corpse Eater, Corpse Cart, Vampire, Ragdoll, Dead Knight, Lich, Zombie Dragon and Death.
Troop: Skeleton
Tier: 1
Undead. A low-level unit reanimated with the power of darkness.
Skeleton Skills: Bone Structure, Evil Creature, Bone Building.
Bone Structure: Ranged damage taken from troops is reduced by 15%(+).
Evil Creature: When attacked, the attacker's Morale will be lowered by 6(+) for the rest of the battle. Cannot be stacked.
Bone Building: When numbers fall below 50%, each attack taken will Revive a portion of Skeleton troops with base heal of 20(+) HP.
Troop: Phantom
Tier: 1
Undead. A ghostly body kept alive by powerful negative emotions.
Phantom Skills: Curse, Low Soul, False Body.
Curse: Target has a chance of Morale being lowered by 6(+) when attacked.
Low Soul: Damage from the first attack received is reduced by 30%(+), and the attacker cannot perform normal attacks for 4(+) seconds.
False Body: Have a 20% chance of reducing damage taken from a Physical attack by 40%(+).
Troop: Corpse Eater
Tier: 2
A physical melee unit filled with great hate for the living.
Corpse Eater Skills: Dark Blood Claw, Life Grudge, Corpse Rot.
Dark Blood Claw: Chain Attack a single target 3 times, dealing 0.7(+) times normal attack damage each time. To living creatures, also deals bleeding damage equal to (15(+) x number of Corpse Eaters) for 5 seconds. Limit 2 times.
Life Grudge: Damage against Living creatures increased by 20%(+).
Corpse Rot: Attacked targets have their Attack reduced by 3(+) for 5 seconds after they are attacked. 10 seconds after they are attacked, their Attack is reduced by 6(+).
Troop: Corpse Cart
Tier: 2
Ranged unit. A terrible contraption that throws rotten corpses.
Corpse Cart Skills: Disease Cloud, Plague Cloud, Black Death.
Disease Cloud: Launches a disease bomb. Living creatures affected will lose 400(+) HP/sec for the next 4 seconds (plus a bonus for every remaining Corpse Cart). Limit 1 time.
Plague Cloud: Attacked Living creatures and their surrounding allies will receive 30%(+) less from healing effects.
Black Death: Upon hitting a Living target, reduces target's Defense against Dark and Undead attacks by 3(+).
Troop: Vampire
Tier: 3
A regal and terrifying high-level undead spirit.
Vampire Skills: HP Absorb, Injection, Bat Transformation.
HP Absorb: 15%(+) of damage dealt is converted to HP for self. Effective against Living.
Injection: Targets of HP Absorb will take 10%(+) more damage from Dark attacks.
Bat Transformation: Limit 1 time. Triggered 7 seconds after battle start. Don't take any damage for 3.5(+) seconds.
Troop: Ragdoll
Tier: 3
The huge and hideous result of experiments by undead shaman.
Ragdoll Skills: Stench, Patch Up, Stitches.
Stench: At start, reduces all enemy units' Morale by 5(+). Morale of all enemies surrounding self remains constantly reduced by 10(+).
Patch Up: Each attack restores 12(+) HP to each Ragdoll.
Stitches: Every second, auto-recovers HP equal to 30(+) times the current number of Ragdolls.
Troop: Dead Knight
Tier: 4
Even in death, he remembers his knightly skills.
Dead Knight Skills: Fatal Hit, Dark Call, Dark Charge.
Fatal Hit: Deals 1.8(+) times normal attack damage in a single hit. Limit 3 times.
Dark Call: Every Fatal Hit, target's Physical Defense is reduced by 2(+).
Dark Charge: During Fatal Hit, every point of difference in Luck between attacker and target deals 1.8%(+) bonus damage.
Troop: Lich
Tier: 4
Undead Ranged unit.
Lich Skills: Undead Soul, Undead Ponderance, Mastery.
Undead Soul: Deals 1.6(+) times normal attack damage when attacking an enemy, and converts 110%(+) of damage to heal a random non-self ally. Limit 1 time.
Undead Ponderance: Increases target's likelihood of taking a Critical Hit from Magic damage by 6%(+).
Mastery: Active Skill use times increased by +2.
Troop: Zombie Dragon
Tier: 5 (Legendary)
Undead Physical Damage dealer, tank.
Zombie Dragon Skills: Undead Soul, Undead Ponderance, Mastery.
Dragon Curse: Enemy Heroes that attack Zombie Dragon have both Magic and Physical Defenses reduced by 4 for the rest of the current battle.
Stronger Zombification: Targets have a higher chance of being Zombified, and Zombification lowers target's Max HP by 36.
Zombie Heart: Reduces damage taken from Heroes by 25%, but damage taken from Light Spells is increased by 10%.
Zombify: Attack has a chance to Zombify the target, increasing all damage dealt to the target by 70%.
Troop: Death
Tier: 5 (Legendary)
Undead Physical damage dealer, flying.
Death Skills: Death Gaze, Final Declaration, Silent Death.
Death Gaze: The gaze of Death renders the target unable to move for 4 seconds.
Final Declaration: Death Gaze also lowers Attack of enemies close to hit targets by 6 for 10 seconds. Increases damage taken from heroes by 30%.
Silent Death: The first attack Death receives from any enemy unit will take 1 chance of casting a special Skill away from that unit, also reducing that unit's Magic Defense by 4 for the whole fight.


Titan Throne Elf

The Elves are one of the four clans in Titan Throne. Elegant and patient, Elves believe in nature and harmony. They protect the forest and all living beings. Those who damage nature, they punish without hesitation.
The Elf Race feature: Ranged Attacks, Luck, High Performance, Powerful Spells.
Heroes that lead the Elf armies into victory are: Elizabeth, Sun Tzu, Napoleon, Helen, Robin and Nzinga.
Elf Troops: Fairy, Ent, Green Dragon, Elf Archer, Druid, Blade Dancer, Unicorn, Eagle Rider, Mountain Giant and Elf Elder.
Troop: Fairy
Tier: 1
A delicate basic Elf unit. Uses the power of nature.
Fairy Skills: Elf Touch, Fairy Hands, Nature Nourish.
Elf Touch: All attacked targets will deal 20%(+) less damage to you.
Fairy Hands: When attacking ranged units, damage is increased by 2.5(+) times the current number of Fairies.
Nature Nourish: Healing a nearby Mountain Giant, Unicorn, Ent, or Elf Elder also Heals self HP equal to 6(+) times the number of Fairies. Limit 3 times.
Troop: Ent
Tier: 1
A slow but sturdy basic Elf unit.
Ent Skills: Entangle, Root, Tree Life.
Entangle: Summons a root to entangle the target for 2.5(+) seconds, rendering the target unable to move.
Root: Chance to become Rooted when attacked. When Rooted, Movement Speed is decreased, but Defense is increased by 3(+).
Tree Life: Physical damage taken is reduced by -15%(+). Fire damage taken is increased by +15%(+).
Troop: Green Dragon
Tier: 2
Ranged unit. A fearsome flying unit from the forest.
Green Dragon Skills: Nature Grudge, Exhale, Jade Dream.
Nature Grudge: After targets are attacked by non-self Elf units, can deal 12%(+) more damage to them for a certain amount of time.
Exhale: Each time Green Dragon makes a Critical Hit, adds 2(+) Magic Attack to own Hero.
Jade Dream: Green Dragon grants a random ally unit Physical Defense +2(+), and makes all enemies take +15%(+) additional damage from Earth attacks (effect cannot be stacked).
Troop: Elf Archer
Tier: 2
Ranged unit. A fearsome flying unit from the forest.
Elf Archer Skills: Nature Arrow, Elf Seal, Magic Arrow.
Nature Arrow: Has a chance to set off a chain attack, dealing 0.8(+) times normal attack damage. Limit 4 times.
Elf Seal: Targets that have been attacked by Elf Archers have a 6% higher chance of taking a Critical Hit from any Elf unit.
Magic Arrow: Critical Hits deal bonus 7(+) damage for every Elf Archer.
Troop: Druid
Tier: 3
Ranged unit (damage dealt is halved at close range). Controls the forces of nature.
Druid Skills: Nature Gift, Resonance, Nature Answer.
Nature Gift: Every attack has a chance to restore 1(+) Energy to own Hero. Limit 5 times.
Resonance: If own Hero has less than 3 Energy when Nature Gift is cast, Hero will gain 1(+) bonus Energy.
Nature Answer: When affected by own Hero's Spell, there's a chance to grant own Hero 1(+) Energy. Limit 5 times.
Troop: Blade Dancer
Tier: 3
An agile physical melee unit, able to deal damage even against a hoard of enemies.
Blade Dancer Skills: Sword Dance, Natural Conviction, Elf Enemies.
Sword Dance: Attack surrounding enemies dealing 2(+) times normal attack damage. Every target attacked increases Blade Dancer's Attack by 2(+) for the duration of the battle. Limit 2 times.
Natural Conviction: Luck -5, but Critical Hit bonus raised by 20%(+).
Elf Enemies: Critical Hit rate is raised by 15% against all Mortal Enemies of Elves.
Troop: Unicorn
Tier: 4
A special forest creature, said to possess many mysterious powers.
Unicorn Skills: Blind, Anti-Magic Aura, Lucky Aura.
Blind: Attack has a chance to Blind target. For the next 5 seconds, target has a 40%(+) chance of being unable to hit.
Anti-Magic Aura: Surrounding allies' Magic Defense is increased by 2(+).
Lucky Aura: Surrounding allies' Luck is increased by +8(+).
Troop: Eagle Rider
Tier: 4
Rides a special eagle of the forest, attacking enemies from the sky.
Eagle Rider Skills: Air Yoke, Air Force, Eagle Rage.
Air Yoke: Eagle will lock a flying target, reducing its Speed and increasing its damage received from ranged attacks on your side by 30%(+).
Air Force: Eagle Rider reduces all allies' damage received from flying units by 10%(+).
Eagle Rage: When Eagle Riders activate special skills, all attacks on flying units will carry an additional Earth attack that deals 0.5 times normal attack damage. Lasts until attacked by enemy Hero.
Troop: Mountain Giant
Tier: 5 (Legendary)
Strong Physical damage tank.
Mountain Giant Skills: Earth Shield,  Nature Child, Take a Stand, Tiny.
Earth Shield: Damage from the first 7 attacks on the Mountain Giant are all calculated as if the Defense was 8 points higher.
Nature Child: When standing beside Fairy, Green Dragon, Unicorn or Ent, their Defense is increased by 6.
Take a Stand: All attacks from enemy Tier 2 troops or lower hit as if Defense was 8 points higher, and restore 300 HP to every unit.
Tiny: Upon attacking Mountain Giant for the first time, enemies will be Unconscious for 5 seconds.
Troop: Elf Elder
Tier: 5 (Legendary)
Strong Magic damage tank.
Elf Elder Skills: Magic Suppression, Nature Rage, Magic Repression, Nature Wisdom.
Magic Suppression: First attack Silences the target, making them unable to activate special skills, and increases damage from Magic Attacks on target by 15%. Duration 9.5 seconds.
Nature Rage: Attacking an Orc or Undead troop makes that target take 20% more damage from ranged attacks.
Magic Repression: Makes an enemy back line troop fail to cast normal attacks, limited to 4 times. Lasts 5 seconds.
Nature Wisdom: When leading Hero casts a buff Spell, there's a chance to make a random ally unit regenerate 1500 health per second. If the leading Hero casts a damage spell, there's a chance to hit a random enemy unit with a Magic Arrow dealing 0.6 of normal Attack Damage.


Titan Throne Human Race

The Humans are one of the four clans in Titan Throne. Humans respect sanctity and light. They aim to create a world with purity and freedom so they may spread out the Light of Divinity, a gift from the Angels.
The Human Race feature: Balanced, High Morale, Healing, Enchancement, Physical Defense.
Heroes that lead the Human armies into victory are: Joan, Lionheart, Arthur, Isabella, Alexander, Constantine and Martel.
Human Troops: Shield, Gunner, Priestess, Templar, Griffin, War Priest, Knight, Light Spirit, Angel, Gold Dragon.
Troop: Shield
Tier: 1
Fairly resistant to physical attacks. Physical melee unit.
Shield Skills: Shield Up, Guard Training, Protective Aura.
Shield Up: Reduce Physical Damage by 15%(+).
Guard Training: Damage taken from Tier 1 troops is decreased by 10%(+).
Protective Aura: Surrounding allies' Physical Defense is increased by 3(+), while own Physical Defense is decreased by 5(+).
Troop: Gunner
Tier: 1
Ranged unit (damage dealt is halved at close range).
Gunner Skills: Pierce Armor, Calm Shot, Savage Shot.
Pierce Armor: Ignore 15%(+) of opponent's Physical Defense
Calm Shot: Morale -3, ranged attack damage increased by 10%(+).
Savage Shot: When Morale is High, ignore an additional 10%(+) of opponent's Physical Defense.
Troop: Priestess
Tier: 2
Ranged unit. Uses the power of holy light.
Priestess Skills: Heal, Bandage, Trained Healer.
Heal: Casts a healing spell on the weakest ally unit. Base healing of 120(+). Limit 3 times. If there is no need for healing, +3(+) Defense instead.
Bandage: Healing effects increased by 2(+).
Trained Healer: Healing times +1. For every point of Luck, 1% additional chance of increasing target's healing effects received by 20%(+) for a significant amount of time.
Troop: Templar
Tier: 2
A high-morale melee unit.
Templar Skills: Battle Frenzy, Battle Ready, Sturdy Shield.
Battle Frenzy: After the first attack, Morale is temporarily increased by 20(+).
Battle Ready: Each time you are attacked, Morale is increased by 2(+) for 8 seconds.
Sturdy Shield: When Morale is High, damage taken is reduced by 15%(+).
Troop: Griffin
Tier: 3
A giant flying creature with long, sharp claws. Physical melee unit.
Griffin Skills: Battle Dive, Totem, Claw Attack.
Battle Dive: Dive forward, dealing 2(+) times normal attack damage to a straight line of enemies. Limit 1 time.
Totem: After diving, all allies' Morale is increased by 15(+).
Claw Attack: Battle Dive damage dealt to all ranged units is increased by 30%(+).
Troop: War Priest
Tier: 3
Ranged unit. Uses the power of holy light.
War Priest Skills: Light Gaze, Divine Hammer, Brothers in Arms.
Light Gaze: Use on the highest quality friendly unit to increase their Attack by 3(+), while increasing own Morale by 12(+). Limit 1 time.
Divine Hammer: When Morale is High, Attack is increased by 3(+).
Brothers in Arms: When Morale is High, each attack increases a random ally unit's Morale by 3(+).
Troop: Knight
Tier: 4
A high-impact physical melee unit. The pride of the human race.
Knight Skills: Charge, Imperial Spear, Imperial Wind.
Charge: Knight charges at an enemy unit, dealing 1.9(+) times normal attack damage. Limit 3 times.
Imperial Spear: For a certain amount of time after a Charge, Attack is increased by 3(+).
Imperial Wind: When Knight uses Charge, the greater the difference between their and target's movement speed, the greater the damage dealt.
Troop: Light Spirit
Tier: 4
A melee unit powered by sacred light.
Light Spirit Skills: Brilliant Light, Light Buff, Brilliant Glory.
Brilliant Light: Removes negative status effects from surrounding allies, inluding self. Limit 2 times.
Light Buff: When affected by a Light Spell from allies, get an additional Attack and Defense bonus of 1(+).
Brilliant Glory: Brilliant Light also makes nearby enemy targets unable to cast special skills and reduce their Attack by 6(+) for 7.5(+) seconds.
Troop: Angel
Tier: 5 (Legendary)
A melee Physical damage Flying unit. Has high Health Points.
Angel Skills: Revive, Just Sword, Eternal Angel, Angel Seal.
Revive: When cast, brings 1 random ally unit back to life. Base heal of 10000, limit 1 time.
Just Sword:When Morale is high, each point of Morale adds 0.6% bonus damage.
Eternal Angel: Angels have a bonus chance to cast Revive on  self, with base heal of 32000
Angel Seal: Each time Angels are attacked by the enemy Hero's spells, they will automatically shield the weakest ally, absorbing damage equal to number of angels x 5080, limited to 3 times.
Troop: Gold Dragon
Tier: 5 (Legendary)
A melee Magic damage Flying unit. Has High Health Points.
Gold Dragon Skills: Dragon Magic, Illusion Breaker, Body of Light, Bright Flame.
Dragon Magic: Gold Dragon buffs own Hero's Wisdom and Magic attack by 2.
Illusion Breaker: Complete resistance to all Hero Spells Level 1 and below.
Body of Light: 30% chance of immunity to Dark Spells. Damage from Dark attacks is reduced by 30%.
Bright Flame: Breathe fire on an area of enemies ahead, dealing 2.6 times normal attack damage and making targets take 50% more damage from Hero's and troops' Magic Attacks. Limited to 2 times.

Best starting Race

Many new players wonder which is the best Race to pick when first starting out because Titan Throne doesn't really give any pros and cons of each Clan/Race. If you are a hardcore player and intend to spend a lot of time playing Titan Throne, then just pick the one you like most, deciding what Race you start as won't matter as much because later in the game you can summon Troops from any Race you want. If you are more of a casual, here is a rundown of each Clan's good and bad sides.




So what is the best starter race for new players?
The clear winners are the Elf and Undead Clan, if you pick one of those two you will be extremely happy because you'll be able to beat pretty much anything early on. Current statistics on Realm 2 reveal that the Undead are the most played Race followed by the Elves.

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