Titan Throne Strongest Hero And Troop Builds

October 11, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
Titan Throne Strongest Hero And Troop Builds

If you wish to become one of the strongest players on your server it would make sense that you pick the best builds out there which with proper strategy will ensure that you DO become one. We have carefully picked some of the strongest and well known Hero and Troop setups which with some modifications should be great even for beginners.

Bloody Mary Build

This Bloody Mary Build performs well but it requires 2 Star Gold so you can have more Gifts active. As you can see, this setup focuses on Leadership Gear for a huge army that you are gonna support with the powerful Air and Fire Spells. Do note that since this build requires the more Gifts unlock, it may not be suited for beginners but generally all Bloody Mary builds are really strong.

Bismarck Build

Titan Throne Bismarck Build 1 Titan Throne Bismarck Build 2 Titan Throne Bismarck Build 3 Titan Throne Bismarck Build 4
This Bismarck Build is a great one for starting out. All the Gifts that you need are the Recommended ones. It focuses on maximizing Luck and focusing on Leadership from Gear. The Spells are used to debuff the enemy while your army completely shatters them. The Troop setup itself is all Undead, you can also do some modifications: switch Lich for Knights and Death for Corpse Eaters if you find that the build doesn't perform well in some scenarios.

Baldwin Build

Titan Throne Baldwin Build 1 Titan Throne Baldwin Build 2 Titan Throne Baldwin Build 3 Titan Throne Baldwin Build 4 Titan Throne Baldwin Build 5 Titan Throne Baldwin Build 6
The Baldwin Build focuses on outlasting the enemy by utilizing its tanking capabilities. This build will shred any Napoleon and Emperor compositions but do note that it has high spell requirements. The troop composition is full Undead and the Gear focuses on high Leadership and some physical defense. The Spell setup is support-like, used to buff both your Physical and Magic Defense while also granting your troops more damage with Fire Ball and Lava Blade.

Off-Meta Builds

Martel with Elf Troops Build

This build is a very off-meta one due to the fact you will be using a Human Hero with Elf Troops. The spells focus on supporting your army and maximizing your Physical Defense. The strategy for this build is to get as much Physical Defense as possible because Martel converts all Physical Defense to added Physical Attack Damage, therefore Physical Defense on Gear is a MUST. Do note that this build absolutely shreds Orc enemies. The Gifts that you need to use are: Earth Conversion, Resist Physical, Armored March, Vigorous, Sturdy and Life Source.

Robin with Orc Troops Build

Another off-meta but a very effective and strong build. The main focus of this build is to utilize Robin's unique Specialty (Critical hit on Physical Spells), therefore she synergizes well with Orc Troops. Robin's high Luck means all Orc Troops gain have very high Critical Chance. All your Gear should be focused on as much Critical Bonus as you can get.

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