Top 6 Best TFT Builds for Ranked

August 12, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
Top 6 Best Teamfight Tactics Builds For Ranked TFT 9.17 Strongest Team Comps Iron Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond

Being on top of the current meta and knowing what are the best Teamfight Tactics builds for patch 9.17 is crucial if you play ranked and want to climb the ladder quickly. There are many combinations and variants of the most popular TFT builds and in this article we'll outline the strongest team comps for: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Ranked divisions. If you enjoy playing Ranked and want to rank up fast, check out our top 6 best TFT builds for ranked below (of course, these can be used for casual games too).

This list is up to date with the latest patch.


Gunslingers (with Pirates and Blademasters)

Gunslingers have been amazing the last few patches if you know how to build items properly. Cursed Blade is awesome on Gunslingers as your Gunslinger can hit multiple enemies at the same time-- having a chance to downgrade the Tier of each of units hit! Additionally, Blademasters are useful as they provide the much needed front line for this team comp. Since Graves, Gangplank and Miss Fortune are Pirates, you'll also gain the (3) Pirate bonus which will boost your economy and give you an advantage over other players be it in more exp or more Gold for re-rolling. The last spot doesn't matter all that much, though Brand can be quite good as he provides (2) Demon synergy and he's a good Spell damage carry that can be great versus tanky, high regen teams if you put Morellonomicon on him.

If you're looking for guidance with how to properly run the full Gunslinger team comp, check out our guide right here!

Top 6 Best Teamfight Tactics Builds For Ranked TFT 9.15 Strongest Team Comp Gunslinger

Yordles (with Shapeshifters and Sorcerers)

Yordles are an incredibly easy build that works great in most Ranked games because not many players build Sorcerers at the moment (especially in low ELO such as Iron, Bronze and Silver). If you pick Yordles as your main team comp you'll boost ranks relatively quickly as top 3 is a consistent placement for Yordle builds in low elo games. Yordles were slightly buffed in 9.17 which is additional icing on the cake as they were already performing quite well in the previous patch. The base units of the build are: Tristana, Lulu, Poppy, Veigar, Kennen and Gnar.

Expanding your team with Aurelion Sol and Shyvana grants you two magic immune units and the (3) Sorcerer buff which can come in handy. Lastly, Swain is there as the 9th unit for (3) Shapeshifters which will make Gnar much harder to kill. If you can upgrade Swain to level 2 he becomes a very strong unit which can basically 1v4 so take that into account when you re-roll for units and always buy him.

The below TFT Ranked Yordle build is viable in both the current live patch and PBE, though if you prefer going for Yordle Elementalists instead (or need some guidance on how to build Yordles) make sure to check out our Yordle Team Comp guide.

Top 6 Best Teamfight Tactics Builds For Ranked TFT 9.15 Strongest Team Comp Yordle

Sorcerers (with Phantom, Dragon and Yordle)

Sorcerers haven't been popular lately as Morgana and Lulu got a slight nerf in the latest patch. That considered, the Sorcerer build is still very strong because it counters a wide variety of builds. A thing to note is that Sorcerers are hard to play and require a bit of skill, they will absolutely crush enemies in lower elo where placement doesn't matter much but in high Plat and Diamond games you'll probably want to pick another build.

The base of the Sorcerer team comp are: Ahri, Lulu, Morgana, Veigar, Aurelion Sol and Karthus. Shyvana, Mordekaiser and Gnar will provide the much needed front-line, as well as (2) Phantom, (2) Dragon and (3) Yordle buffs.

If you are a new player and need help with the TFT Sorcerer team comp for Ranked, visit our Sorcerer build section.

Top 6 Best Teamfight Tactics Builds For Ranked TFT 9.15 Strongest Team Comp Sorcerers

Brawlers (with Void and Ranger)

As of 9.17, Brawlers have been gaining traction because of the recently added (6) Brawler bonus which makes your units very tanky. The high amount of health, along with a few defensive items on your units and Statikk Shiv on Volibear will make you decimate any opponent you play against. Overall, a very easy and fun build to play with a good learning curve as you keep improving the Blitzcrank positioning to counter enemy carries. The base of this team are: Warwick, Blitzcrank, Reksai, Volibear, Vi and Cho'Gath. The 7th unit is obviously Kha'Zix for the reworked Void bonus (Void units deal true damage now) and the last two units are Ashe & Kindred for the (2) Glacial and (2) Ranger bonus.

The (2) Glacial bonus is important because it allows Volibear to freeze units (the freeze also procs with his ultimate, which means that each enemy the thunder hits will have a chance to be frozen).

Full Brawler build guide.

Top 6 Best Teamfight Tactics Builds For Ranked TFT 9.15 Strongest Team Comp Brawlers

Glacial Rangers

Glacials have been the meta for quite some time now, and for a good reason. Volibear, Sejuani, Anivia and Ashe are very good units that are high tier in the current patch. I've got an account from Iron to Diamond just by playing Glacials and I just love their playstyle and seeing them freeze all enemy units. The core units of the Glacials are: Braum, Lissandra, Ashe, Volibear, Sejuani and Anivia. Naturally, Glacial units lack damage/clear speed and you'll often end up with ties if you don't incorporate enough damage into your team (be it feeding Volibear with Statikk Shivs or going Rangers). In this case, we're going Rangers as they're a powerful choice that synergizes well with Glacials since they'll keep enemies off while Rangers burst everything down.

If you end up getting up to Team Size 10, Karthus or Mordekaiser are good choices for the (2) Phantom buff which basically "insta-kills" one unit each round.

The below Glacial Ranger build is great for Ranked on both live and Teamfight Tactics test server but if you require more guidance on how to pull off the Glacial build, we've got you covered.

Top 6 Best Teamfight Tactics Builds For Ranked TFT 9.15 Strongest Team Comp Glacial Rangers

Ranger Nobles

Last in our list of the best Teamfight Tactics builds for Ranked are the Nobles with Rangers for damage. This is probably the easiest and most beginner friendly team comp to go for (and everyone plays it in low ranks) because Noble units are so common. Whether you go 4 Gunslingers or 4 Rangers solely depends on the units you're getting, though Rangers are a lot better if you also have a chance of reaching Team Size 10. Adding a Phantom as the 10th unit will provide you with the Phantom buff which is always welcome. Just like Glacial builds, Nobles also lack damage so make sure you gear the carries accordingly.

This Noble Ranger build is viable for ranked in all divisions, though it's strongest in Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you need more info about Noble builds, read more about our Noble team comp.

Top 6 Best Teamfight Tactics Builds For Ranked TFT 9.15 Strongest Team Comp Noble Rangers
Hopefully our Top 6 TFT Builds For Ranked Teamfight Tactics have helped you in ranking up during patch 9.17, if you're looking for more TFT guides, make sure to check us out!
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