Ultimate Beginner Guide For Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

March 30, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord Ultimate Beginner Guide Tips And Tricks For New Players

Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord is a very complex game and players which haven't played the earlier installation of this series might feel overwhelmed at first. Bannelord features both strategy and role playing. You can play the singleplayer campaign the way you want to as you can make your character a dangerous raider who focuses on killing and stealing, a smith who crafts stuff or even a merchant that likes to trade in towns. In this Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord beginner guide we'll be covering all of the early aspects of the game which might be confusing to new players at first.

If you still need help picking out the best beginner backstory choices we've got you covered.

Which Faction (Culture) to pick?

Before you even start creating your character and their backstory you'll have to pick their Culture which is basically a faction that grants you a bonus/penalty. There's 6 different factions you can pick from: Vlandians, Sturgians, Empire, Aserai, Battanians and Khuzaits. Even though there's no restriction in terms of fighting for a faction, you'll still want to carefully pick the starting culture as some buffs can give you an edge in early game.

Vlandians have 20% additional upgrade xp for troops from each battle you have. This will allow you to upgrade your party of mercenaries much faster which is considered among the best factions for those that like an active play-style and a lot of fighting.

Sturgians have a 20% less speed penalty from travelling on snow. This lets you be 20% faster than all the other factions when you're on snow but generally this is considered an underpowered culture because you won't find yourself on snow all the time for it to make a difference.

Battanians make your party move 10% faster than others when you're located in Forest biomes. This is a lot better than say Sturgians, because Forests are much more common on the world map and it will open you up to a lot more tactical playstyles.

Khuzaits gain a 10% speed bonus for horsemen on a campaign map. This is a great buff because it's pretty much a global version of Battanians. Along with that, Kuzaits are well-known for their cheap cavalry which are decent.

Aserai allow you to make Caravans 30% cheaper and you'll also gain 10% less trade penalty. This is a great way to become really rich during the early game if you want to role-play as a merchant. Overall, considered one of the best buffs along with Vlandians and Empire.

Empire gains 20% construction speed bonus for town projects, wall repairs and siege engines. They will allow you to conquest maps during late game as you'll be able to have much better sustain due to faster repairs.

for combat pick Vlandians/Empire
for Trading pick Aserai

Skills and Attribute Points

There are six different attributes in Bannerlord: Vigor, Control, Endurance, Social, Intelligence and Cunning. Every three levels you'll gain one free attribute point that you can use to level one of your attributes.

Vigor is an important attribute for melee combat as it focuses on one handed, two handed and polearm combat.

Control is necessary for ranged combat with throwing weapons, bows and crossbows.

Endurance is the ability to perform taxing physical activity for a long time. This can be used to improve horse riding, character sprints and the smith capabilities of your character.

Cunning gives you the ability to predict what other people will do and counter their plans.

Social is the ability to understand people's motivation. This attribute is popular for Traders as it can improve the amount of money you generate.

Intelligence gives you the ability to read and learn how to be a steward, engineer or a medic. Medicine is really useful for those that want to focus on combat as it lets you heal faster-- allowing you to fight more often.

Recruiting Troops

Once you've successfully created your character and picked the appropriate build playstyle, go ahead and visit all the nearby towns and villages in order to recruit your very first cheap mercenaries to fill your party. Around 15-20 troops is preferred if you're inexperienced in the game as it'll allow you to beat the bandits that will try to raid you early on.

Once you've gathered enough Gold to purchase the units, you'll also need to feed them! Grain, Butter and Cheese are all great consumables that will keep your troops fed for the time being.

Hunting Enemies

The very first enemies that you'll want to fight are the "looters". These guys are essentially low-tier village raiders that are incredibly easy to beat. Fighting these guys is crucial as they'll grant xp for both you and your troops which means you'll be able to upgrade the party for much harder fights. On top of that, killing Looters will also grant you a fair amount of Morale and Renown, which are the main things you'll want to farm early on. The looters can also have items and food on them which will save you a lot of gold in the early game.

Travelling on the map

Every party on the map has a set amount of movement speed. This value is going to be important through your playthrough as it will determine if you can outmaneuver the enemy to escape or catch them. You can find your party speed modifiers on the bottom right of your screen. Being quick early on will give you an advantage to pick off easy enemies for quick loot and find a bit harder enemies such as the Forest and Mountain bandits.

One good tip is to always keep checking the villages and cities along the way when you're trying to catch enemies as these will allow you to buy items and recruit more troops as well as take quests which will grant you more renown and money. For those that prefer crafting, cities will allow you to use the smithy and you'll also be able to compete in the arena is very rewarding and provides a lot of fun.

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