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June 29, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
War and Order Art11

How to get a bot for War and Order and how to use one was always a common question amongst WaO players. For those that do not know, bots are usually applications that run certain automated actions or scripts. This is in most games a bannable offense, I am not sure if you can get banned on WaO for doing this, I am guessing you can't because they do not have any way to find out if someone is using a bot. Use bots at your own risk, I am in no way responsible if you lose your account. Bots should be used primarily for farms, so even if you get banned, worst case scenario you lose a few c15s no big deal.


Instead of scripting things ourselves and programming a bot, there is a much easier way to do this. You will need to download NOX ANDROID SIMULATOR. Nox is an android emulator that basically makes your computer run an android device on it, this way you can download android games on your computer and play them as if you were on an actual phone. For bots you will need a good computer for this to work, running 1 bot shouldn't be a problem but 4 or more require a good computer. You can download Nox by clicking HERE or you can simply search on Google for it.


After installing Nox start the application and wait for it to fully load. If it is in chinese find your way to the settings and change the language. Now click the Google Play Store icon. It will ask you to log in with a Google Account. Go ahead, make a new one or simply log in with your phone's Google Account. You DO NOT need to add any payment info when making a new Google Account. After you are logged in go and download War and Order from the Google Play Store in Nox.
After you have installed War and Order run it and pass the tutorial. The first load will take quite a bit of time unless your computer is super fast. After loading and finishing the tutorial your screen should look like this.
War and Order Nox
Next step is to log in to your desired account. You can do this by simply clicking the avatar in the top left of the screen then clicking 'Accounts' -> 'Switch Account' and log in with Facebook or Google Account. Congratulations! After doing this you can now play your account on a computer, this can come in handy if you lose your phone or anything like that. You can even log in one account on the Nox and play another account on your phone so you can basically attack and defend from two Castles at once.


We have learnt how to set up and log in our WaO account on a PC, now we will make the actual bot. I will use my Farm Castle as an example because I never run bots on my main account. In order to make an account bot compatible (scriptable) you must have your screen at the same place every time you run a recorded macro script.


This one comes in handy if you are making a lot of Tier 2 Cavalry on your farms, this is usually really annoying because T2 Cavalry is done in a few hours and if you run a lot of Farms you would have to remember to train troops all the time. For this to work there are two prerequisites.  All your Barracks need to be next to each other so that they can be clicked without moving the screen and they need to be the same level. REMEMBER this will be an automated script that clicks on certain positions on your screen, if you move the in game screen in any way it will stop working.
War and Order Auto Recruitment Bot 1
When your Barracks are all near each other and the same level, you have to record movements with your mouse. Before doing the macro recording make sure that you have your screen at the same place every time you start a macro recording so you do not have to record all over again every time you restart Nox. First, move your in-game screen so that the top left Barracks is at the edge of the screen as shown on the first screenshot. Then just click the top right Barracks, this way your screen will always be positioned at the same place when starting a bot.
War and Order Auto Recruitment Bot 2
War and Order Auto Recruitment Bot 3
After your screen is positioned like this go and train 1 of each any troop in all of the Barracks. REMEMBER do not move the screen, only click the Barracks. This way when we record the macro it will know how to pick up troops and set another training queue. After your Barracks have the troop pick up icon lets record the macro. Click the Macro Recorder  button on the right side of the screen in the Nox toolbar.
Nox Macro Recorder
When you start the Macro Recorder it will open a new screen that looks like the one shown on the screenshot below.
Nox Macro Interface
When you are ready, press F1 to start recording, go ahead and pick up all the trained troops. Make sure to click the pop up icons slowly one by one, and do it in the middle of the pop ups so you're sure the macro will click them. When you have picked up the trained troops, go and place a new training queue in each of the Barracks but instead of 1 troop now place the maximum amount of troops that you can train. NOTE all your Barracks should produce troops so that the training is same for all of them. When you have done that, press F2 to save or the stop button at the top. Your screen should look like the one on the screenshot below.
Nox Macro Recordings
You can rename the script so that you have a different script for each of your accounts in case they have different train times. Now we have to modify the script so that is repeats every X seconds. Click the little setting option which opens a new interface below the recording.
War and Order Auto Recruitment Bot Settings
Set the loop times to how many times you want the script to repeat, for example if the training is done every 60 minutes and you want to run the bot for 24 hours, you would want to set the loop to 24. Lastly, change the loop interval to the amount of seconds that your training takes. For example, with this bot I'm training around 220 T2 Cavalry that takes 57 minutes to finish. Add a few minutes to that so you are sure the bot doesn't accidentally start before your troops are done. I will say the training takes 59 minutes, then I multiply 59 by 60 (because each minute has 60 seconds). That equals to 3540 seconds. I set the loop interval to 3540 seconds which means it will start the macro in 59 minutes to train a new set of troops. If you want to test if your troop recruitment bot is working simply use speed ups to finish your current troop recruitments BUT REMEMBER TO LEAVE THE POP UPS, DO NOT PICK UP THE TROOPS. After you have troop pop ups on all of your Barracks, go ahead and press the play button in the Macro Recording, if everything was done correctly the macro will pick up the troops recruited one by one and then set each barracks to train a new set of troops. Come back after the set Loop Interval to see if your troops have finished training and your macro started another training queue.
ACTIONS BREAKDOWN: Train 1 troops>Activate macro recording>Click on the troop pop ups one by one>Set training of a new set of troops>Change loop amount and loop time interval>speed finish the current training>click to run the macro recording.


If you've read about the troop recruitment bot then you should have knowledge of how Nox Macro Recorder works by now. To keep it short, you need to have the same amount and type of troops that will gather and you must have VIP active. Go on the world map, turn on the macro recording, record how you VIP search for a Gathering Spot, for example Lvl 5 Farmstead. Click the farmstead, send troops and exit back to the world map. Lets say your troops are done gathering and back in 4 hours. Sometimes the VIP search will find different spots for gathering so the MARCH TIMES will not always be the same, while the GATHERING TIMES will. Simply add an amount of time that will make sure it repeats the auto gathering without any issues. If you are near the Black Mud there are a lot of Lvl 5 Gathering spots so the march time to one of those won't be longer than 6-10 minutes. Just to make sure though, use 30 minutes as the march time. 30 minutes to get there, 30 minutes for gatherers to return and 4 hours of gathering equals to 5 hours. Five hours is actually 300 minutes (5*60) and then you multiply the 300 with 60 to get the amount of seconds that is. It will be 18,000 seconds. Place that as the Loop interval so the bot macro recording will repeat itself every 5 hours. Pull the gatherers back now, when they come back activate the macro recording and if everything goes smooth your troops should be on the way to another level 5 Gathering Spot and will repeat gathering every X amount of seconds.


This is a simple one, it's useful to run on farms so that you can get Alliance Points in order to build more flags and take more Elite Mines. Open the game, start the macro recording, click 'Alliance' -> 'Alliance Technology', the Technology you want to donate to and click to donate. When done exit out of all of that and make sure you end on the same screen on which you started the recording on. Set the loop interval to every 4 hours, 4*60 = 240 minutes, 240*60 = 14,400 seconds. This way the bot will donate 15 clicks every 4 hours.
Make sure you do this on a powerful computer, if your computer already lags when running one bot, chances are you won't be able to have more than 2 active at the same time. In Nox right side toolbar find the Multi-Instance Manager option.
Nox Multi Instance Manager
Click the Multi-Instance Manager it will open a new interface.
Nox Multi Instance Manager
Here you can see all the Android devices that you have emulated. You can rename each one, for example I have 3 farms : Player1, Player2 and Player 3. I will rename each Android device to those names so I know which script is for which farm account. If you want to add more Android devices, click the 'Add emulator' button at the bottom.
Nox Emulators
Click on Copy NoxPlayer (Copy the one that you are running the first bot on).
It will copy the whole device so that you don't need to log in to Google Play and download WaO again. Go in game, log in your different account.  Remember to click the Macro Recording option in the right side Nox toolbar on each of the emulated devices because each of them is different, clicking one Macro recording on the first emulated device WILL NOT run the Macro recording on the second emulated device. You can minimize the Emulated device screens so that you can fit more on your computer display. The maximum amount that I ran efficiently so far was 6.
War and Order Nox Running
Something you might not know is that when you run the recording it uses a built in mouse cursor so you can keep doing things on your computer and it will still keep doing the bot loops and automate actions. Doesn't matter whether you have something on over the Nox game screen or not. Just make sure you do not move the in-game screen because that will mess up the macro.

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