War and Order Castle Trading

June 29, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
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Buy or sell your Castle

Castle Trading is not an actual part of the game but you might be busy in real life, or find the game boring after reaching a certain Castle level threshold. Worry not! Simply write your contact info, Castle level, realm and ~amount of money you would be willing to sell or buy it for.

How do I sell my Castle?

It's a quite simple process actually. After you have contacted the person you are doing the trade with ask them for their Paypal or whatever source of payment processor you want to use, most use Paypal due to it being really easy to use and the payment arrives instantly (I have sold over 10 Castles via Paypal). After you have acquired your preferred source of payment, you will also need the buyer's Google Play/ Game Center / Facebook account. I find making a fake Facebook being the easiest, as I can bind the Castle to it and send the Facebook account e-mail and password to the buyer so they can log in and bind the Castle to any of their accounts. You can do the trade in any way you want, but what I usually do to avoid getting scammed is tell the buyer to send 50% of the money, when it has arrived I send him my fake Facebook account which has the Castle that is being sold bound to it. After they are done moving it to their account, I ask for the other 50% of the money.
With any online trading involving real money there is always a risk you might get scammed. GamerDiscovery.com is not responsible for any trades gone wrong, this post is simply a medium on which you can find a seller or buyer for a certain Castle, as spamming in the in-game world chat can be risky (War and Order doesn't allow Castle trading, and if someone reports your Castle it will be banned, so it is much safer to find your customer here).
Write which Castle you are buying or selling in the comments section below using the format that I have provided or I will delete your comment.
Comment format
Castle level -
Realm -
Contact info (Email, Viber, Whatsapp, Line, Telegram..) -
Price -
Other info (Technology level, amount of gems, lord level..) -

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