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War Heroes Balance Notes February, 6th 2018

War Heroes has been growing very nicely since its release. The game is regularly patched and this patch was focused on buffing underused cards like the Heavy Gunner, Landmine, Sniper and others, while also changing the dominant building strategy to make it more manageable.

Patch Notes

Heavy Gunner:

  • Health: 5829 -> 6045
  • Preparation Time: 2.0s -> 1.7s

Heavy Gunner is the most expensive card in the game and is a huge threat but can also be countered easily by swarms of low Energy Cards. Giving him a little more health and less time to load his weapon should make the difference on some situations.


  • Duration: 25s -> 20s

The Turret can negate most attacks in the game, like the biker, tactical squads and others. But it stays a bit to long on the battlefield and therefore is getting a slight Duration nerf.

Assault Jeep:

  • Charge Delay: 2.2s -> 2.0s

The Assault Jeep is fast, has enough health and deals tones of damage. But the opponent has quite some time to react to it so now the jeep will start its maximum speed a bit faster, making it a little more consistent.

Soldier Camp:

  • Health: 1079 -> 864
  • Spawn Rate: 2.0s -> 2.2s

Soldier Camp overwhelms enemy troops with the sheer amount of troops it deploys, while also being a very low Energy cost Card. This way, it’s too versatile, but these two changes will fix it. Having less health means it shouldn’t be as effective as a health shield for your tower, and the slower spawn rate will deploy one less soldier over it’s lifetime.

Sniper Assassin:

  • Damage: 648 -> 756

The Sniper Assassin is easily countered by crowds of troops, but even against those big single units it’s usually replaced by other options like the Sledgehammer or the Anti-Tank Cannon.

More damage makes it a better option to counter the Bomber Copter.

Assault Chopper:

  • Damage: 259 -> 324

This higher damage means it will take one shot to kill Tactical Choppers and two shots to finish off Grenadiers. Also, it will be focused more as a Tank killer.


  • Deploy time: 3.0s -> 3.5s
  • Preparation Time: 4.5s -> 4.0s
  • Splash Radius: 2.0 -> 1.5

The Artillery is a really dangerous card to play against. One small error and your tower is gone. This change on the deploy and preparation time means it takes the same amount of time to shoot it’s first bullet, but now the opponent has half a second more to play a distraction.


  • Damage: 1727 -> 1943

The Landmine is a bit underrated in the current meta. This damage increase will help people remember its power since now it can kill one shot Bikers and significantly stop huge pushes.

*please note that all numbers are shown for: common level 11, rare level 8, epic level 5 and heroic level 1


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