War Heroes Decks

June 29, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
War Heroes Decks

When you enter a battle the 8 Cards you selected for your Deck are shuffled and picked on a starting hand of 4. Your battle Deck must be balanced at all times as it is the key to winning a PVP battle! The other Cards are put on a queue to be drawn to your hand. Every time you deploy a Card, it is put at the end of the queue and after a few seconds another Card will be drawn to your hand.
The better your Deck is the higher chances you have of winning. You shouldn't  load up your Deck with nothing but high Energy cost Cards. You’ll leave yourself vulnerable to attacks! Try to have an even amount of low and high energy cards. Counter your enemies with low Energy cost Cards and then do a big High Energy push with a goal to take one of the defenses down.
If you are interested in learning how to build your own Deck, keep on reading. There is also a section below that showcases the best Decks for climbing the ladder.
Remember in War Heroes the Warzone that you end up in is always random when finding a battle, which means there is no 'best Warzone 3 Deck' because you can end up in either Warzone 1, 2 or 3 when finding a battle. You can make Decks to focus on pushing Medal thresholds though, for example you want to reach Warzone 4, you can then build a universal Deck that works for Warzone 1, 2 and 3. This way you are prepared if any of those pop up. This means whenever you advance to a new Warzone, you should build a Deck which can beat all the Warzones that lead to it.

Certain battle Cards will only target specific things, for example the Assault Jeep will only go for a building, when it reaches a building it explodes to deal ~1000 damage and spawn 4 Brave Soldiers. If you have too many cards that target the same thing, you might end up being countered by the enemy and losing yourself the game!
I will break down Cards into types and sub-types.
Types: Human, Building, Vehicle, Spell
Sub-types: Spawner, Building destroyer, Troop destroyer.
Human - Regular troop, they shoot with a gun.
Building - Static objects on the battlefield that do something to contribute to your attack or defense.
Vehicle - High health Cards,  they can be flying (helicopters) and ground (tanks).
Spell - Self explanatory, cast it whenever you want to do something.
Spawner - Spawns troops
Building destroyer - These Cards focus on bringing down the enemy defense buildings even if other enemy troops shoot at them or block their way.
Troop destroyer - These Cards can focus both buildings and enemy troops that can be air or ground, they choose their targets depending on how far away they are and if they are locked onto a target.
List of Cards that fall under a sub-type category:
Spawner Vehicle - APC, also Tactical Squad, Tactical Copters, Assault Chopper and Bomber Copter IF you have the Manfred von Paratropen General equipped.
Spawner Building - Soldier Camp, Barracks, Helipad.
Building destroyer Vehicle - Cruiser Tank, Assault Jeep, Biker, APC, Tiger Tank.
Troop destroyer Vehicle - Tactical Squad, Tactical Copters, Rocket Launcher, Seeker, Assault Chopper, Bomber Copter.
Troop destroyer Building - Artillery, Anti Tank Cannon, Landmine
Troop destroyer Human - Sergeant, Brave Soldiers, Recruit Squad, Grenadier, Riflemen, Paratroopers, Recruit Platoon, Sniper Assassin, Flame Trooper, Airborne Division


1x AoE Spell
1x Building destroyer
1x Tank
1x AoE damage unit
1x High single target damage Tank counter
1x Air unit
2x low Energy cost Humans
Lastly don't forget to take a General that synergizes well with your other Cards.
An example of this Deck would be : Air Support, Assault Jeep, Cruiser Tank, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Assassin, Tactical Copters, Sergeant, Riflemen and Roscoe Rock General.
This Deck is pretty solid and can get you a lot of wins, use this example of troop ratios to build your own Universal Decks.
1x AoE Spell
1x Building destroyer, tank
1x AoE damage unit
2x Spawners
2x Air unit
1x Tank destroyer
Lastly don't forget to take a General that synergizes well with your other Cards.
An example of this Deck would be : Bombing Raid, Tactical Copters, Soldier Camp, Helipad, Cruiser Tank, Bomber Copter, Grenadier, Seeker and General Manfred von Paratropen.
This Deck is pretty solid and can get you a lot of wins, use this example of troop ratios to build your own Spawner Decks.


Best War Heroes Beginner Decks

The Deck I started with was awesome for me, it worked great. I got to Warzone 3 without any issues. There were fights when I won versus enemies with a 4 levels higher Bunker. This was my best Starter Deck: Cruiser Tank, Sergeant, Assault Jeep, Air Support, Bombing Raid, Grenadier, Seeker and Riflemen. The General that I used for all of my Starter Decks was George Pattoner but Roscoe Rock or Toussant Vertune can work just fine as well.
When the fight starts, wait for your Energy to fill up to 9, see if your enemy sent any Troops. If they did, counter them with a Sergeant, Air support, Bombing Raid or Riflemen. This should get you a good Energy lead. If you have the George Pattoner General, after countering the enemy wait for your General to spawn a Cruiser Tank, after he spawns one send another Cruiser Tank on a different side accompanied by the Assault Jeep, in most cases this will take out one of the enemy defenses. Then simply keep on doing Energy trade offs in order to get yourself a big advantage, but generally you should keep doing the Cruiser Tank + Assault Jeep push.
Starter Deck 2
Cruiser Tank, Grenadier, Sergeant, Riflemen, Bombing Raid, Tactical Copters and Sniper Assassin or Flame Trooper. George Pattoner, Roscoe Rock or Toussant Vertune work great for this deck.
When the fight starts, wait for your Energy to fill up to 9, see if your enemy sent any Troops. If they did, counter them with a low cost Card. This should get you a good Energy lead. The push composition you will be looking for is Cruiser Tank or Flame Trooper accompanied with Tactical Copters and a Sergeant. Roscoe Rock synergizes well with this Deck because he spawns Seekers.
Starter Deck 3
This is a SPAWNER Deck
Helipad, Tactical Squad, Tactical Copters, Assault Chopper, Soldier Camp, Sergeant, Grenadier and Barracks. Use any General, but the preferred one is Manfred von Paratropen. The thing about Spawner Decks is that there can be many variations of them, so build one that works best for you.
Keep pressuring the enemy with Spawner Cards, counter them with Tactical Copters, Sergeant and Grenadier. Wait for double Energy (last 90 seconds of the fight). Make a ton of Spawner Buildings (Helipad, Soldier Camp and Barracks) the idea is to cycle the Deck with low Energy cost Cards such as Grenadier, Sergeant and Tactical Copters so you get the Spawner Buildings quicker. When you have a lot of them down start making huge pushes that include the Assault Chopper and Tactical Squad with the support of Spawner buildings ofcourse.

Decks for pushing Warzones

*Note* If I say a Deck is for Warzone X, it means the Deck works great on any maps below that Warzone and including that one.
For Warzone 1, Warzone 2 or Warzone 3 the best Deck you can use is one of the Starter Decks because they are most powerful for these low level arenas even if you don't have any experience or Epic Cards.
Deck number one for Warzone 4
War Heroes Deck Warzone 4
Soldier Camp, Tactical Squad, Tactical Copters, Cruiser Tank, Sergeant, Rocket Launcher, Assault Jeep and Air Support. The best General for this type of Deck is Manfred von Paratropen because he spawns paratroopers every time a flying vehicle of yours gets destroyed.
The basic idea of this Deck is to make a Soldier Camp, keep countering enemies to build an Energy advantage and then do a big push with Soldier Camp, Tactical Squad and Cruiser Tank, accompany them with an Assault Jeep and you are golden.
Deck number two for Warzone 4
It is really overpowered.
The Deck consists of: Tactical Squad, APC, Sniper Assassin, Soldier Camp, Sergeant, Rocket Launcher, Assault Chopper and Bombing Raid. For this one there is no best General, so use one you think that works well. I would personally go for Toussant Vertune. This is the best Deck for Warzone 4 so far.
The way this Deck works is to get a HUGE Energy advantage over your enemy, if you have picked the Toussant Vertune General then he sets barbed wires on the map which pretty much kill any of the enemy troops that may pass the first couple of times. This gives you an Energy advantage you can exploit. A push you should aim for is with Soldier Camp, APC which goes first and a Sniper Assassin in between. These have great synergy when paired together in a wave.
Warzone 5 Deck
Sergeant, Riflemen, Brave Soldiers, Cruiser Tank, Biker, Rocket Launcher, Barracks and Recruit Squad. The General you should use for this Deck is George Pattoner. This is the best Deck for Warzone 5 so far.
This Deck can be OP if you know what you're doing. When the fight starts if you have Barracks set them near your Bunker, counter the enemy with other Cards and when your Barracks are almost done spawning troops send a Cruiser Tank to accompany them. This is a really strong push. If you don't start with the Barracks just cycle the Cards and you will get them soon enough.
Grenadier, Rocket Launcher, Anti Tank Cannon, Paratroopers, Tactical Copters, Tactical Squad, Sergeant and Biker. Any General you pick should do fine for this Deck but the preferred one is George Pattoner because well, he is just awesome! You have a lot of different Cards in this Deck that are low Energy cost and just pure awesomeness. Counter your enemies, when Pattoner spawns a Cruiser Tank do a big push behind it, preferably with Tactical Squad and Rocket Launcher, and when they get to the enemy defenses send some Paratroopers.
Bomber Copter, Tactical Squad, Rocket Launcher, Riflemen, Air Support, Sergeant, Grenadier and Bombing Raid. Use any General that you like, because the Bomber Copter will do most of the damage anyway.
This Deck is BROKEN on so many ways. The Bomber Copter deals a TON of damage and if you have it, I would advise you use it. I believe it will get nerfed soon, so use it while it can 2-3 shot kill the Bunker.
Send a Bomber Copter, accompany it with a Tactical squad or Riflemen. Use Bombing Raid and Air Support if your enemy makes a bunch of troops. Rinse and repeat. This is the easiest and most powerful Deck to master, but chances of getting a Bomber Copter at the beginning are low because its an Epic Card.

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