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The War Heroes Shop sells three different Cards for Coins every day. These Cards cycle out once a new day starts (every 24 hours), so if you see one you want don’t hesitate to buy it. The rarer a Card is, the more expensive it’s going to be. You don’t have to use the Card Shop often, but it can come in handy if you’re trying to get a specific Card.

The Shop also sells Warzone offers which last for about 24 hours and have a Huge Epic Crate, gems and gold at a discounted price. It also has Loot Crates you can buy for gems which will open immediately so you do not have to wait.  You can also buy Gold for Gems and Gems for real life money, but it’s pretty expensive and since there aren’t many Cards out yet it isn’t worth it in my opinion.

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Types of Crates

You receive a Crate after winning a PvP match. Free Crates are available every 4 hours and Badge Crates are available every 24 Hours, and its contents are opened when you get 10 Badges from battles. There are seven types of Crates:

    • Free Crate: You get a Free Crate every 4 hours, but you can have only stack up to two Free Crates at a time. The Free Crate’s prizes will vary depending on which Warzone you currently are in.
  • War Heroes Free Crate
    • Common Crate: Contains 3-8 Cards depending on your Warzone and 12-41 Gold.
    • Badge Crate: Badge Crates have amazing prizes that you earn on every 24 hours. Just like the Free Crates, you can stack up to two of them at a time but Badge Crates have a lot more cards and gold in them. You can only open the Badge Crate once you’ve got 10 badges from battles. You earn a badge based on your battle’s score. Destroying your opponent trenches or small bunker will reward you with 1 badge each. Destroying the main bunker will reward you with 3 badges.
    • Rare Crate: Contains 9-23 Cards depending on your Warzone and 40-135 Gold, it has a guaranteed rare card in it.
    • Epic Crate: Contains 28-69 Cards depending on your Warzone and 115-414 Gold. Depending on your Warzone it also guarantees 1-3 Epic Cards and 4-11 Rares.
    • Huge Crate: Contains 74-184 Cards depending on your Warzone and 310-1097 Gold. Depending on your Warzone it also guarantees 6-15 Rare Cards.
    • Huge Epic Crate: The best Crates in the game, with the most and best prizes. This Huge Epic Crate is really rare, but you can get one after any battle you do! The probabilities are low though but if you keep playing and unlocking other chests, you are bound to get one eventually. It is a mix of the Epic Crate and Huge Crate, depending on your Warzone it rewards you with 167-414 Cards of which 27-69 are Rare Cards and 7-18 are Epic Cards and lastly 690-2484 Gold.

Remember that a lot of the Cards that you get from loot crates will actually be duplicates, but that is the only way to upgrade your Cards. Make sure to carefully plan which Cards you are gonna upgrade because if you are a non spender then you will have trouble with Gold later on.

Every Warzone unlocks more Cards to be earned, but it doesn’t remove the Cards already unlocked. This means that the pool of Cards your Chest can reward you from will always increase. It’s important to note that lower Warzones Cards are not necessarily  worse than higher Warzone Cards. Unlocking more Cards only means that you can create an even stronger Deck.

You will get a lot of Gold from Loot Crates but often you’ll run out of Gold if you upgrade too many Cards at once.

Follow this guide, and you’ll be on your way to leveling your cards in no time. This guide will go through all the ways to get Gold and how you can maximize your Gold efficiency. You’ll finally be able to upgrade that Card to max level.

Ways to Get Gold:

  • Battling: Make sure you battle constantly. Each victory will give you around 7-10 Gold based on your Warzone. While it’s not much, it will make a difference in the long run, if you play for like 5 hours you can easily get over 2k Gold.
  • Crates: Crates are your main source of Gold. Each Crate you open comes with a certain amount of Gold, increasing with the rarity of the Crate. If you always have a Crate that is opening, you’ll find that it isn’t that hard to get at least 500 Gold per day.
  • Gems: Buying Gems is the best and fastest way to get Gold.
  • Buy the Warzone packs which give you a crazy amount of Gems, Gold and a Huge Epic Crate for a much cheaper price than if you were to buy pure Gems.

Ways to Spend your Gold:

  • People often make the mistake, especially in the early stages of the game, to level up anything that they can. This is an extreme waste of your Gold if you are not gonna spend an money, and you should focus your upgrades on the Cards that you actually use.
  • Upgrade your Cards evenly. Don’t go on a crazy spending spree and upgrade your Recruit Squad to max level. If your rares are still at a lower level you will not be able to win most fights.
  • Buy Cards from the Shop. Up until two commons and two rares, you are getting value for your Gold. Try and buy the Cards you use in your Deck, and you’ll be able to upgrade them in no time!
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