Warframe Fortuna Mesa Prime Build Guide

December 19, 2018
by GamerDiscovery
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The Mesa Prime was added as part of the Fortuna update along with Akjagara Prime – deadly dual pistols, the Redeemer Prime and more. This Warframe Fortuna update Mesa Prime build guide will teach you everything you need to know in order to have the best Mesa Prime build setup and clear content with ease.

Mesa Prime Introduction

A lot of Mesa Prime builds focus on two abilities, her shatter shield and peacemaker. Though, in this Mesa Prime build guide you’ll find out how to build an all-round build which gives Mesa the ability to tank if needed, crowd control and damage her enemies at the same time. This makes Mesa Prime very versatile for many scenarios which is always good to have.
Warframe Mesa Prime Fortuna Build Guide Spells Abilities
Mesa Prime, compared to Mesa: (Unranked / Rank 30)

  • Higher Health (135/405 vs. 125/375)
  • Higher Armor (85 vs. 65)
  • Higher Energy (125/188 vs. 100/150)

Mesa Prime Build Mods

Warframe Mesa Prime Fortuna Build Guide Vigilante Pursuit
Warframe Mesa Prime Fortuna Build Guide Flow

Choosing each of your mods carefully is very important in creating the strongest Mesa Prime setup. As the first mod we’re taking Corrosive Projection (Enemy Radar is an option as well). Getting -% Armor is essential for doing enough DPS as the Mesa Prime at max rank because at higher levels enemies have a lot of damage reduction and you getting huge amounts of damage without some form of penetration will result in just lower amount of damage done and Corrosive Projection is useful even in team compositions. Though, if you are still in the leveling phase, feel free to grab some other form of damage amplification mod. The second mod is of course Enemy Sense so you can have some way of dealing with enemies and strategizing your attacks, in case you have Vigilante Pursuit, replace Enemy Sense for it because you’ll keep the same effects of Enemy Sense whilst gaining a bonus of 5% to enhance critical hits from Primary Weapons.

The next two mods are Umbral Vitality and Umbral Intensify which will provide you with some survivability but a lot of strength %. Umbral Intensify will grant you Ability Strength and Tau Resistance whilst Umbral Vitality grants you Health and Tau Resistance and when both of these are combined you will reach high enough Strength to have 95% damage reduction on your shield shatter, these mods don’t have any negative effects even though they add a fair amount of effective HP.
Primed Continuity and Constitution gaining as much duration as possible for our shatter shield as well as shooting gallery. If we pair these two duration mods with the Streamline mod then we lessen the energy drain of a Peacemaker.
Augur Reach and Stretch are used as a range buff so you can utilize the crowd control effect of Shooting Gallery and by having a setup like this you will have both the damage and crowd control ability to disable enemies which is extremely important in end-game Mesa Prime builds if you plan on doing hard content.
Lastly, the Adaptation mod – which is a personal preference so feel free to modify it as you please. Adaptation gives you +9% resistance to the damage type which hit you and what makes this great is the fact it stacks up to 90%!
Adaptation will make you very tanky, in case you feel like you need energy then you can replace Adaptation for Flow (or Primed Flow).

With this mod setup you gain both damage mitigation and crowd control which are a great combination for survivability and this Peacemaker build easily gets carried by stacking %Strength.

Mesa Prime Weapon Regulator Mods

Warframe Mesa Prime Fortuna Build Guide Regulator Mods
Modding for more power strength would be beneficial as it results to more damage per second but modding entirely for power strength will make Mesa Prime extremely energy hungry which is why it’s best to get 2.33x damage multiplier on Peacemaker and then focus on maxing the damage output of the Regulator Pistols.
This mod setup is extremely strong when it comes to dealing damage because it's a mix of critical multi, shot damage, fire rate and then two elemental mods which are replaceable depending on what faction you are facing. The secret to the best Mesa Prime build is to get enough fire rate because Peacemaker has a damage multiplier that ramps up to 2.5 times after 20 bursts which is why firing mods are really a must.


You can tweak this Mesa Prime mod setup by adding more power strength, just replace the Enemy Sense mod with Power Drift and then Augur Reach with Augur Secrets. In case you have the budget for it then it’s highly suggested that you get Arcane Velocity because the fire rate buff of this does work with Peacemaker and two Arcane Velocity can even stack which will provide you with even more fire rate which maximizes your Mesa Prime’s DPS making it one of the strongest Mesa Prime builds.

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