We’re celebrating our growth with a giveaway!

We’re hosting this giveaway as a token of gratitude for everyone who supported us on our journey to become one of the most popular high quality gaming guides website. Our social media profiles are new and we are currently expanding!

By following GamerDiscovery on a variety of social media you’ll be eligible for an item from our giveaway rewards pool which features: 1x PS4 Console, 2x Sennheiser GSP 600 Headset, 5x Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Game, 5x 6700 Apex Legends Coins Packs and 10x Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Game.

If you win The Division 2 or Sekiro Shadows Die Twice you’ll be able to choose whether you want it for PC or console.

The rules for this giveaway are simple:

  • Each new follow on our social media will give you 1 entry point (more entry points = higher chance to win)
  • Sharing our giveaway to your friends will reward you with 3 entry points
  • One reward per person
  • Following and then unfollowing us on social media will discredit you from the giveaway’s pool of winners.
  • People who visit our social media profiles but don’t like, follow or subscribe will receive entry points but they wont be entered in the winner randomizer.
  • Winners of this giveaway will be chosen randomly by Rewards Fuel when the giveaway runs out (April 22nd) along with an e-mail to claim their rewards.

If you have an adblocker enabled which blocks cookies, you may not be able to enter the giveaway. If you encounter issues, try temporarily disabling adblocker.

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