World War Z Class Tier List Guide

March 27, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
World War Z Class Tier List Best And Strongest Characters Guide

The World War Z game is an interesting four-player cooperative third-person shooter that features massive swarms of zombies that have only one goal-- to kill the survivors. In the WWZ game there are currently 6 available classes to play as of launch: Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic, Fixer and Exterminator. Each of these character classes have different perks that make them unique and offer different builds and playstyles during missions. In our World War Z Class Tier List Guide we'll be going over each of the playable characters available in WWZ and which of those are best to play, especially for new players.

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The Gunslinger class specializes in weapons that have high rate of fire and allow you to burst through enemies. Gunslinger class is the best class to play as a World War Z beginner because it is a really strong character that offers a rather easy playstyle. Gunslinger offers a variety of different perks which revolve around guns and ammo boosting. The very first Gunslinger Perks that you'll get are:

Gimme a Reason Perk which will let you start the game with a Frag Grenade and a Compact SMG as well as a reduction to your weapon's recoil and making movement not affect weapon accuracy.

Fire in the Hole Perk which allows your Frag Grenades to kill 25% more targets (increased AoE)


The Hellraiser class specializes in explosives such as C4, Grenades and many other great sources of Crowd Control. Hellraiser is a very strong character because it offers awesome clear speed due to the high area of effect explosive damage. Having a Hellraiser in your team is a must if you are going to encounter huge hordes of zombies that your group is not ready to deal with yet. Since the Hellraiser class is focused around explosives, most of its Perks are aimed towards crowd control, high ammo and AoE explosive weapons. The Hellraiser class starts with the Demoman Perk which provides you with C4, Shotgun and Hailstorm MGL at the start of the round. C4 is incredible with the perk upgrade that will attract zombies when the C4 is first thrown on the ground.


The Fixer class specializes in supporting allies with explosive ammunition and basic ammunition replenishes. Fixer is going to be the best WWZ class if you find yourself running out of ammo very often and its quite a fun class to play. Having a good bank of ammo is going to be crucial for you and your squad if you intend to survive as WWZ tends to spawn huge hordes of zombies on you, making ammunition scarce quite quick. The Fixer's Perks are focused towards ammo increases and overall ammo replenishing. The Fixer starts with the Mule Perk which gives you a Supply Bag and a Scout Rifle, as well as increasing all allies' ammo by 10% for the whole round. The supply bag that gives everyone explosive ammo can be a good damage increase when you most need it.


It's a zombie'll be getting hit quite often so a Medic is a must if your team is not experienced enough to deal with hordes of zombies quickly. The Medic class specializes in healing and boosting allies. With that said, the Medic is really useful but since it purely depends on how good your squad plays, you might not need one, making it somewhat worse than other classes. The Medics Perks are aimed around supportive abilities and the first one you start with is the Booster Shot Perk which provides you with a Stim Pistol, Compact SMG and a free MedKit. In case you decide to use a Medkit on your ally, 25% of the health regeneration will apply to you as well.


The Exterminator class specializes in dealing with huge swarms of zombie attacks. Exterminator loves using Molotov and any other fire producing weaponry. Since fire damage deals DoT it may not be most optimal at times because you still might soak some hits if the zombies get close. The Exterminator Perks revolve around increases to fire damage, fire damage weaponry and dealing with swarms quickly. The first Exterminator Perk you will unlock is the Firestarter Perk which provides you with a Molotov and Shotgun at round start. On top of that, it also boosts your damage to zombie swarms by 25%.


Lastly, the Slasher character. The Slasher is not the most optimal class to play in WWZ because it requires you to be within melee range of zombies to really have the best time with this class. Due to the nature of zombies moving in packs, if you encounter a swarm within melee range you'll quickly become overrun. The Slasher specializes in melee Blades and Tasers in order to take down the undead. The first Perk the Slasher starts with is the Shock Troops upgrade that gives you a Stun gun and a Compact SMG at the start of the game. The Shock Troops Perk also allows your melee strikes to hit two enemies instead of one, along with reducing the tiredness amount from your weapon slashes.

To be honest, the Stun gun is useless in most cases as a Grenade is so much better for swarm control.

We hope you've found our World War Z Class Tier List Guide useful and we'll keep improving it as the game progresses and characters get tweaked with new patches. If you'd like to contribute additional information about our World War Z Class Guide feel free to contact us or leave a comment below!
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