World War Z Defense Systems

April 16, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
World War Z Defense Systems Guide All Available Best Technology Gadgets And Turrets In WWZ

In this short World War Z Defense Systems guide we'll be talking about Defense Systems-- ways of fending off Zombies by making smart uses of technology available in the game. Defense Systems are crucial ways of passing certain episodes because they will help you deal with swarms of zombies much more easily.

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Barbed Wire

The first on this list of Defense Systems in World War Z are the Barbed Wires. Barbed Wires are very effective with dealing in low to moderate Zombie Swarms as the zombies will get stuck on them and die. At the moment, you can also use them as a little "exploit" because you can actually stand in the Barbed Wires whilst zombies can't you can use them as a safe spot. While Barbed Wires wont kill all the zombies, they're really useful in most cases as you defend versus hordes.

Machinegun Turrets

Machinegun Turrets are static machineguns which you can use in order to burst down masses of zombies relatively quickly. The Machinegun turret deals a lot of damage and pretty much melts the Bull zombies. With that said, the main bad side of the Machinegun Turrets is that they have blind spots, you can only rotate them to a certain degree, making you unsecured from the back or sides and available to zombie attacks. If you have a well coordinated team that will defend you when you're using the Machinegun Turrets, they're great defense system items to have.


Mortars are static devices (like Machinegun Turrets) which you can use in order to shoot a bunch of explosives onto certain locations. The Mortars are invaluable pieces of Defense Systems because they will allow you to blow up huge amounts of Zombies in no time. In particular, Mortars are often set up on chokepoints where Zombie Swarms must pass and this is where the Mortar Defense System shines. Don't forget that there are also Skill Tree upgrades for the Mortar to increase its AoE.


In case you don't know, the Claymores are small explosives which you can put on the ground and they will automatically blow up once a Zombie gets near and activates them. Claymores are great for covering certain exits or places where the Zombies might come to flank you.

Automated Turrets

Automated Turrets are excellent Defense Systems for providing extra backup and zombie clear, especially when you're running out of ammo. Good Automated Turret positioning is crucial in order to make the most use of it. Automated Turrets, along with Mortars are currently the best Defense Systems in the game.

Electrical Traps

The Electrical Traps are an invaluable part of Defense Systems as they are an easy counter to harder zombies such as the Bull. The shock from Electrical Traps will temporarily render the zombies useless, giving you time to kill them before they each you.

We hope that you've found our World War Z Defense Systems Guide useful, if you have, don't forget to share it with your friends! If you have any other questions about static defenses and turrets in WWZ, make sure to leave a comment below.
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