World War Z Detailed PvP Guide

April 17, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
World War Z Detailed PvP Guide PvPvZ Game Modes Best Classes And WWZ Characters Informaiton

Although World War Z is based upon PvE Co-op gameplay, there is an actual multiplayer PvP (PvPvZ) aspect of the game that is very fun and unique. In this World War Z Detailed PvP Guide we'll be talking about all of the PvP Classes available in the game, different game modes and how they work. Choosing the best PvP class that suits your gameplay is going to be crucial for your squad if you intend to win in PvP matches as some characters are much stronger than others. If you've found this WWZ PvP Guide useful, don't forget to share it to your friends.

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PvP Classes

There are currently 10 different WWZ PvP Classes which have different progression, Perks and levels than their PvE counterparts. Each of the available PvP classes will have preset loadouts which you can only change to an extent (with their respective Perks, for example if a loadout is Sniper based, you can't replace it with an Assault Rifle unless it's available as a Perk bonus). At the moment there are a couple of really strong and effective loadouts (especially the RPG one) because it will allow you to one-shot pretty much anyone and if your aim is good you can kill whole squads with one rocket with an RPG. As your class levels up, you'll be able to unlock new Perks and become much stronger than the base version of that character so make sure to get as much XP as you can.


The Survivor PvP class starts with a Shotgun, Revolver, Molotov Cocktail and a Heavy Assault Shotgun.


The Specialist PvP class starts with a Battle Rifle, Compact Shotgun, Frag Grenade and a Payload Rifle.


The Trapper PvP class starts with a Scout Rifle, Double-Barreled Shotgun, Claymore Mine and a MGL.


The Warfighter PvP class starts with an Assault Carbine, Machine Pistol, Frag Grenade and a Machinegun.


The Phantom PvP class starts with a Sniper Rifle, Compact SMG, Claymore Mine and a Payload Rifle.


The Demolisher PvP class starts with a Combat Shotgun, Pistol, C4 and a MGL.


The Striker PvP class starts with a Bullpup Rifle, Pistol, Stim Pistol and a RPG Launcher.


The Support PvP class starts with an Assault Rifle, Compact SMG, Supply Bag and a Machinegun.


The Assassin PvP class starts with an Advanced SMG, Machine Pistol, Stun Gun and a Heavy Assault Shotgun.


The Shadow PvP class starts with an SMG, Compact Shotgun, Gas Grenade and a RPG Launcher.

What's the best WWZ PvP Class?

There are a few classes that are really strong at the moment. Shadow in particular, because the Shadow has really an excellent all-round loadout that has a way to deal with every situation. RPG Launcher is pretty ridiculous right now as me mentioned earlier, and it fits this loadout really well. Other than Shadow; the Striker, Trapper, Demolisher and Support are great choices as well.

PvP/PvPvZ Game Modes

Quick Match

Choosing Quick Match will find you a random match that features any of the below mentioned game modes. If you don't have a preference for game modes, or you simply don't like waiting for long queue times, Quick Match is really useful as it'll find you a match within seconds.

Swarm Domination

The Swarm Domination game mode features zones which you have to capture and hold in order to earn points. The team with most points will ultimately win. A thing to note is that Swarms of Zombies will start spawning on control points and it gets pretty crazy so make sure to bring AoE weapons for this game mode. If enough zombies stand on a Control Point, you will lose it as it will become Neutral.

King of the Hill

The King of the Hill game mode features a single control point which you have to hold in order to gain points per second. As you hold the control point, zombies will start spawning in order to get you off it. The team with the most points will win the game.

Swarm Deathmatch

The Swarm Deathmatch game mode is like Deathmatch in games like Call of Duty, but with an addition of zombie swarms coming your way. This particular game mode is great for XP farming as it will be really easy and fast to get kills.

Scavenge Raid

The Scavenge Raid game mode will have you collect resources scattered around the map or take them from fallen enemies in order to earn points and ultimately, achieve victory.

Vaccine Hunt

Lastly, the Vaccine Hunt game mode features an unique "Vaccine" objective which you have to pick up and hold in order to earn points. Team with the most points will be victorious.

PvP Tips And Tricks

  • The map in PvP will show any enemy on it, making you an easy target as they will see you as well. In order to be removed from the mini-map, all you have to do is crouch walk and this will allow you to easily flank enemies and get some kills.
  • If you're playing the Shadow Class, make sure to utilize the Gas grenade on Zombie Swarms as this will often kill 40-50 Zombies-- which converts to a LOT OF EXP making this an easy and fast way to level your class. You'll notice that each time a Zombie Swarm spawns your mini-map becomes red.
  • Be careful with Heavy Weapons as once you switch to one, you wont be able to switch to any other weapons.
  • There are no MedKits in PvP, but there is character HP regeneration so just stay away from fights for a bit until you heal up if you're low on health.
  • A lot of structures in this game can be shot through, which means enemies can damage you through walls and other similar objects.
We hope that you've found this Detailed World War Z PvP Guide useful and found your Best Class that will suit your PvP playstyle. In case you have any additional questions about PvP Game Modes or tips and tricks, make sure to leave a comment below!
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