World War Z Weapons List

March 27, 2020
by GamerDiscovery
World War Z Detailed Full Weapons List Gun Tiers Best To Use Heavy Weapons

There is a variety of different and unique Weapons and Guns available in World War Z. Some Perks will allow you to start with certain guns, whilst in most cases you'll be acquiring different weapons during rounds themselves-- by finding them inside caches, secret rooms and chests. There are a total of 3 different Tiers of weapons available, as well as a special Heavy weapons category which features very strong but mostly low ammo guns. In this World War Z Weapons List we'll show you all the currently available weapons in WWZ and which of them are the best to use.

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Tier 1 Weapons

Scout Rifle (Mini-21), Compact SMG (Gal 9), Shotgun (M500), Pistol (1911 Protector) and Machine Pistol (Geist 17MP) are parts of the first tier of guns in World War Z. All of these are actually weapons which you will have at the start of your missions as they are Perk rewards from different classes in the game. Compact SMG is the most useful one early on as it has decent damage and fire speed. Pistols and Shotguns are mediocre as you run out of ammo relatively quickly, and Scout Rifle is just too slow.

Tier 2 Weapons

Assault Rifle (ARK-103), Sporting Carbine (Pac-15), SMG (TMP5), Combat Shotgun (S890), Sniper Rifle (Mk110), PDW (Senjata PDW) and Compact Shotgun (S890 Shorty) are parts of the second tier of guns available in World War Z. Some of these weapons are available through character Skill Tree upgrades, though you'll also be finding these guns very often during your missions. This tier of weapons is able to carry you for a long time through missions. The best guns in this tier are the Assault Rifle and Sporting Carbine.

Tier 3 Weapons

Assault Carbine (HW416), Battle Rifle (HAMR-17), Bullpup Rifle (XTAR-95), Advanced SMG (Keris V10), Assault Shotgun (Taiga-12) and Crossbow (Repeater X) are featured in the third tier of guns available in World War Z. These guns are much rarer than the first two tiers and for a good reason-- they're really strong. In particular, the Crossbow is currently the most popular weapon in the game because it fires arrows that explode on impact after a short duration. The Crossbow is certainly the best and strongest weapon available in World War Z currently as it will make dealing with swarms of zombies a breeze (as long as you have ways to replenish the ammo for it).

Melee Weapons

Machete and Lobo Bundle (Shovel) are currently available as the melee weapons. Melee weapons are not designed to have good clear speed nor protection, so relying on them as your primary weapon will not be an option for now, even with the Slasher character. When you've got literally hundreds of zombies coming your way, a melee weapon is going to be useless. The only current use of melee weapons is if you want to kill zombies silently or a few are running your way and you've got to reload so dishing out the Machete is going to be more optimal.

Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons are going to be your cookie cutter guns. Most of these will either do a lot of damage or have great crowd control and AoE for dealing with swarms quickly. As of now, the Heavy Weapons available in World War Z are: Revolver (Casull 6), Chainsaw (SchreiTech Forrest Warrior), Heavy Assault Shotgun (Taiga-12), MGL (Hailstorm MGL), Machinegun (MAG5), RPG Launcher (RPGL4 Rocket Launcher), Payload Rifle (BF25 Sniper Rifle) and the Grenade Launcher (Thumper GL).

The best guns from the Heavy Weapons category are currently: Chainsaw (very useful for solo players), Grenade Launcher, MGL, RPG and Machinegun, though the Heavy Assault Shotgun is not too bad either. Overall, we think that the Heavy Sniper Rifles don't really perform that well in comparison with other heavy weaponry in this game.

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