Zombies Guide For World War Z

April 16, 2019
by GamerDiscovery
World War Z Zombies Guide All Enemy Types Mini Bosses And How To Deal With Them

In this World War Z Zombies Guide we'll be talking about all the zombie types currently available in WWZ, what are their weaknesses and how to effectively deal with them without taking damage. As of now, World War Z features four different tougher "mini boss" Zombies and the basic ones which tend to move in hordes and huge swarms later on. All the Zombie types can spawn on any missions and difficulties and as of now there are no real Zombie bosses to beat in the end-game.

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Zombie Swarms

Zombie Swarms are huge hordes of the basic Zombies that tend to move in very big groups. These have only one goal-- to overrun the group of survivors. Don't be surprised if you start facing 300+ Zombies at a time because that is what Zombie Swarms are like. You'll mostly encounter the bigger Zombie Swarms during mission checkpoints and at the "Defend Position" parts of episodes. Swarms are often easy to deal with if you have good Defense Systems in place and big AoE damaging weapons.

Screamer Zombie Type

The Screamer Zombie is a real troublemaker, whenever he spots you he will start screaming-- which is an alert for other Zombies to come and attack you. In particular, he's going to spawn Zombie Swarms which will definitely be your biggest nightmare during early game when you're still got the basic starter weapons. Killing the Screamer Zombie on time is going to be crucial if you intend to survive without a scratch. The Screamer Zombie wears a distinctive Yellow construction helmet, orange west and blue pants.

Hazmat Zombie Type

The Hazmat Zombie wears a distinctive yellow hazmat suit and the air from within that hazmat suit is very poisonous. The Hazmat Zombie will release the green toxic gas every time you kill one and the poisonous cloud that he leaves behind will deal damage over time damage for the whole period of you standing in the toxic gas. The best way to deal with hazmat zombies is to just stay away from them and shoot them from afar. If you're in melee range with the Hazmat Zombie, he will most definitely do poison damage to you once he dies.

Bull Zombie Type

The Bull Zombie wears black riot police gear and charges at his victims. The Bull Zombie is currently the most powerful Zombie as he is REALLY hard to kill and he has only two weaknesses. If you're looking to bring down the Bull Zombie, you'll have to coordinate with your allies in order to shoot him in his back where his bulletproof vest is torn. The easiest way of killing the Bull Zombie is to tase him with electricity which will render him useless for a couple of seconds, allowing you to exploit his back weak spot.

Creeper Zombie Type

Lastly, the Creepers-- as the name indicates, they wait for the survivors to come close before jumping on them. The Creeper will often be found in narrow spaces or behind doors, waiting to jump on you, throw you on the ground and render you useless while he digs his claws into you. Creepers are very easy to deal with because they often spawn in locations which you might predict so just be cautious and shoot them as soon as possible. Since the Creepers don't wear any armor, they're the easiest Zombie to kill and having good allies will make sure you deal with Creepers the easiest way possible.

We sincerely hope that you've found this World War Z Zombie Guide useful and know all the weaknesses of different Zombie types by now. If you're a beginner to WWZ, make sure to check out all our other guides!
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