Best Pyromancer Builds in Backpack Battles

Best Backpack Battles Pyromancer Builds & Bag Loadouts Tier List

Delve into the world of Backpack Battles with our guide to the best Pyromancer builds! Known for wielding the power of fire, the Pyromancer harnesses flames for combat, crafting, and more. From starting with basic gear like a Fire Pit and Wooden Sword to mastering subclasses like the Ashbringer and Firebender, discover how to build your character's bag for maximum impact. Whether you're crafting the Burning Blade or summoning Phoenixes, we've got the strategies to set your gameplay ablaze. Explore the best builds, from the beginner-friendly to the advanced, and dominate the battlefield as a Pyromancer.

The Pyromancer Class

Backpack Battles Pyromancer Class Guide

The Pyromancer in Backpack Battles is a playable class focused on using fire in various aspects like weapon, crafting ingredient, and more. Their starting items include a Fire Pit, Leather Bag, Wooden Sword, and Flame. They have access to class-specific items such as the Amethyst Egg, Book of Ice, and Phoenix, among others. They can craft unique items and equipment with these, including the Burning Blade, Frostbite, and Sun Armor. Pyromancers also have subclasses and a unique bag, enhancing their fire-based abilities.

Pyromancer Subclasses


You can become a Scalewarden by purchasing the Dragon Nest unique item. This Pyromancer subclass is focused around hatching Dragons and letting them fight for you.


You can become a Firebender by purchasing the Friendly Fire unique item. This Pyromancer subclass is focused around the use of Mana to build up stacks of Heat, speeding up your attacks. This means that longer fights acquire you more Heat, progressively making you stronger.


You can become a Crusader by purchasing the Burning Banner unique item. This Pyromancer subclass uses Holy items for a heavily favored defensive playstyle. It focuses on preserving your own buffs while debuffing the enemy.


You can become an Ashbringer by purchasing the Dark Lantern unique item. This is currently the best Pyromancer subclass and is focused around stacking up Heat, dying and reincarnating. The more Phoenixes you get, the more times you'll get revived. It's the most popular beginner Pyromancer subclass right now.


You can become a Cryomancer by purchasing the Frozen Flame unique item. This Pyromancer subclass is focused around applying Cold to enemies in order to slow them down while buffing yourself up since Ice items increase your armor and critical chance.

Backpack Battles Best Subclasses

Best Pyromancer Builds - Tier List


Lightsaber + Burning Sword+ Phoenix

The Lightsaber Sword Phoenix Pyromancer Build focuses on three items to carry you through the game because they synergize really well with each other. The main goal is to get a Chili Goobert along with a Lightsaber, Phoenix and Burning Sword because this grants you great Heat Generation which in return provides your character with a lot of damage and sustain. Rest of the gear can be Sun Armors, Draconic Orbs, Flames and whatever else you can fit in your bag.

Subclass item - Burning Banner

Staff of Fire + Burning Blade

This Pyromancer Build focuses on two items: Staff of Fire and Burning Blade. Staff of Fire uses 2 mana and 2 heat on attack in order to generate +5 damage which synergizes well with Burning Blade since it also gains damage on heat gained. Once again, Chili Gooberts are much welcome in this Pyromancer build, followed with Sun Armors for sustain and Draconic Orb & Flames in empty spots.

Subclass item - Friendly Fire

Two Phoenix + Burning Sword/Torch

A rather simple, yet effective Pyromancer Build. This Pyromancer build is arguably the most beginner friendly because it doesn't require many recipes or specific tactics to perform nicely. The main focus on this build is to get two Phoenixes, accompanied with a Chili Goobert and Burning Swords or Torches. Rest of the items can be Flames, Draconic Orbs, Caps of Discomfort and Gloves.

Subclass item - Dark Lantern

Phoenix + Two Sun Armor + Burning Sword

This Battle Backpacks Pyromancer Build has three variants, each focusing on the same key items. You'll want to get two Sun Armors along with a Chili Goobert, Two Burning Swords and one or two Phoenixes. The main goal is to position flames all around the Sun Armors, with Burning Swords in between the Phoenix and Chili Goobert.

Subclass item - Dark Lantern

Molten Spear + Burning Blade + Phoenix

This Battle Backpacks Pyromancer Build focuses on three items: Burning Blade, Molten Spear and a Phoenix. Molten Spear is really strong because if you're about to miss, it uses Heat to deal damage and on top of that it also destroys Block for each fire item in front of it. For sustain this build uses a Sun Armor and Caps of Discomfort. Don't forget to include Chili Goobert, Flames and Draconic Orbs into the build as well.

Subclass item - Dark Lantern


Burning Sword + Torch + Phoenix

A slight variant from the S tier build, this one uses one Burning Sword, Phoenix and Torch instead of two Phoenixes and a Burning Sword. It's a bit weaker hence why it's in A tier. Nonetheless, it still is an easy to play Pyromancer build that's great for beginners. You'll want to Connect a Phoenix with a Burning Sword and a Torch. Surround them with Chili Gooberts — the more the better! Rest of the items can be a Sun Armor, Glowing Crowns, Flames, Mana Orbs and Draconic Orbs.

Subclass item - Friendly Fire

Burning Blade + Torch + Phoenix + Dragons

This Pyromancer Build features a lot of Dragons! It's super fun to play and doesn't require advanced positioning of items in the bag which makes it a solid build for newcomers. The main focus is on getting as many Dragons as possible, along with one Phoenix, a Torch and a Burning Blade. Ruby Whelp (aka Fire Dragon) is the main one you'll want to acquire, with Sapphire Whelps coming in second because they grant you mana which is then converted into Block and random buffs.

Subclass item - Dragon Nest

Frostbite + Ice Dragon + Ice Armor

This Pyromancer Build revolves around the Frostbite weapon which has a 70% on hit to inflict one stack of the Cold debuff. On top of that, it also deals bonus damage per Vampirism and Cold stack on the opponent. By utilizing Frostbite with Ice Dragon and Ice Armors you'll be able to stack up a lot of Cold debuffs on the enemy, which in return grants you more damage. Draconic Orbs are decent Heat generators versus enemies with Spikes so make sure to have a few in your build along with the Chili Goobert which will be your main Heat generator.

Subclass item - Frozen Flame

Molten Spear + Dragons [Pet Build]

This Pyromancer Build focuses on two key items: a Molten Spear and as many Dragons as you can get. Expand your bag to maximum size and place a Dragon's Nest in the middle of it, in order to surround it with as many Dragons as you can. You'll want to have at least one Obsidian Dragon fitted with a Corrupted Crystal and a Topaz, with the rest of the Dragons being Fire/Sapphire ones. Use a Chili Goobert for Heat generation and surround it with the Molten Spear and a Wolpertinger. The rest of the items can be used for sustain, notable ones being Glowing Crown and Caps of Discomfort.

Subclass item - Dragon's Nest


Torches + Dragons

This Pyromancer Build is similar to the Spear Dragons build as it also focuses on Dragons but with Torches replacing the Molten Spear. Get a Dragon's Nest and surround it with Dragons, with a Chili Goobert for Heat generation. Socket Torches with Jewels and use Dragonic Orbs & Flames in empty spots in the bag. At the moment this build is severely weak and it's not recommended to play it in ranked games.

Subclass item - Dragon's Nest

Conclusion - Choosing The Right Build

Best Pyromancer Builds Backpack Battles Tier List Conclusion

As you journey through Backpack Battles, embracing the fiery path of the Pyromancer will no doubt lead to thrilling battles and victorious conquests. Whether you choose to command dragons, master the art of fire, or rise from the ashes like a phoenix, each build offers a unique strategy to dominate the game. Experiment with these builds, find your favorite, and let your Pyromancer's flame burn bright on the battlefield. Remember, the right combination of items and strategy makes all the difference.


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