RiotX Arcane Undercity Nights Missions Walkthrough (phase two)

RiotX Arcane Undercity Nights Walkthrough Missions Phase Two Event Rewards

As stated in the RiotX Arcane rewards calendar, this is the last week a player will be eligible to get rewards from the Arcane browser game because the event ends on November 30th. Undercity Nights is the second phase of the event and Riot has added fifteen new missions to the Riotx arcane browser game and they come with additional rewards! If you still haven't, make sure to check out phase one's walkthrough of this event so that you claim some of the previous rewards as well and then come back to this one. By following Undercity Nights walkthrough, you'll finish missions that will require of you to find evidences, clues, turret designs, talk to Silco & Caitlyn, as well as a bunch of other NPCs. If you follow this walkthrough from start to finish, you'll unlock: Legends of Runeterra Champion Card & icon, Teamfight Tactics Arena Skin, Valorant Spray and a League of Legends Ward Skin.

Legends of Runeterra Champion Card Walkthrough

To begin the Champion Card questline you'll have to acquire the "Piltover University: Take a Turret" quest (if you don't have it already, complete the phase 1 missions). Once you have it, the mission will ask you to talk to Heimerdinger— but it's not the one at the lab. You'll have to travel to the University of Piltover as that's where the second Heimerdinger is and once you talk to him he'll ask you to find the turret designs. Scroll to the right side until you see a golden Heimerdinger statue with a huge building on the left side. Enter that building and you'll be able to find the turret design papers next to the egg statue.

Heimerdinger Turret Design

Click on the turret designs and head back to the Heimerdinger to return them. Doing so will finish that quest and start a new one called Piltover University: Talk Strategy. To complete this quest scroll to the right until you find Cithria and talk to her until she asks you to pick from Jinx, Jayce or Vi in the dialogue options. At one point she'll have an option "play now" which will take you to the LoR website, just exit it and go back to the arcane game & talk to Cithria once again as that will finish the quest. Next up is the "Riddle me This" quest which is the last quest for this reward and all you have to do is go to the right side of Cithria until you find the Academic (she's wearing a white dress) and talk to her. She'll ask you do solve a Riddle, talk to her again and for the answer pick the "Gotta be Jayce, Right?" dialogue option to get the Legends of Runeterra Jayce Champion Card.

Undercity Nights: Worlds Beyond Missions Walkthrough

In order to get all of the other rewards you'll have to finish this questline which will then branch out in really fast sub-quests that will give out the rewards. Make sure you have the "Undercity Nights: Worlds Beyond" mission and head over to the Arts District as that's where you can find Caitlyn. Once there, talk to her about the thief and then head over to Heimerdinger's Lab as that will progress the quest with Viktor and Jayce's dialogues about the thief. Exhausting the dialogue options finishes this quest and starts a new one "Heimerdinger's Lab: Catch a Thief". Talk to Heimerdinger and after doing so you'll have to visit The Lanes. Head over to the map and travel to The Lanes, after which you'll have to find Silco— he's located on the end of the right side of The Lanes (just scroll right until you see him).

Silco Location in The Lanes

Proceed by talking to Silco and let him explain himself and this will start a new quest "Heimerdinger's Lab: Clued in". At this point you're almost done with the quests because the Clued in mission will branch out for the reward quests. Go back to Heimerdinger's Lab and talk to Heimerdinger. Talking to Heimerdinger will progress the quest and ask you to located a lot of Evidence. The Evidence can be found in these locations: University of Piltover, Summoner's Park, Streetside Cafe, Killjoy's Lab and Build-A-Bot Bay. Finding the clues within a certain location will give you the corresponding rewards— check below for the exact locations and images of the clues.

League of Legends Ward skin

To get the League of Legends Ward skin make sure you're at the "Search for Evidence" stage and travel to the Summoner's Park. Once you're there, scroll to the right until you find Jinx's Flame Chomper (bomb).

Summoner's Park Evidence

Clicking on it will acquire the Summoner's Park evidence and reward you with the League of Legends Ward skin.

League of Legends Ward Skin reward

Teamfight Tactics Arena skin

To get the Teamfight Tactics Arena skin make sure you're at the "Search for Evidence" stage and travel to the Build-A-Bot Bay. When you arrive there, proceed to scroll to the left side where you'll be able to find the Build-A-Bot Bay Evidence which looks like a Jinx's monkey schematic and it's located below the ladders, next to the green gas equipment (before Duckbill and Gloop).

Build-A-Bot Bay Evidence Location

Clicking the clue will give you the Teamfight Tactics Arena Skin reward. Note - Riot is currently experiencing issues and is unable to send out the Arena Skins, as a compensation they're giving everyone a Legend Egg until they're able to send out the Arena Skins so if you've done the quest you'll get both rewards.

TFT Arena Skin reward

Valorant spray

To get the Valorant spray make sure you're at the "Search for Evidence" stage and travel to Killjoy's Lab. Once you're there proceed by scrolling to the right until you can see Killjoy (the girl with the yellow jacket). You'll be able to find the Metal Shark tooth Evidence on her left side and by clicking it you'll be rewarded with the Valorant spray.

Killjoy's Lab Evidence Location
Valorant Spray reward

Legends of Runeterra Summoner's Icon

To get the Legends of Runeterra summoner's icon make sure you're at the "Search for Evidence" stage and travel to the University of Piltover. Right as you arrive you'll notice a shiny Monkey Bomb to the right of Heimerdinger and his Turret. Click the monkey as this is the Evidence which you needed to get the last reward which is the LoR Summoner's Icon.

University of Piltover Evidence Location
Legends of Runeterra Summoner's Icon reward
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