Dofus and Dofus Touch best Cra builds

In this guide I will aim to give you an in depth idea of what the Cra can achieve, where it excels, how to build it and the roles that can be used to achieve easy victory for your group in both Dofus (PC) and the Touch (mobile) versions.
Characteristic Points
IntelligenceIntelligence. The intelligence Cra has several notable spells that benefit from this element, but the really strong ones are Explosive Arrow and Tormenting Arrow. With enough points into int, and a high level explosive arrow you can put out some serious farming power, be it clearing dungeon rooms faster or nuking the entire enemy team in a Perceptor defense. And if you ever decide to be Int/Agi you can be dealing crazy amounts of single target damage with Tormenting Arrow.
StrengthStrength. Strength when paired with Chance is the powerhouse of the Cra’s options. With two high damage spells (Atonoment arrow and Punitive arrow), and a wide variety of weapon choices you will almost certainly be dishing out a ton of damage! The Strength build itself is very weak, because it makes you useless in close range but when paired with the Chance one this build is one of the strongest Cra's you can play.
AgilityAgility. The Agility Cra is the single target, high damage build. What it lacks in farming power, or one shot damage, it makes up for with exceptional durability granted by Absorptive arrow (lifesteal), a long knockback and a non line of sight poke from Plaguing arrow. This element combines exceptionally well with the intelligence build as there are so many high and endgame level sets that allow you to use both elements effectively and TORMENTING ARROW DOES CRAZY DAMAGE.
 ChanceChance. The Chance Cra is an extremely powerful and versatile build. You can go full Cha, Wisdom + Cha, Cha and Str or full Wisdom. Anything works well! With a lot of spells in the Chance build you can really cover a lot of roles, Ap and mp reduction, damage, gravity (Touch), range reduction and so on. Usually the Chance sets are the cheapest ones as well, so the Chance cra is a really good end game build if you are broke.

Dofus (PC)

With the addition of Variants to the game and a variety of hybrid equipment there is really no downside to go hybrid anymore. You can do great damage without scrolling your stats and keeping your budget on the cheap side.

Int/Agi Cra

The Int/Agi hybrid build is very effective at everything any Cra will want to do. This build offers a lot of cheap gear options, high damage spells and most importantly you will be able to solo about any monster in the game. If you are a new player with not much kamas, I would definitely go this route as I use this build when I start fresh on the new servers. The Int/Agi Cra focuses on Tormenting Arrow as the MAIN damage dealer.

Low Level (~60)

Dofus Toady
Dofus Mad Tofu Cloak
Dofus Ring Dikuloos
Dofus Carnivorous Staff
Dofus Coco Amublop
Dofus Coco Bloopts
Dofus Coco Blop Ring
Dofus Coco Blop Belt
Dofus Sponghield

Getting to level 60 is pretty easy, therefore you should go with the cheapest set that will allow you to win a decent amount of Kolo fights so you can make some kamas. There are no good low level hybrid sets so you should decide whether to go Agi or Int before 105. I personally think Agi is the best as you can easily solo level with high idol scores by just using retreat arrow on monsters all day.
Agility set is the cheapest and most effective low level Cra build at the moment. You can get this set for about 300kk if it's unmaged, though I recommend trying to find pieces with overmaged Vitality. IF you can afford vitality overmaged gear put all your stats into agility and if you can't then go 100 agi and rest into vita.
Toady is the best low level agi item, it's also really cheap. If you'd like to make your build better (and more expensive) exchange this for Caracap, put a Gelano instead of Ring Dikuloos and use Cruel Trovel instead of Carni staff.
The Mad Tofu Cloak is BiS (best in slot) for any agility character pretty much all the way until level 100. Preferably get one that has vitality maged on it as well.

Ring Dikuloos is a very cheap and good ring for its level. You should find one with vitality (or mage one yourself, just drop the summons for easy sink you can get 60+ vita easily). Can be replaced with Gelano if you want more AP.

Carnivorous Staff, only take this if you're going with Toady. Otherwise get Cruel Trovel. Either way try to get your weapon overmaged vitality, Carni staff can easily have 140 vita and it's pretty cheap.

Coco Amublop, get one with overmaged vitality.

Coco Bloopts, get them with overmaged vitality.

Coco Blop Ring, get one with overmaged vitality.

Coco Blop Belt.

Sponghield is a very good low level shield, you should be able to find one with 130+ vitality and still some air resistance for about 20kk.
The best Trophies for the low level Agility Cra set: Minor Survivor, Minor Acrobat, Twitcher, Cawwot and Silver Dofus if you have them. The best mount for this set is a sSeemyool (pick one you like) though the new DT's also look interesting.

Mid level (90~110)

Dofus Hurtful Locker Helmet
Dofus Ambusherot
Dofus Forester's Ring
Dofus Limbo Wand
Dofus Dragon Pig Necklace
Dofus Gelano
Dofus Treechnid Shield
Dofus Hurtful Locker Boots
Dofus Hurtful Locker Belt

This is the Int/Agi hybrid lvl 100-105 Cra set. It can become a really cheap build, you don't  need the Limbo Wand if you can't afford one. You'll be fine with 9 AP. In case you want to, you can make the set a lot more expensive as well, scroll your Int, Agi and Vitality and replace a part of with the Hurtful Locker set with another item that gives Int/Agi/Power which will allow you to use <2 set idols such as Shaker, Nomad and the more powerful versions of the Int/Agi trophies. You can use this set until the level 162 without having any problems.

Hurtful Locker Helmet is the best for this build, in general the whole Hurtful Locker Set is an awesome hybrid set. Get one with overmaged vitality.

Ambusherot is a great cloak, get one with overmaged vitality.

Forester's Ring is pretty much the only good ring at this level, there are no good ones with Int/Agi so we're forced to use this one. As always, get one with overmaged vitality.

Limbo Wand is BiS for any Int build, even hybrid ones that use Int. Try to get one with overmaged vitality if you can afford it, they can be pretty costly.

Dragon Pig Necklace gives agility and power (one power = one stat) so it basically gives you 55 Agi and 20 Int, which is pretty good IMO. Can easily get a huge vitality overmage on this one because of the AP.

If you go with the cheap build, get a vitality maged Gelano. In case you go the <2 Trophy route, get one with MP if you can afford it.

Treechnid Shield is the best budget damage shield. Gives you 20 power (meaning 20 Int and Agi for you) and Spell damage. Really good shield, I always run this one on my low level chars.

Hurtful Locker Boots, get them with overmaged vitality. Can replace with Bwork Chief Boots if you decide to go the <2 Trophy set.

Hurtful Locker Belt, get one with overmaged vitality.
The best Trophies for the Mid level Int/Agi Cra set: Survivor, Acrobat, Twitcher, Dokoko, Scholar and Instigator. The best mount for this set is an Ebony and Orchid Dragoturkey.

High level (160~199)

Dofus Buck Anear's Hat
Dofus Celestial Swashbuckler Cloak
Dofus Buck Anear's Ring
Dofus Celestial Swashbuckler Belt
Dofus Celestial Swashbuckler Sword
Dofus Gelano
Dofus Inn Shield
Dofus Talisman Dalyfbotes
Dofus Minotot Sandals

The level 162 set can also be modified to fit the <2 trophies, if you can afford it, go ahead. Replace the Celestial Swashbuckler weapon for a Limbo Wand, and the Buck Anear's Ring for something else. If you don't have the Dofuses fill the slots with other trophies.

Buck Anear's Hat, focus on getting perfect stats and if you can, get some overmaged vitality.

Celestial Swashbuckler Cloak, focus on getting perfect stats and if you can, get some overmaged vitality.

Buck Anear's Ring, focus on getting perfect stats and if you can, get some overmaged vitality.

Celestial Swashbuckler Belt, focus on getting perfect stats and overmaged vitality.

Celestial Swashbuckler Sword, mage the Neutral damage into Air. If you want to get <2 idols, replace this with Limbo Wand. Going Limbo Wand with Shaker/Nomad will make you 11/6 which is awesome, but costly. Just these three items would cost about 5mk.

Gelano, if you do the <2 Trophy variant get vita maged one, otherwise mp exo.

Inn Shield gives spell damage, crit, power and spell damage. Everything this build desperately wants! BiS until end game.

Talisman Dalyfbotes is BiS amulet until end game.

Minotot Sandals, these are kinda mediocre. The stats are OK but these tend to be really expensive. Change them for something else once you hit the 18x levels.
The best Trophies for the High level Int/Agi Hybrid Cra set: Dokoko, Crimson Dofus (if you have one), Turquoise Dofus (if you have one), Major Acrobat, Major Scholar and Major Dynamo. If you don't have the Dofuses replace them for Major Survivor and Major Instigator. The best mount for this set is an Emerald/Orchid/Indigo Seemyool.
Here is the best 180ish level set that is a lot more expensive though.

End game (lvl 200) - This is both Int/Agi hybrid but also an Omni set, you will hit like a truck in all elements.

Dofus Nomarow Helmet
Dofus Cushtycloak
Dofus Cycloid Boots
Dofus Strange Wand
Dofus Treadfast Amulet
Dofus Nomarow Ring
Dofus Hairsh Bracelet
Dofus Four-Leaf Shield

Note that this set is focused to be 'cheaper', someone who has an Ochre shouldn't need me to tell them what set is the best.
Scroll all your stats and put points into Agi, Int and Cha until it's 200 and then dump the rest into Vitality.

Nomarow Helmet has everything this build needs. Definitely BiS, get one with perfect stats. Overmaged Vitality is a huge bonus.

Cushtycloak is a very good AP cloak.

Cycloid Boots are perfect for this build.

Strange Wand even after the nerf still hits like a truck, for just 3 AP. You have a very high chance to crit with this set so this wand should be hitting 900 for just 3 ap.

Treadfast Amulet, very expensive but a must-have end game amulet IMO. Find one that has the - Critical resist maged off.

Nomarow Ring, because crit is good!

Hairsh Bracelet, if you can afford it buy one with MP exo maged on it. Then you can switch the Seemyool for a dragoturkey.

Four-Leaf Shield...perfection!
The best Trophies for the End Game Int/Agi Hybrid Cra set: Crimson Dofus, Turquoise Dofus, Shaker, Nomad, Major Vigour, Major Intellectual and Major Stunter. The best mount for this set is Plum and Emerald Seemyool if you can't afford the DT setup.

Full Intelligence Cra

The Full Intelligence Cra excels in clear speed and leveling with Idols because of Burning Arrow and the new Fulminating Arrow.
Unless stated otherwise, get vitality overmaged.

Low level (~60)

Dofus Caracap
Dofus Turkocape
Dofus Cherry Amublop
Dofus Cherry Bloopts
Dofus Cherry Blop Belt
Dofus Cherry Blop Ring
Dofus Sponghield
Dofus King's Staff
Dofus Omerta Ring

This is a very cheap low level set that should be alright for any content before you get your next set. 

Caracap for the 8th AP.

Turkocape for 5 MP or take Hooded cloak if you want more damage.

Cherry Amublop.

Cherry Bloopts.

Cherry Blop Belt.

Cherry Blop Ring.


Kings' Staff, replace for God Rod if you want more AP.

Omerta Ring, replace this for a Gelano if you want more AP.
The best Trophies for the Low level Intelligence Cra set: Minor Scholar, Minor Survivor, Twitcher, Silver and Cawwot Dofus. The best mount for this set is a Seemyool.

Mid level (90~110)

Dofus Feudala Hat
Dofus Feudala Cloak
Dofus Gelano
Dofus Treechnid Shield
Dofus Limbo Wand

Also very cheap but extremely effective set.
Upgrade your Cherry Blop Set into the Royall Morello Cherry Blop version.

Feudala Hat.

Feudala Cloak.

Gelano, get a MP one if you can afford to. Then you can use Jackanapes for 11 AP.

Treechnid Shield for the extra damage while also staying in the cheap budget zone.

Limbo Wand.
The best Trophies for the Mid level Intelligence Cra set: Scholar, Survivor, Dokoko, Dynamo, Twitcher and Jackanapes if you get a MP Gelano. The absolute best mount for this set is the Brulay because it gives 140 Intelligence which translates into a hell of a lot damage!

High level (160~199)

Dofus Gelano
Dofus Limbo Wand
Dofus Inn Shield
Dofus Drhossil Boots
Dofus Nekochief
Dofus Obsidemon Cloak
Dofus Obsidemon Ring
Dofus Pants Fordamemory
Dofus Ush's Collar

This is where sets start to get really expensive as you're kinda forced to use <2 Trophies if you want to be strong.

MP Gelano if you want 6 MP, otherwise Vitality.

Limbo Wand.

Inn Shield.

Drhossil Boots.

Nekochief, BiS.

Obsidemon Cloak.

Obsidemon Ring.

Pants Fordamemory.

Ush's Collar.
The best Trophies for the High level Intelligence Cra set: Shaker, Nomad, Major Intellectual, Major Survivor, Major Scholar and Crimson Dofus. The best mount for this set is Brulay.

End game (lvl 200)

Dofus Belteen
Dofus Queen of Fate Boots
Dofus Steelymace
Dofus Merdiodon Cloak
Dofus Nomarow Helmet
Dofus Nomarow Ring
Dofus Hairsh Bracelet
Dofus Four-Leaf Shield
Dofus Treadfast Amulet

There is A LOT of lvl 200 items, I picked these because I ran them on my Cra. If some items are too expensive it should be relatively easy to find a replacement. Also, try to get at least your Int scrolled by now.

Belteen, BiS. If you can't afford it, buy Jolly Good Belt.

Queen of Fate Boots.

Steelymace. Expensive, can be swapped for Shorpoon.

Merdiodon Cloak. Gives you 11th AP. It is pretty much BiS.

Nomarow Helmet.

Nomarow Ring.

Hairsh Bracelet. MP Exo'd will give you 6th MP.

Four-Leaf Shield. BiS for any Crit ranged build.

Treadfast Amulet, IMO really good because we're Crit.
The best Trophies for the End game Intelligence Cra set: Crimson Dofus, Turquoise Dofus, Major Intellectual, Major Scholar, Major Vigour and Major Survivor. Best mount for this set is definitely a Seemyool.

Dofus Touch

Full Intelligence Cra

All of the items should have Vitality overmaged unless stated otherwise.

Low level (~60)

Same set as the PC level 60 version, just change the Seemyool for any type of Orchid dragoturkey, preferably Emerald and Orchid Dragoturkey.

Mid level (90~110)

Same set as the PC level 90-110 version, change Seemyool for Emerald and Orchid Dragoturkey.

High level (160~199)

Dofus Touch Pants Fordamemory
Dofus Touch Obsidemon Ring
Dofus Touch Nekochief
Dofus Touch Gelano
Dofus Touch Limbo Wand
Dofus Touch Obsidemon Amulet
Dofus Touch Obsidemon Boots
Dofus Touch Obsidemon Cloak

With no <2 Trophies on the Touch version, your best bet is Obsidemon Set with fillers. Feel free to replace the Nekochief for a Obsidemon Hat if you can't afford it.

Pants Fordamemory. BiS.

Obsidemon Ring.


Gelano. Mp exo preferred.

Limbo Wand.

Obsidemon Amulet.

Obsidemon Boots.

Obsidemon Cloak.
The best Trophies for the High level Dofus Touch Intelligence Cra set: Major Scholar, Major Survivor, Jackanapes (for 12 AP), Dokoko, Crimson Dofus and Turquoise Dofus. The best mount for this set is a Emerald and Plum/Orchid Dragoturkey or a 90 Int pet.

Full Chance Cra

All of the items should have Vitality overmaged unless stated otherwise.

Low level (~60)

Dofus Touch Indigo Amublop
Dofus Touch Indigo Bloopts
Dofus Touch Indigo Blop Ring
Dofus Touch Indigo Blop Belt
Dofus Touch Gelano
Dofus Touch Turkocape
Dofus Touch Akwadala Staff
Dofus Touch Caracap

Basic low level PvP set, will work excellent for monsters as well. 

Indigo Amublop.

Indigo Bloopts.

Indigo Blop Ring.

Indigo Blop Belt.

Gelano, preferably MP exo.


Akwadala Staff is the best and cheapest until Axel.

The best Trophies for the Low level Dofus Touch Chance Cra set: Minor Player, Minor Survivor, Twitcher, Cawwot Dofus and fill with any other useful Trophies. The best mount for this set is an Indigo and Emerald Dragoturkey.

Mid level (90~110)

Dofus Touch Turkocape
Dofus Touch Caracap
Dofus Touch Gelano
Dofus Touch Axel

Due to Caracap being a great item you can keep using it for quite some time, Turkocape is optional though. Make sure to invest in a good Axel because you'll be using it for a long long time.
Upgrade your Indigo Blop Set into the Royal Indigo Blop set.

Keep using Turkocape if you want more MP or replace it for a Bwork Chief Cloak.

Caracap gives you the AP chance Cra desperately needs.

Gelano, can get 6th MP from exo.

Axel is the BiS weapon for any Chance character up to end game pretty much.
The best Trophies for the Mid level Dofus Touch Chance Cra set: Player, Survivor, Jackanapes (If you want 12 AP), Cawwot Dofus (more wisdom = more mp reduction), Crimson Dofus, fill the last two spots with whatever you'd like. The best mount for this set is Emerald and Indigo Dragoturkey if you're not at 6 MP already.

High level (160~199)

Dofus Touch Minotot Necklace
Dofus Touch Maidartes
Dofus Touch Minotot Belt
Dofus Touch Minotot Cloak
Dofus Touch Minotot Helmet
Dofus Touch Gelano
Dofus Touch Axel
Dofus Touch Minotot Ring

The Minotot set can be quite costly but is worth the investment, you should be fine in this set until level 200. The best part of this is that the Minotot set also gives some Intelligence so you should be able to hit a lot with Explosive Arrow as well, making your farming more efficient.

Minotot Necklace.

The Maidartes. BiS boots at this level for any Chance character.

Minotot Belt.

Minotot Cloak.

Minotot Helmet.

Gelano. Preferable mp Exo'd.

Axel, still your best weapon due to it giving one AP.

Minotot Bracelet.
The best Trophies for the High level Dofus Touch Chance Cra set: Major Player, Major Survivor, Jackanapes, Turquoise Dofus, Crimson Dofus and Twitcher. The best mount for this set is an Emerald and Indigo Dragoturkey.

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