Dofus and Dofus Touch best Sram builds

In this guide I will aim to give you an in depth idea of what the Sram can achieve, where it excels, how to build a Sram and what the best sets are.

Characteristic Points

Intelligence. The Intelligence Sram doesn’t really have any direct damage dealing spells. The Int Sram heavily relies on invisibility to place enough Traps which will one-shot his enemy. This build is a lot of fun for Kolo, but sucks for any serious play.

Strength. Strength is the Sram cookie cutter build. This is by far the easiest Sram build to play, you just place a few Traps to make your opponent weaker and then smash them in close combat with Lethal Attack.

Agility. The Agility Sram is the strongest Sram build on the PC version of Dofus after the variants have been introduced. On Dofus Touch Agi Sram is not bad either, but the PC version Agi Sram absolutely murders everyone. You can solo basically any dungeon with it, and Kolo fights are ridiculously easy.

 Chance. The Chance Sram is really bad, although when paired with another element it CAN be somewhat good. I would stay away from it, though.

Dofus (PC)

Full Agility Sram

All items should have overmaged vitality unless stated otherwise.

Low Level (~60)

Agility Sram at low levels is no good therefore you should level with a Strength Set. You can find one in the Dofus Touch version below (just change the Mount into a Seemyool).

Mid level (90~110)

This set is extremely cheap, has decent Range and Agility which is really important for an Agi Sram due to the poison Spell being linear and with modifiable Range.

Dofus Desert Cape

Desert Cape.

Dofus Fennexeadgear


Dofus Leopena-G String

Leopena-G String.

Dofus Royal Coco Blop Boots

Royal Coco Blop Boots are really good here because they give Range.

Dofus Bawbawian Shield

Bawbawian Shield is BiS for the Agi Sram because of the Range.

Dofus Black Rat Ring

Black Rat Ring gives a lot of Agility but is often very expensive, can fill this spot with whatever you’d like.

Dofus Gelano

Gelano, get an MP maged one if you run the Sirocco Petsmount.

Dofus Dragon Pig Necklace

Dragon Pig Necklace.

Dofus Ortimus Contrari's Bloody Blades

Ortimus Contrari’s Bloody Blades are awesome because they give an MP and a lot of Agility, the only downside is that you must scroll/put points for 40 Strength to be able to wear it.

The best Trophies for the Mid level Agility Sram set: Acrobat, Survivor, Dokoko, Twitcher and fill the last 2 spots with whatever you want. The best mount for this set is by far the Sirocco which gives an insane amount of Agi but only use one if you have vitality overmaged gear.

High level (160~199)

This set is very powerful, you should be able to 1v1 just about anyone your level.

Dofus Earth Dial

Earth Dial, you can take Inn Shield if you’d like.

Dofus Tanokoui San Collar

Tanokoui San Collar.

Dofus Willkills Ring

Willkills Ring is an awesome Agi Ring but may be expensive depending on your server, can be changed for a Buck Anear’s Ring.

Dofus Orfan Belt

Orfan Belt.

Dofus Ush Boots

Ush Boots.

Dofus Tengu Snowfoux Cloak

Tengu Snowfoux Cloak.

Dofus Zoth Warrior Axe

Zoth Warrior Axe.

Dofus Solomonk

Solomonk is BiS for any Str or Agi character, especially Srams.

Dofus Gelano

Gelano should be MP exo’d unless you’re running the Seemyool mount.

The best Trophies for the High level Agility Sram set: Shaker, Nomad, Major Stunter, Major Miracle Man, Crimson Dofus, Turquoise Dofus. The best Mount for this set is a Sirocco but feel free to run a Seemyool if you want a cheaper set with more defense.

End game (lvl 200)

This set is insane! It has about 30-40% resistances on all elements while maintaining crazy high amounts of Agility and solid Range.

Dofus Menobelt


Dofus Tritun Palms

Tritun Palms.

Dofus Indescribable Cape

Indescribable Cape.

Dofus Jammy Jack Glove

Jammy Jack Glove.

Dofus Dark Court Shovel

Dark Court Shovel.

Dofus Dreggon Helmet

Dreggon Helmet, you can replace it for something else if you don’t want the resists.

Dofus Illyzaelle Shield

Ilyzaelle Shield, IMO the best shield if you don’t know which role you’re gonna be doing. If you will mostly poison and ranged Con go Four-Leaf Shield or if you’re gonna need to do huge Melee damage go Captain Amakna Shield.

Dofus Bearbaric Wedding Ring

Bearbaric Wedding Ring. Get one with Ap Exo if you can afford it, then you can drop the Jackanapes and be 11/6.

Dofus Jammy Jack Collar

Jammy Jack Collar.

The best Trophies for the End game Agility Sram set: Shaker, Nomad, Turquoise Dofus, Crimson Dofus, Major Stunter, Major Miracle Man. Depending what you want, pick either Seemyool or Sirocco for this set.

Dofus Touch

Full Strength Sram

Get Vitality overmaged on every set piece unless noted otherwise.

Low Level (~60)

Dofus Touch Dazzling Cloak

Dazzling Cloak. We need it for the AP.

Dofus Touch Coral Ring

Coral Ring, has kinda bad stats but it’s the only thing that fits this set.

Dofus Touch Badoul's Mane

Badoul’s Mane is important for the MP it gives, if you don’t need the MP take something else.

Dofus Touch Lucky Dice

Lucky Dice is BiS for any low level Chance or Strength character.

Dofus Touch Sandals Koholiks

Sandals Koholiks are the only low level item that gives MP.

Dofus Touch Gelano

Gelano, preferable MP exo.

Dofus Touch Caracap


Dofus Touch Green Turtle Belt

Green Turtle Belt.

The best Trophies for the Low level Strength Dofus Touch Sram set: Cawwot dofus, Minor Survivor, Minor Maniac, Twitcher… The best mount for this set is Crimson and Emerald Dragoturkey.

Mid level (90~110)

This set is quite cheap but effective, the only problem might be finding a Krosmahat, you can replace it for something else though.

Dofus Touch Bwork Chief Amulet

Bwork Chief Amulet.

Dofus Touch Powerful Dazzling Belt

Powerful Dazzling Belt.

Dofus Touch Ourobubble Boots

Ourobubble Boots.

Dofus Touch Wa Wobot Cloak

Wa Wobot Cloak.

Dofus Touch Gorgoyle Glove

Gorgoyle Glove.

Dofus Touch Chakra Style

Chakra Style.

Dofus Touch Krosmahat


Dofus Touch Gelano

Gelano. Preferably with MP because this set really lacks MP.

The best Trophies for the Mid level Dofus Touch Strength Sram set: Crimson Dofus, Goliath, Maniac, Emerald Dofus, Survivor and  Twitcher. The best mount for this build is an Emerald and Crimson/Plum Dragoturkey.

High level (160~199)

Very solid built custom set that should perform better than a Moowolf Set.

Dofus Touch Gorithm Sandals

Gorithm Sandals are BiS at this level.

Dofus Touch Light Treeckler Belt

Light Treeckler Belt.

Dofus Touch Amoolet


Dofus Touch Cantile's Cloak

Cantile’s Cloak.

Dofus Touch Cantile's Ring

Cantile’s Ring.

Dofus Touch Ice Daggers

Ice Daggers.

Dofus Touch Zoth Warrior Helmet

Zoth Warrior Helmet.

Dofus Touch Gelano

Due to this set having low MP try to get it maged on the Gelano.

The best Trophies for the High level Dofus Touch Strength Sram set: Jackanapes, Major Goliath, Major Maniac, Major Survivor, Twitcher, Crimson Dofus. The best mount for this build is an Emerald and Crimson/Plum Dragoturkey.

End game (lvl 200)

Aim for perfect stats on these items, exo resistance if you can afford it.

Dofus Touch Giger's Nightmare Blade

Giger’s Nightmare Blade is a very strong weapon.

Dofus Touch Inky Veil

Inky Veil is BiS but also very expensive.

Dofus Touch Bearbaric Band

Bearbaric Band needs to be AP Exo if you want 11 AP.

Dofus Touch Treadfast Belt

Treadfast Belt.

Dofus Touch Count Harebourg's Boots

Count Harebourg’s Boots.

Dofus Touch Count Harebourg's Ring

Count Harebourg’s Ring.

Dofus Touch Count Harebourg's Hat

Count Harebourg’s Hat.

Dofus Touch Treadfast Amulet

Treadfast Amulet, as always try to get one without -Critical resistance.

The best Trophies for the End game Dofus Touch Strength Sram set: Crimson Dofus, Jackanapes, Major Goliath, Major Maniac, Major Survivor and Turquoise Dofus. The best mount for this build is an Emerald and Crimson/Plum Dragoturkey.



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