Dofus and Dofus Touch Maging Guide

Maging items is an important aspect of every Dofus player, maged items have a lot better stats which in result makes your character more powerful. There is a lot of 'versions' of maging you can do, overmaging a stat, fixing an items or exo maging (adding a stat that the item does not naturally have).
Most of the information applies to both Dofus and Dofus Touch, there are some differences (mostly in the sink of the runes).

Dofus General maging info

For maging you need the magus profession at least at the level of the item you want to mage or higher. To mage Colousses Boots for example you will need a level 118+ Shoemagus. Below is a table of what magus can mage what item categories.

CostumagusHats, Cloaks, Bags
ShoemagusShoes, Belts
JewelmagusRings, Amulets
CarvmagusWands, Staves, Bows
SmithmagusDaggers, Swords, Shovels, Axes, Hammers

Maging is not a success guaranteed profession

When you are crafting an item you know that it will be crafted with stats that suit your needs. When you mage though, the stats you may get on the item are a gamble and you should only attempt it if you know what you're doing and have enough kamas to fix an item that bricks.
It’s a profession that requires a lot of knowledge. Knowledge and experience. An experienced magus can make it less of a gamble by using the correct runes and calculating the sinks correctly to maximize the maging efficiency.  
As I like to say: Maging is calculated gambling.

What is sink?

I have used the word sink already but have not explained it yet. When you are maging you will see +Sink and -Sink a lot, and the more sink you have the better it is! Sink is a buffer that you can use to put on more runes without it affecting the stats already on the item you’re maging.
Each rune has a power value. See table made by Ability/Dofus Reflex at the bottom of this document. To give a quick example without going in too much detail I’ll use wisdom and chance.
Every point of wisdom is worth 3 sink. Each chance is 1 point. This means that 1 Wisdom is worth 3 chance. But, what if you put on 1 chance and it knocks of a wisdom?
See that +sink? That means the item now has a positive sink value of 2. A rune worth 1 sink knocked off a rune that gives 3. Don’t forget to substract the rune that went on from the one that went off. 3-1 in this case.
Now, we can use that bit of sink to put on 2 chance without it taking any stats. Lets try it.
Dofus And Dofus Touch Costumagus
Look at that, 9 chance for the price of 2 sink. Here is the next important part:
Stats will not always take other stats, or sink, when they go on.
In the long run when not exoing or overmaging you will always get more stats then it had at the start. Well, if this wasn’t the case maging would be impossible right?

Maging using sink

Dofus And Dofus Touch Maging1

You’ve learned about sink now, but how to use it while maging?
I will use Atcham Sabres as an example from now on. It has Range (which can potentially give you a lot of Sink, for an easy overmage) and a lot of other stats.
As you can see these are freshly crafted. First I will attempt to max the stats. Maxing generally means close to max. Actually getting everything perfect costs too much time and runes to be worth it most of the time. In this case I will perfect critical damage as this item will be used for a critical damage build.
The runes at the bottom of an item are often the higher sink items. From my experience it’s easier to keep these high then to fix them at the end. What I’m waiting for here is a Range drop. If you look at the sink table provided, range has 51 sink. This sink will be used to fix the remaining stats and then a possible overmage or exo if the remaining sink allows for it.
Talking about high sink runes, wisdom is a special rune. It goes on items easier than other runes. Try to keep it higher so stats can take wisdom instead of something more important!




The actual maging

Dofus And Dofus Touch Maging3
Dofus And Dofus Touch Maging4
Dofus And Dofus Touch Maging5

There we go. +3 int, -1 chance and -1 range. Some quick sink counting gives me -3, +1, +51= 49 sink total.
These are the stats so far. I’ve kept vitality low on purpose as this is a low sink stat that can usually be maged on without problems.
Now, I’m gonna fix that chance and then put on the vitality.
3 Chance, -sink
Okay, 49-3 = 46. 46 sink left to work on vit. With 46 sink I can do 2 pa vits and 4 ra vits.-sink, -sink, 50 Vitality.
Now this is interesting. The 2 pa vits failed, but this is to be expected. 300 is above the effective range of pa vit runes. The ra vit went on without taking sink. This shows that even overmaging does not require sink. (This is a 3 vit overmage but still). 4 ra vits left.
-sink, 50 Vitality, -sink, 50 Vitality, Now this is extremely lucky. A ra vit landed when it was already at 400 vit, giving us 400→450 vit for free! Don’t count on this happening though, crit successes are rare when doing this. 1 rune left, Will it land? (it did not).
These are the final stats, well, minus that range. Since there is an overmage on this item the chance that range lands back without taking vit is low.
-256 Vitality, 1 Range, +sink
Remember, overmaged stats will drop before a rune touches sink. Be sure to drop a stat controlled before attempting higher power runes.
This is the basis to overmaging, but why keep the range for last? Effective rune limits? Controlled dropping? What?

Effective rune limit

Dofus And Dofus Touch Maging6

Runes don’t keep working forever. The basic rule is the amount a rune gives * 20. So you can use +1 int till 20, +3 till 60, and +10 till 200 101. The effective limit is not a hard rule. You can use pa int to get intelligence from 65 to 68 if needed, just a way lower chance of it happening then lets say 55 to 58.
The maximum a stat can be overmaged, or exomaged is 101 sinks worth.
In theory you can make a 16% res exo. Don’t go past 5% though as even reaching that is near impossible. The only thing that breaks this rule is when the base stat on an item is above the 101 sink. A popular example are Treadfast items, 75% power equals 150 sink. But, what happens when you try to go above this limit?

Well, that happens. This can be especially annoying on 500 vit items, as you can’t touch the vitality when it is above 455. Due to the 101 sink rule and the effective pa vit limit.

Controlled stat drop

Okay, what if you used a ra vit (10 sink) and now the vitality is overmaged by 3, but it knocked off a crit rune (10 sink). Overmaged stats will always be taken before anything else. If you put on the crit rune before dropping the vit a bit there is a high chance of this happening: +1 crit, -50 vit.
To avoid this from happening you can put on a 1 sink rune (for example +10 ini) to drop the vitality by 5. This way it is no longer overmaged and the crit will most likely take other stats.

High sink drop. First vs Last

When a high sink rune drops and you are not planning on a large overmage you can put in back on first, saving some runes in the process most likely as it wont take whatever overmage/exo you made when it fails. If you’re going for a res exo, or large overmage then it’s smarter to put it back on last to get better results.
Reason is that the less high sink runes there are on an item, the easier it is for the items to accept small exo’s and overmages. (General rule: the less sink in stats there is on an item the easier).


This section will be quite short because everything that is important to exomaging has been explained already.
Exomaging is generally a term used for an AP, MP, Range or Summon exotic mage. It can make you rich quickly, or poor slowly. Maging is gambling and exomaging is going only for that jackpot and nothing else.
The general process is as follows:
1. Mage item to the stats you want (usually close to perfect, if you're exomaging for profit this is the only way).
2. Put on MP, AP, Range or Summon.
3. Pray
4. Go back to step 1, or alternatively: Be happy at it landing.
The chance of it landing is generally accepted at 1%. Good luck!

Exo Drop Maging

A not-often used way of maging is Exo drop. Basically, you take an exo maged item and mage it till the Exo drops. You then use that sink to mage it however you want. The best example of where this is used that I can think of are Vitality overmaged perfect resist Dreggon Helmets. This is also why these are so expensive most of the time.
Let me give an example.

Not that impressive right? My plan is to drop that MP, fix ap res to about 5-6 and then vit overmage it. Let’s go.

What's this? MP is not dropping instantly? Correct. Dropping 90 sink is not that easy, even on an exo. If you ever have the chance to buy a cheap exo because of bad stats you can take the chance and try to fix. If it does drop? Mage it nicely and better luck next time.
-1 MP, 3 Pushback Damage, +sink
Finally! It dropped! A 15 sink rune did the trick. 75 sink, not that bad.

Who needs lock right. Lets go for 500 vit.
End result: 430 Vitality and a wasted MP exo. As I said a bunch already: It’s gambling. You win and lose. In this case I lost big time but it’s only an example. If I did a serious mage it could have made me more then the MP exo, but this time I lost the game.
This is a bad example of MP drop maging, but it gives you a general idea.

Negative sink

Negative sink refers to the sink value a rune has when you’re maging it up from a negative number. Popular items this is used on is the Treadfast Set and their negative Critical Resistance. When you're maging a negative stat to be, well, less negative, there is a different sink for the runes. These values are also listed in the table at the bottom of this document.
BE CAREFUL!! When you cross the border from -1 to 0 the sink becomes the same as a normal positive mage! In the case of Treadfast it becomes 2 instead of 1 for the Critical Resistance, and a Pa Cri Res rune is 6 instead of 3.

Obtaining runes

You obtain runes by buying them from players or from the market. Alternatively you can crush items to obtain runes but this is risky as you are not guaranteed a better deal then just buying the runes. Do note that Trophies can be crushed for runes as well (not many people know this), I've crushed quite a few 2MK Trophies and got back 4000X multiplier worth of Runes, usually profit over 5MK per Trophy.
An item gets more runes if its multiplier and level are higher than average. The multiplier is decided by how often it is crushed in comparison to other items. There is also a focus option to only get one rune you want, and then the other runes will be sort-off converted to the focused rune to get more of it.

Dofus And Dofus Touch Nomad Crush
No focus Nomad crush
Dofus And Dofus Touch Atcham Crush
Atcham Sabre focus crush

A % critical focused Atcham Sabre (Yes the one I used as an example before).
The Atcham item is crushed way less than a Nomad and will yield more runes. It’s level is also higher.

Shield/Craftmaging (PC only)

I’m putting this in a seperate category as it’s a seperate type of maging all together.
Shields are hard to mage perfectly as most stats are high in sink so they will go on less often without taking another stat, and that is problematic as all stats on a shield matter. It’s not like you can use Prospecting or Wisdom as a sink for maging.
What usually works for me is keeping the %res/dam max and maging the other stats after, then using the sink of the %res/dam rune if it drops to fix 1-2 stats and hope it goes back on. For a perfect mage you will need some real good luck, or mp/range drop maging.

Changing a weapons element

It is possible to change neutral damage to elemental damage using elemental potions as a weapon magus. Base damage will be lost, for a non Strength character it doesn't matter. The chance for one of the 85% damage change potions to land is about 10% in my own experience. When it lands and changes the damage you can Orb the item and the changed damage will stay. Always change the element first as it will still take some sink if it fails.

Orbing? What is that?

Orbing refers to using a New Leaf Orb to reset an items characteristics when maging. It is random, just like when you first craft an item. This is rarely worth it at high levels unless an item is truly beyond repair, but it's often great when you're leveling your magus professions. Example below.
Dofus And Dofus Touch Orbing

Ruined item theory

When maging for a long time you will most likely have a period where no rune seems to go on without taking anything, or just refusing all together. I experience this about once every 20 mp or ap runes when exoing.
Some people believe that this is the item being “ruined” or “broken” from too much maging. I will say that it is just a stroke of bad luck as after a few attempts it is back to normal. Orbing the item at such a point may help.

Dofus Rune Sink Value Table

Note: To get the actual Sink of a Rune Multiply it's Sink value with the Bonus. For example, the Sink of a Pa Vita rune is 15x0.2=3.
Dofus Maging Sink Table
This guide was written by Tompicatju.

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