RiotX Arcane Browser Game Missions Walkthrough (free rewards for TFT, LoL, Valorant and Wild Rift)

RiotX Arcane Website Browser Game Full Walkthrough Missions Guide Rewards For TFT, League of Legends, Wild Rift and Valorant

The new RiotX Arcane browser game is out and it brings a lot of valuable rewards that you can claim by simply playing their web game for free. All it takes is a bit of time and effort to get: League of Legends Arcane Capsule, TFT Little Legends Egg, Valorant Gun Buddy and Wild Rift Poro coins. These are separate from the event rewards which you could've gotten from watching the Arcane premiere so make sure you check the game out! It took me about thirty minutes to play through their game and figure out how to complete the missions in order to get all of the rewards. All you will have to do is follow this RiotX Arcane browser Game mission walkthrough and by utilizing this guide you'll be done with the game in less than 10 minutes.

Phase two rewards are out right now! After completing all of the missions in this walkthrough make sure to check out the second walkthrough which gives a Ward Skin, TFT Arena Skin, Legends of Runeterra Champion Card and more.

Where to play the RiotX Arcane Browser Game?

Surprisingly, the game seems to be hidden quite well and not a lot of people even know about it, let alone how to access it to get the rewards. You can play their browser game on the official RiotX Arcane website. Simply log in and press the big "Explore Now" button located below the RiotX Arcane Progress Days title (you'll have to close some banner popups at the bottom of the screen before you can see the button). Clicking the button will begin loading the game with a series of lore messages and once you're in you'll notice Heimerdinger and Viktor talking to you. Proceed by clicking through their dialogue options and then talk to Heimerdinger & Jayce again to complete the first mission. Next up, depending on which rewards you want to claim, you will want to do missions in other regions on the map.

Arcane Capsule Walkthrough (League of Legends reward)

To get the Arcane Capsule there are two mission prerequisites. You will have to have completed the "Heimerdinger's Lab: We can Rebuild" and "Progress Days: Worlds Beyond" missions— these were basically the intro missions, which you can complete by clicking through dialogue options at the start of the game. Next up, click on the Map icon at the top left of the screen and navigate to the "Summoner's Park". Once there, click through Gwen's dialogue options. She will open a link to the League of Legends website, exit and go back to the Arcane game & keep talking to Gwen.

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Gwen Location

Talking to her will finish the Summoner's Park: Lookin Sharp quest and send you off to talk to Jhin. Scroll to the right side of the screen where you'll find Jhin painting. Talk to him and he will open a link to the League of Legends website, once again, close it and go back and finish talking to him. This will finish the current quest and start a new one which requires you to talk to the Shopkeeper. Shopkeeper is located at the left side of the screen (a bit after Gwen) so if you are currently at Jhin's location, drag the screen towards the left side until you find him.

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Shopkeeper

Talking to the Shopkeeper begins the "Summoner's Park: Special Delivery" questline. Head over and deliver the Sword that he gave you by talking to Gwen. Once that's done, head back to the Shopkeeper, he will give you a T-Shirt to deliver to Sett. Sett is located between the Shopkeeper and Jhin and once again when you've done with the delivery go back to the Shopkeeper. Lastly, he will give you a Star Guardian Wand to deliver to Jhin. Return to the Shopkeeper after the last delivery is done and he will reward you with the Arcane Capsule for League of Legends. For anyone wondering about the Arcane Capsule's contents, it contains: three random skins shard and a chance to obtain an Arcane Inventor's Grab Bag as well as a Gemstone and a Mythic Skin.

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Arcane Capsule how to get

Gun Buddy Walkthrough (Valorant reward)

To get the Gun Buddy you'll have to travel to the Killjoy's Lab (by opening the map in the top left of the screen and clicking that location on the map) to do a series of short dialogues. Once you're there, click through the initial dialogue options with Phoenix and Killjoy. Doing so will begin the "Killjoy's Lab: Code Caffeine" mission which requires you to "Check the screen". Scroll to the right side until you find Killjoy with the big TV Screen & click on it.

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Screen Location

After doing so, scroll a bit to the left and talk to Killjoy as she will be thankful for the data you've provided her from the screen. This will progress the mission further and ask you to check Killjoy's Notes. You can find the Killjoy Notes at the beginning of the map on the boxes next to Phoenix (just keep scrolling to the left).

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Notes and Phoenix Location

Clicking the notes will progress the questline once again and you'll be asked to go back and report to Killjoy. When talking to her, present her the results from the Green Note to continue. Make her a cup of Coffee by clicking the red Coffee machine to the right of her as this will give you a new mission: "Killjoy's Lab: Into the Field". This requires you to talk to Jett. You can find Jett by scrolling to the left side from where Killjoy was (she has white hair and a Kunai dagger, you can't miss her). Once you talk to her, she will open a link to the Valorant website, simply exit it and go back to the Arcane game again. Talk to her again and she'll send you off to find Yoru. Find Yoru upstairs (scroll right) above the blue TV Screen, talk to him and he will ask you to talk to Phoenix.

Scroll all the way to the left to the beginning of the map to find Phoenix (right where the Notes were). He will begin a shooting range mini-game for you, and you will have to play through it until you've won by having a high amount of accurate shots within the 40 seconds time-frame. Finally, completing the mini-game rewards you with the Valorant Gun Buddy.

Poro Coins Walkthrough (Wild Rift reward)

To get Poro Coins open the map and travel to the Streetside Cafe as there will be a few missions that you'll need to complete in order to get them. Start by talking to Caitlyn which will be at the right side of the screen as you enter the map. Caitlyn will open a link to the Wild Rift website, exit from it and go back to the Arcane game & talk to her again. Doing so will complete the quest and progress to a new one which will ask you to find Yasuo. Scroll to the left side as he's located in between two tents (right before Lux).

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Yasuo Location

Talking to Yasuo will begin a game which will ask you to find three things on the screen based on their silhouettes.

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Minigame Silhouettes part 1
RiotX Arcane Browser Game inigame Silhouettes Part 1

Clicking on all the three things marked on the images above will finish Yasuo's mini-game and he will reward you with 200 Poro Coins for the Wild Rift mobile game.

Little Legends Egg (Teamfight Tactics reward)

Begin the Lanes questline to progress towards the Little Legends Egg reward by heading over to the map and choosing "The Lanes". Once you're there, scroll all the way to the left and find the "Fishmonger"— a Fish merchant.

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Fishmonger Location

Talk to him and when he asks you for his name, pick the "Jericho" option. Next up, he'll ask you to find and talk to Shisa. Open the world map and travel to the "Build a Bot Bay" location. When you've arrived, scroll a bit to the left as this will start the dialogue with Shisa. Shisa will ask you to proceed by talking to Choncc. Choncc is positioned to the left of Shisa and he's a pink creature from Teamfight Tactics.

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Choncc Location

Talk to Choncc, he will open a link to the Teamfight Tactics website. Close it and go back to the Arcane game & talk to Choncc once again to let him know you've played TFT. He will ask you a series of questions, one of them will require a correct answer. When Choncc asks you which monster did you face at the end of stage two, pick the Krugs dialogue option as this is the only correct answer. Proceed to progress his questline by clicking through all of the dialogue options and then he'll finish talking and send you off to find Duckbill. You can find Duckbill a bit to the left from where Choncc was (just scroll to the left).

RiotX Arcane Web Game Duckbill Location

Talk to Duckbill and he will start a pipe puzzle mini-game that will require you to connect both ends of the pipes to make the energy flow before the time runs out. Unfortunately, the pipes seem to be randomly generated so there isn't a generic solution for these. You'll have to figure them out on your own but once you've completed all of the three levels the Slime will be cleared, go ahead and talk to Duckbill. Duckbill will thank you for the help and as a result you will be rewarded with a Little Legends Egg for Teamfight Tactics.

RiotX Arcane Browser Game Little Legend Egg how to get


Riot Games has been super generous with the Arcane event as we're able to get a lot of rewards for each of their games. The RiotX Arcane website game seems like a very well-made project with a bunch of interactive elements, dialogues and minigames that a lot of people may find interesting and as a result of playing it, you'll get rewards! It took me around 30 minutes to finish all of the missions as some don't really tell you where to go or how to do something. I hope that this walkthrough has helped you save time and that you've claimed a reward for one (or all) of your desired games.

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