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Alliances in War and Order are like Guilds and Clans in other games. They are an integral part of this game and without them gameplay would be very difficult and boring. Being in an Alliance allows your Alliance members to reinforce you in case of an attack and send you resources while also allowing you to attack others as a team. You can create or join an Alliance as soon as you're done with the Tutorial, Tap the "Alliance" button to enter the alliance screen. The first time you create or join an Alliance, you'll earn a reward of 200 Gems. Creating an Alliance only costs 200 Gems. Just enter your Alliance name and nickname. As long as they're not taken, your Alliance will be created! You can change your Alliance language in the Alliance Settings.
Similar to other strategy games, an Alliance in War and Order has five member ranks:
I - Member: Entry level, they have the least amount of privileges.
II - Elite: No difference other than rank from Members, same privileges.
III - Officer: They can accept pending applications into the alliance and send invites.
IV - Deputy: In addition to sending invites and accepting applications, Deputies can also edit the Alliance settings, promote and demote lower ranks, and add items to the Alliance Shop.
V - Leader: This is the only rank that can promote other members to Deputy. Leaders are also the only ones who can change the Alliance name and flag.
Initially, the number of members an Alliance can have is limited to 30. This can be increased by leveling up the "Alliance Expansion" Alliance Technology (which will be referred to as "Tech" from here on). This Tech gives you 5 spots each time you level it up and can be upgraded every 10 total tech levels until level 8 (Alliance Technology Level 80), at which point you will unlock Alliance expansions every 20 technology levels. You can check your Alliance Tech level in the game under Alliance > Alliance Technology. More on Alliance Tech a bit later.
War and Order Alliance Interface 1War and Order Alliance Interface 2
Tapping the "Alliance" button in your bottom right corner it will open this menu. The "Alliance Battles" tab will let you see incoming attacks on you, your alliance members, and your alliance buildings, as well as outgoing attacks from you and your alliance members. Among the information displayed on this screen are the march time, number of people in a Rally, and the number of people reinforcing a defending castle, if there are any. Next up is the "Elite Adventure" tab, where you join Elite Adventures or start them if you are an alliance leader or deputy.

"Alliance Technology" is arguably the most important factor that contributes to the survival of your alliance. When you tap on this tab, it will show you your Total Tech Level, your Current Research Priority, and progress on your current Tech. When you tap any Tech, you are given the option to donate to it using resources or gems. In return for donating, not only do you and your entire Alliance benefit from the bonus of the completed Alliance Tech, but you also earn Alliance Honor and Alliance Points which can be used in the Alliance Shop. You can donate 15 times every 4 hours, so always check if you can donate. Both you and your entire Alliance benefit from the bonuses received from completing Alliance Tech research.
The "Alliance Help" tab is pretty simple. Here you can help your fellow members by tapping the "Help" button at the bottom of the screen or the pop-up above your Embassy and it will shorten their Upgrade/Build, Research, or Forge time by 30-60 seconds. This feature is really useful at a start of a new realm, or when you research technology or start upgrades that have very short completion times, as they will finish very quickly.
The "Alliance Buildings" tab will open a new interface which shows you the following 4 tabs:
The Alliance Hall: shows the different alliance buildings and their location.
Alliance Flag:  shows who build how many flags so far in your alliance, and also has a "Build" button that allows you to build flags using Alliance Points or Gems.
Building Status: shows any currently burning alliance buildings and flags so that you can easily extinguish the fire and heal them back up.
Elite Mines: shows you giant resource tiles that are claimed by the flags placed by your alliance's Leader and Deputies. You can gather massive amounts of resources from these tiles, up to 5 players per tile. Lastly on this menu is the "Alliance Temple" tab.
At the bottom of the Alliance interface, you can send out group mail to select members of the Alliance, see who is in the Alliance, and what their rank is. The "Manage Alliance" tab opens something similar to the following screen. The options presented vary depending on which rank you are in.

As mentioned before, the Alliance Shop is where you can purchase things with Alliance Honor. In addition to donating, you also gain honor by participating in events and when your Alliance members buy an Alliance Pack. You can see what items are available in the "Item List" tab, and there you can request a certain item if it is not in stock, like an Elite Teleport or a Peace Shield. Then the Alliance leader or deputy will buy it for Alliance points, at which point it will become available for purchase with Alliance honor in the "Shop" tab. Alliance honor is global so even if you leave an Alliance to join another one, you will still have your Alliance honor to spend it. I strongly advise not to spend your Alliance honor on anything other than teleports, peace shields and attack/defense bonuses, as those are the most useful and rarest items to come by.

Alliance Buildings

The Alliance Castle is the prerequisite for all the other alliance buildings. Without this one, you can't have alliance territory (flags). It is also used during the Crown War to defend the Crown during Phase 2.
War and Order Alliance Castle
The Alliance Fort is a safe spot since each alliance member can reinforce it with one full march of their troops, and it cannot be attacked by anyone. It can only be destroyed if the Alliance Castle's health reaches 0. To use it, just select on the map and choose "Reinforce."
War and Order Alliance Fort
The Elven Oak activates all Production Technology buffs that you level through the alliance donations. If this building is lost to war, then all production buffs will be reduced by 50% until it is rebuilt.
War and Order Alliance Elven Oak
The War Temple is what activates your War Technology buffs that you level through alliance donations. If this building is destroyed, all war tech buffs will be reduced by 50% until the building is rebuilt.
War and Order Alliance War Temple
Wisdom Tower is the building that will activate all Alliance Technology buffs (alliance expansion and others). If this building gets burned down, these buffs will be reduced by 50% until you construct a new one.
War and Order Alliance Wisdom Tower
Port and Port Tower work hand in hand to allow your alliance members to teleport their troops to the location of Port on the map. The Port Tower is the building you build within your alliance territory. This is where you will send troops to teleport out. Once the Port is built, the troops that enter the Port Tower will be placed in the Port. They will stay there until they are sent out on a march to attack or are recalled. Building the Port Tower is free. Building the Port is expensive. It costs 25,000 alliance points, and it expires within 6 hours. It can also be attacked and burnt. If burnt, its defense goes down, making it disappear faster. Like with other alliance buildings, both attacker and defender will have 50% of their dead army as losses and 50% as wounded.
War and Order Alliance Port War and Order Alliance Port Tower
Alliance Temple is unlocked once your Alliance's Total Technology Level reaches 80. Building the Temple will unlock the "Alliance Spells" feature for your whole Alliance. Similar to the "Alliance Technology" tab, Wish Cards that are acquired from Ancient Ruins Rallies, Elite Adventures, and other events can be donated towards specific spells to unlock them. Most spells require 1000 to reach level 1, and then the number of required Wish Cards increases if you want to further upgrade that spell. There are a total of 12 unlocks in the Alliance temple, of which 1 is a passive (Soul Conversion) which is active at all times, and 11 are spells that can be used once every X amount of days. Most have a cooldown of about 7 days so use them wisely. It takes 16,000-25,000 Alliance points to activate an Alliance Spell, so make sure to save the points.
War and Order Alliance Temple
Fortify Defense  - raises all soldiers defense by 5%. This is a useful spell to have, especially during Crown War.
Alliance Gather - raises basic gathering speed for all resources by 8%. This is a relatively useless spell, I would not waste wish cards on it.
Alliance Cannon - randomly teleport an enemy castle out of your alliance territory (the enemy castle must be fully covered by your alliance territory). It's an OK spell, but I wouldn't prioritize it.
Shield all - shields ALL of your alliance members for 30 minutes. It's a really useful skill, I would always have this spell at least level 1. If someone attacks your members and they are offline, you can give them some time to come online and be ready to reinforce.
Health Care - raises wounded soldier healing speed by 10%. It's an OK spell, but I wouldn't prioritize it.
Soul Conversion - raises the soul conversion ratio in Valhalla by 2%. This is a great passive skill, I would level this as high as possible.
Valhalla - a place to summon dead soldiers, level 1 duration is 120 minutes. When you activate this, a portion of losses in attacks turn into souls, and then you can then revive those troops for alliance honor. I would ALWAYS level this, alongside soul conversion.
Fortify HP - raises all units health points by 5%. This is a pretty useful spell to have, especially for Crown War.
Mine Reset - can instantly reset an empty elite mine to full. This is useless, I wouldn't bother taking it.
National Recruitment - bonus reduction to soldier recruitment time by 8%. This is only a useful spell if you have a lot of players in your alliance that spend money or have a ton of speedups. This really shaves off a lot of recruitment time. It comes in handy for Strongest Lord Recruitment phase.
Alliance March - raises army marching speed by 4.5%. It seems pretty useless to me, I wouldn't waste wish cards on it.
Fortify Attack - raises all units attack by 5%. This is a useful spell to have, especially for Crown War.
When you unlock the Alliance Temple, you will have about 4000 Wish Cards (from all members), that should be enough to unlock 4 spells.
The first four spells I would unlock is Valhalla, Fortify Defense, Fortify Attack and Shield All. Your next priority should be unlocking Fortify HP and Soul Conversion. After these are all level 1, you can unlock National Recruitment and Alliance Cannon or keep upgrading Soul Conversion and Fortify spells.
War and Order Alliance Spells
MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS DO BIG ANCIENT RUIN RALLIES (400k-500k troop rallies are enough to get rewarded wish cards) WITH YOUR ALLIANCE TO GET WISH CARDS! YOU WILL NEED THEM!

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