War and Order Battle System

The War and Order Battle System is very unique. It features a variety of strategies for attacking and defending whilst also providing an in-depth experience because of the many other factors that are included in each fighting scenario.

The WaO Battle System consists of:

Attack -Detailed information on Solo, Time/Sync, and Rally attacks.
Defense -Strategies involving reinforcing your allies and timed defense.
Army Compositions -Recommended troop compositions for various attack and defense scenarios.
Lord Skills -Summary of Lord Skills and recommended path of upgrades.
Lord Equipment -Strategies for forging the best equipment.
Beasts -Pros and cons of having each of the three beasts and how to use them.
The biggest part of what makes this game unique is the Hospital and wounded units, specifically healing them back to life. The Hospital is what makes this game DEFENSE ORIENTED. It is NEVER worth it to go one versus one at a Castle with the same level and troops as you.


War and Order Solo Attack
War and Order Attack Setup

Attacking in War and Order is what makes things fun and interesting, but you have to be extremely careful when doing so. Failed attacks come at a great cost, and you can easily hurt yourself more than your enemy! Before any attacking is even done, make sure to have the proper ATTACK ARMY COMPOSITION.
There are three types of attacks:
1. Solo attack
2. Time (sync) attack
3. Rally
The Solo attack is an attack in which you march alone, with no help from allies. To do a solo time attack in War and Order, you just click the attack button that is circled on the screenshot and choose what kind of army you want to march with (you should have a preset made). You should never solo attack someone that has troops that are around the same tier as you. In short, you would have a lot of losses and have to train back troops for days. Your biggest enemy as a solo attacker is that the defender will get reinforced by an ally, which could be bad for you. Read up on the defense section to make sure you know all the defense tricks enemies could pull on you.

On this screenshot, you can see several things. 93,195 is my army size. 0.28 is the march speed, 579,369 is the current army battle power and 1,293,577 is load value of the resources my army can carry. Unicorn is the beast that I have, and in order to send it with your troops on a march, I must click the little box. 30/100 is the beast vigor, it spends 30 for an attack on a castle. Lastly, bottom right corner is the time of the march, 16 minutes.
A time (sync) attack in WaO is when you and some of your Alliance members all do a "solo" attack on the same target, but your armies have to hit the target at the SAME TIME. If they do that, it will stack your armies into one. Let's say that you have a 100,000 march and 4 of your allies also attack with 100,000 each. If you successfully time attack the target there will be 500,000 total troops, all your armies combined into one in the fight.
To get started, you want to make sure that Alliance chat is kept silent. This allows everyone to focus on the orders being given by the attack leader. The attack leader or march leader is usually the person who supplied the scout report, or a designated Deputy or Officer.
Once the attack leader has posted a target's coordinates in Alliance chat, they should immediately ask for times. It would look like this:
“Doing a time attack, clear chat”
“650:220 March Times”
The first message is meant to get peoples attention, and the second is to get them to post their march times. Once march times have been posted you should see something like this in your alliance chat:
Player 1: 3.21
Player 2: 3.45
Player 3: 2.41
Player 4: 5.04
Player 5: 3.20
What you have to do in order to find out your TIME is to find the target, press attack and select your intended preset for this attack. Be sure to select your Beast, as this will affect your march time at higher evolutions. Then see what your march time is, BUT DO NOT SEND THE ATTACK YET! Only share your march time with the Alliance. The number before the decimal is the minutes and the number after is the seconds.
You now have your Alliance members' march times located in chat. The attack leader looks for the person with the longest march time to the target. With the time attack strategy, the person with the longest march time, in our case Player 4 with a 5.04 march time, will be the first to send his troops. Everyone else will need to time their marches to match Player 4. They do this by watching the battle screen (Alliance > Alliance Battles). When Player 4 sends his attack, click alliance and under alliance battles you will be able to see the attack, lets say your time to the target is 2 minutes. Go to the target and go back into the Alliance Battles screen and keep an eye on the time. When the timer is at around 2 minutes and 5 seconds, exit out of the Alliance Battle screen and quickly find the target, press attack, choose preset, and send your march. If done correctly, you should be timed (synced) with your allies. A good time attack is one where attackers are no more than 3 seconds apart in the march, so they all hit at the same time. Your biggest enemy with a time attack is a defensive strategy commonly referred to as a "Bubble Trap". Watch out for that, and read about it in the defense section on this page.
The Rally attack is pretty straightforward, the person in your alliance with the biggest Rally size (highest level Hall of War ) can make the Rally on a target. You can then join it by clicking Alliance -> Alliance Battles. Rallies can be set to 5, 10 and 30 minutes during which you prepare and get everyone to join them. Then there is also the march time from the Rally maker to the target. Once the Rally march starts, anyone who is in the Rally can speed it up. The biggest enemy of a Rally is that they are set for at least 5 minutes, so it basically gives the enemies 5 minutes to prepare for an attack which for organized alliances, is enough to make a good defense.
Attack Tips:

  1. Always use any buffs you have if you think there will be a big battle.
  2. If you have the Battle SOS skill and are planning to use it, scout a target, find one with a lot of troops so they have losses. Hit it, DO NOT ACTIVATE SOS yet. Wait for the battle to start, see if there are still many troops, if there are, activate SOS before the fight ends. SOS will be applied, your troops will end up wounded.

How to prevent enemies from switching Alliances in War and Order: When you attack someone’s farms, they will often leave their main alliance to join their farm Alliance in order to defend their farm castle. If the person leaves their Alliance and is not shielded, you can ask an ally of yours who has a long march time to that person to send a fake attack on him. For this, 1 troop is enough, preferably a Mage since they have the lowest speed stat, making it the longest marching time. That way, when your enemy tries to join an Alliance, he will be stuck with a message saying ‘you can’t join an alliance while you’re under attack’ which means he won’t be able to defend his farm so you are safe looting it. After your march is over, he will be able to join an Alliance, so make sure it is a long march. The ONLY way he can join an Alliance while he is under attack is if he gets an invite from the Alliance, so always be cautious if you go to attack that person. If he is smart, people from his main Alliance can send him an invite, when the battle starts he can accept it and his allies can speed reinforce him.
Tile traps - a tile trap is when a player sends a march on a certain tile (gathering spot) and another player sends their march in order so it arrives first. Usually, it requires a march speed up to be used in order to arrive before the first player. If the second player arrives at the tile first, it will cause the first player to actually attack the tile which will result in him losing his army. On tiles, the defender’s army ends up as wounded while the attacker’s army ends up as losses. If someone is tile trapping you, you will not get a notification about it, because it is actually YOU attacking him.


Defense in War and Order is OVERPOWERED. It is a defense-based game and in most cases if the defender knows what he is doing, he will win even if outnumbered. You should always have at least one troop setup for defense.
First things first, let me explain what defense is and how to make the most of it. Defense is when someone attacks you or the target that you are reinforcing. The defender's army (reinforcer's army too) will go to the Hospital if it has room, and the attacker will have losses. The Hospital itself is what makes defense so good, but there is more to it. If you are getting hit remember to send your troops out and only leave an amount at your Castle which can go to the Hospital if they die. Example, you have 200,000 troops and a Hospital capacity of 80,000. 5 people are attacking you with 400,000 troops. 1v5 you will lose that fight, the first thing you should do is send the 120,000 troops to reinforce an ally, or to the Alliance Fort. If they attack you while you have 200,000 troops in your Castle, 80,000 will fill the Hospital and 120,000 will die, therefore it is best to send them out.
NOTE: Your lowest tier troops fill up the Hospital first, so it is very dangerous to have more troops in your Castle than your Hospital limit. Even though it will be 80,000 troops versus 400,000, you will still make them lose around 30,000 which is pretty good if you don't let them plunder any resources (spend them on technology or something). IF you know how to do a bubble trap (it's a defense tactic) then you can even beat those guys because it would easily be a 1vs2, read more about bubble trap below.
Defense Tips:

  1.  Always have your Embassy at a decent level, because that is what limits the amount of reinforcements that your castle can hold. Although, when a battle starts, there is no limit to the number of troops defending your castle if your allies speed reinforce you.
  2. If you have march speed ups or gems are determined to kill of your foes, wait until the enemy attack is 2-3 seconds before impact, or when you start to see the battle swords which you tap to spectate. Start reinforcing (make sure you set an army preset before), and start speeding up your march so that it arrives within seconds before the fight is over.  THIS IS CALLED SPEED REINFORCEMENT.
  3. If there are two rallies on you, let's say one will arrive in 5 minutes, and the second rally in 6 minutes. The first thing that you do is send out any extra army that won't go to the hospital if they die. After that, notify your friends that you are being attacked and ask for help. TELL THEM NOT TO REINFORCE YET. Let the enemy get close, and about 5 seconds before impact, tell your allies to speed reinforce you. When the first rally hits, go and quickly shield. This way the other rally can't speed up to attack you before you heal your troops, go and quickly heal your troops, then scout a random castle on the world map so you drop your shield and let the second rally hit you. Easy kills.
  4. A bubble trap is when a player is the target of a time attack by many enemies and the player uses his peace shield during the last few seconds before the first attack hits. After the half/majority of the enemies bounce off the shield, if there are still enemies marching toward the player, the player then deactivates the peace shield by sending a scout to any other city and allows the remaining enemy marches to attack his/her city. That way, the majority of the enemies in the time attack will not be participating and the attack will be easier to defend. The bubble is best used at 5 seconds or less before the first attack hits. That way, enemies will have only a small amount of time to coordinate recalls. If they do not recall, they are susceptible to huge losses if the bubble trap is done successfully.
  5. Depending on the situation, reinforcements should not be sent until after the fight starts, through speed reinforcing. That way, enemies have no way out except retreating or by waiting until the battle ends. Sending reinforcements early may scare off the enemy and cause them to recall early.
    For really large time attacks against you or an ally, reinforcements should be sent early, if you think the reinforcements will not scare off the enemy.
  6. Lets say you just teleported into the enemy hive. You hold a lot of resources and you know they want to attack. Make sure you have lord recall skill available, some golems, and notify your allies to be ready and speed reinforce you if needed. Send most of your troops out on elite mines that are in your hive (leave about 15,000 troops in your castle), but do not shield, and DO NOT USE FOG. After you have sent your army out just wait, they will scout. They will organize either a rally or do timed attack. If its a rally, let them attack you, when it is about 3 seconds to impact, USE LORD RECALL SKILL. It will recall all your army back to your castle, and THE ARMY WILL JOIN THE BATTLE. At that point, your allies should be in the fight too by speed reinforcing you, and hopefully you have killed the enemy. If they do a timed (sync) attack, you can bubble trap them. Follow up with the Lord Recall skill and allies who speed reinforce. Easy.
  7. Use Shields to catch your enemy off-guard, not just to protect yourself from attacks.Shields can be:
    1) Activated and deactivated while enemies are in the middle of launching a timed attack on you to throw their timing off.
    2) Activated, then deactivated after the first few enemies bounce off to catch the late arrivals in a trap.
    3) Activated AFTER the enemy arrives to give them one round of losses, but still avoid being zeroed (don't do this one if you're at risk of exceeding the Hospital limit).
  8. Once you have more troops then your Hospital can hold. make it a habit to always send a March to your Alliance Fort. It will prevent losses on your part if planned correctly (Troops in the Fort cannot be attacked. This can help you keep your troop count below Hospital limit so your troops aren't killed no matter how often you're attacked.)

Flag Defense - Flag defense is when someone attacks your alliance flags and you send your army to reinforce it. You should NEVER defend flags if you are alone versus an opponent with troops in battle power equal to yours or higher. Losses on flag defense are distributed equally on both sides. For example, an attacker loses 10,000 troops and the defender loses 15,000. The losses then get converted to wounded by 50%, which means the attacker will end up with 5,000 wounded troops and 5,000 as actual losses, while the defender will have 7,500 wounded troops and 7,5000 actual losses. This means that in most cases both attacker and defender will lose troops, which is why I don’t think it is worth it. Also if you are alone and go reinforce a flag, the attacker can look as if he is attacking alone but then when the battle starts his allies can insta-speed attack the flag and join him, which will result in them taking close to 0 losses while your whole army will end up dead.
How to defend farms?
First, your farm must be in a farm Alliance. The farm Alliance must have "None" or really low join requirements, and IT MUST BE SET TO "NO APPROVAL NEEDED" so you can join with your main Castle without waiting to get accepted in the farm Alliance. If you have no troops in your Castle (they are out gathering or reinforcing an ally) keep it that way, do not show signs that you are active, and DO NOT SHIELD. Go and log in your farm Castle a minute before the attack, quickly train some tier 2 cavalry, use gems and recruitment speed ups to train about 1000, that should be enough to start a fight and won't make a big battle power difference so the attacker doesn't scout again. Quickly switch back to your main Castle, leave your Alliance and wait. 10 Seconds before impact, quickly join the farm Alliance in which your farm Castle is and 5 seconds before impact send reinforcements, start smashing the march speed up button so you arrive INSTANTLY (basically do speed reinforcement, it is explained on this page just scroll up a little). If you do have troops in your castle and the attacker is still attacking, do the same thing just without training troops, because you already have them to start a fight for you.
War and Order Farm Defense Alliance Settings

Army Compositions

There are five types of troops in War and Order: Infantry, Archers, Mages, Cavalry, and Angels. Since the War and Order current meta is that everyone builds Mages, and Mages have bonus damage to Cavalry, Cavalry is useless in combat. NEVER send Cavalry in attacks, unless it is on empty castles to take resources faster. Cavalry can be useful for plundering empty castles and gathering since they have the highest Load stat of all the troop types.
Infantry will be your meat shield, they have good damage, health and defense, NEVER attack without infantry.
Archers and Mages are your damage dealers. There is not much to them other than they kill things. Both archers and mages are squishy, so always be careful. If the enemy breaks your front line of Infantry, it would be smart to retreat to prevent major Archer and Mage losses.
Army presets can be made in the Drill Grounds Building.
A commonly used troop setup in War and Order is as follows: 2000-5000 Infantry of a single tier (depends on how much troops your enemy has, more troops = send more Infantry) + 1 Infantry of the other tier, 1 Cavalry of each tier, and 48% Archers and 48% Mages of your highest tier. With a 100,000 march size, this would result in you sending 3999 Infantry, 47,999 Mages, 47,999 Archers and 1 Cavalry of each tier and 1 Infantry. A troop setup like this one should be used for solo / group attacks. You can also change the numbers of Mages and Archers depending on what your troop buffs look like. This would be the setup for a hybrid build where you have the same archer and mage damage.
If you were to go FULL MAGE DAMAGE build, then do 5000 Infantry of a single tier and 1 Infantry of the other tier, 1 Cavalry of each tier, 1 Archer of each tier, and 95,000 Mages of the highest tier.
ATTACK - TIER 2,4,6,8,10 Infantry, archers. TIER 1,3,5,7,9 Mages
DEFENSE - TIER 1,3,5,7,9 Infantry, archers. TIER 2,4,6,8,10 Mages
If you can get a full march of ATTACK troops when attacking, then do it. For example, if I have a c19 (Castle level 19) with tier 7 troops, I would attack with 5000 tier 6 Infantry because they are better at attacking than tier 7, and 48,000 tier 7 Mages because they are listed as attack tier, and 48,000 tier 6 Archers instead of tier 7 because tier 6 Archers are for attack. If not, then follow the troop setup above by just using the highest troops that you have.
Crown war troop setup
As an example, I will use a c19 with tier 7 troops and 100,000 march size. Send 10,000 tier 7 Infantry, 1 tier 6 Infantry, 1 tier 6 and 7 Cavalry, 45,000 tier 7 Archers and 45,000 tier 7 Mages. IF you are defending the crown, use tier 6 Mages instead of tier 7.
Elite Adventure and Territory Defense troop setup
As an example, I will use a c19 with tier 7 troops and 100,000 march size. Send 10,000 tier 7 Infantry, 1 tier 6 Infantry, 1 tier 6 and 7 Cavalry, 45,000 tier 7 Archers and 45,000 tier 7 Mages. The Territory Defense troop setup depends which monster you are fighting, for example if it is versus a Fire Demon then instead of Mages send more Archers and Infantry.
Monster kill troop setup
1 Infantry (second-to-highest tier you have), 25-35% Infantry of your highest tier, 1 odd-tier Cavalry, 1 even-tier Cavalry, 1 Angel, 1 odd-tier Archer, 1 even-tier Archer, 1 Mage (second-to-highest tier you have), 65-75% Mages of your highest tier. Preferably even-tier Mages because they are the last unit group to die.
If you cannot fill 65-75%% of Mages of your highest tier, then fill your second tier of Mages, then highest tier Archer, and then the second highest tier Archers.
The battle mechanics of War and Order for fighting monsters are as follows:  Infantry, Calvary, and Angels are all killed first before Archers and Mages die. Each monster attack will kill several thousand units per attack, so lets say a level 17 monster attack kills 2000 cavalry per hit. That means sending 1 cavalry will be better than sending 2000 cavalry because they both will die in 1 hit. That way the remaining 1999 units can be put into Archers/Mages to do more damage since they die last. This explains why you want to send 1 of each odd/even tier unit type.

Lord Skills

In War and Order, every time your Lord levels up you will get skill tree points. Use them to become stronger by upgrading your army stats or resource gathering speed, unless you have a lot of gems (1000 is a reset) I would not bother upgrading anything in the Development skill tree past the "Harvest" spell, because army upgrades are much more useful. There are a total of 8 lord spells.
War and Order Gather Speed Up Skill War and Order Golem Support Skill War and Order Harvest Skill War and Order Recall All Skill War and Order Slaughter Skill War and Order Stamina Recovery Skill War and Order Battle SOS Skill War and Order Fast Expansion Skill
Gather Speed Up is useful, especially for Strongest Lord gathering phase, but since it's so far up in the production skill tree, you would lose a lot of army stats by taking it. You're better off having farms produce resources for you and having your main castle with a strong army.
Golem Support spell is useless.
Stamina Recovery spell is good for Strongest Lord monster kill event, but it is in a bad location on the skill tree so it isn't worth it.
Harvest is a good skill, it helps a lot during the start of a realm while your castle is still low level, and since you also get building construction speed and army load on the skill tree while taking Harvest, it is worth it.
Recall ALL is an EXTREMELY useful spell, ALWAYS get this, even on your farms. It can also be used to trick opponents.  
Fast Expansion is a useful spell, you get it while travelling to SOS, so always pick that up.
Slaughter is a great spell, but you wont have it for a LONG TIME.
Battle SOS is your main goal. You need lord level 35 in order to have enough skill tree points to reach it. While you are under lord level 35, take Harvest on the skill tree and dump all the other points into army. When you reach level 35, reset your skill tree and use all points to reach SOS.
There are three ways you can build your skill tree:
1. all points to archers
2. all points to mages
3. split between archers and mages
What you do depends on your playstyle and what you are trying to achieve. I would personally take the third option until you reach higher levels where you can max out a single troop type to do really crazy damage. Check these screenshots to see how your skill tree should look at lord level 27 if you choose build number 3. After you reach level 27, keep going through the infantry points towards Fast expansion spell.
War and Order Skill Tree 1
War and Order Skill Tree 2
War and Order Skill Tree 3
War and Order Skill Tree 4

Lord Equipment

War and Order Workshop
War and Order Purple Gear Crafting
War and Order Troop Recruitment Gear

Lord Equipment are a variety of wearable items your Lord can use to improve his stats. The usage of Lord Equipment is quite complex, you must decide which set you are going for and how to maximize your crafting efficiency.
The Equipment can be made with crafting materials.The first and most common way to get them is to kill monsters.
The second way to get crafting materials is doing your daily ancient ruin rallies at the Ancient Ruins. You are sometimes rewarded a Materials Chest, which when opened will give you white, green or blue materials depending on what chest it is.
The third way of getting materials is by having your Blacksmith at least level 10, and then crafting them FOR FREE. You can get a green material every 12 hours.
The fourth and easiest way to get crafting materials at any level is to buy them with real money or gems. You can purchase special gem packs that are designed just for Gear crafting, but this can get costly.
You need Blacksmith building at level 10 if you want to start making materials. Once you reach Blacksmith level 10, you open the ability to create common and green quality crafting materials for free using the Workshop. Just like it takes time to upgrade a building or recruit troops, it will take time to create materials. You can set 4 green quality materials at once. When your materials are done crafting you just click the icon above the building and they will go into your materials storage.

There are five different types of gear qualities in War and Order. Each color represents a different quality.
White – Common quality gear with lower stats. Easy to make but not effective in later levels.
Green – Uncommon quality gear with decent stats. Requires green quality materials.
Blue – Rare quality gear. Good stats, should be a focus for anyone after level 15-20. Requires Blue materials.
Purple – Epic quality gear. Great stats, requires purple crafting materials. This should be your goal for any gear after level 25.
Orange – Legendary quality gear. Best stats, requires orange crafting materials.
White x 5 -> Green x 1
Green x 5 -> Blue x 1
Blue x 5 -> Purple x 1
Purple x 5 -> Orange x 1
At level 10 and under, just craft green and white gear, it doesn’t really matter how you craft it, just DO NOT use your blue materials and higher for any gear under level 15.
At level 15 and higher use EXACTLY one material of the color you want and the rest should be one tier lower.
Let’s say you want a level 15 blue weapon. You would then use one blue material, two green materials, and one green level 10 base gear.
Another example, level 25 purple. You would use 1 purple mat, 4 blue mats, and 1 level 20 blue base gear.

The most efficient way to craft Lord Equipment is going for the level 15 blue weapon with 1 blue material, 2 greens, and a green base gear, gives a 68.6% chance for green and 31.5% chance for blue. So you think using 2 blue mats out of 4 would give a 60% chance or even 50% chance for blue right? But actually using two blue mats only adds an extra 9.2% so 2 greens and 2 blues for a level 15 weapon has a 40.7% chance for blue. Therefore just by looking at the percentage numbers, it is better to just go for the 31.5% chance for blue and save that other blue mat. Two attempts at 31.5% chance are better than one attempt at 40.7% chance. Or 3 attempts at 31.5% chance vs 1 attempt at 50% chance.
So for a level 15 blue to get 100% chance at the item being blue, it takes 9 blue materials; to get the gear from level 1 to 15 and be blue. Going for the 30% chance gives you much better results for the amount of materials you save. Yes luck is a factor but the worse luck I’ve had so far is crafting a blue level 15, 7 attempts at the 30% chance to finally get a blue level 15. Still 7 blue mats is better than using 9 blue for the 100%.
Equipment is what will give you the most stats and make your army powerful.
There are 3 routes (builds) you can take. First, you have to decide what kind of lord skill tree you are going for.
If you’ve read that post and decided, great!
I will make gear sets for level 20, but just by looking at the stats and you’ll get a feel for what item you need at lower levels.
SET 1 – Lord skill tree focuses on archer damage, health, and defense. Therefore, we also craft gear that will boost archers. You also need gear for your infantry because they are A MUST meat shield. NEVER use cavalry for attacks.  Here is the level 20 ARCHER equipment set: Mage staff,  Assassin cape, Scale belt, Scale shirt, Holy truth, Mage boots.
SET 2 – Lord skill tree focuses on mage damage, health, and defense. Therefore, we also craft gear that will boost mages. You also need gear for your infantry because they are A MUST meat shield. NEVER use cavalry for attacks.  Here is the level 20 MAGE equipment set: Mage staff, Assassin cape, Silk sash, Scale shirt, Holy truth, Scale boots.
SET 3 – Lord skill tree focuses on both mage and archer damage, health and defense. Therefore, we also craft hybrid gear that will boost archers and mages. You also need gear for your infantry because they are A MUST meat shield. NEVER use cavalry for attacks.  Here is the level 20 HYBRID equipment set: Mage staff, Assassin cape, Silk sash, Scale shirt, Holy truth, Scale boots.
Note - set 2 and 3 are the same because there isn’t really a hybrid set for level 20, it’s a pretty good overall set. It should be easier to make level 15 and 25 hybrid sets, or ones that focus on one stat. These examples were just to give you a feel for stats.
As soon as you reach blacksmith level 20 or higher, make yourself construction speed gear. It is EXTREMELY useful, it can really shorten down the time needed for a castle upgrade to finish. You can also make more sets, one for construction, one for attacking, one for healing, gathering…recruitment. But it takes time, I would first focus on getting a set for army stats and then focus on making more sets later.


War and Order Panda
War and Order Pegasus
War and Order Dragon

In War and Order, Beasts are mysterious powerful creatures sealed in the beast stones on the bottom left of the city walls. You will be able to lift the seal for your Beast at which point you can name them and make them your new battle companion. Once it's unsealed. your Beast is ready to march and battle at your side! There are three types of beasts: Panda, Pegasus, and Dragon. When your Beast is left in your castle it will automatically join the defense, just like golems do. Your beast can also be sent out on marches with your army as an extra attack unit which also has its own spells.
Panda: defense type. Can increase front-row troops defense. Well-suited for defensive armies, overall it's good to have a few players in your alliance with it to boost troops when defending the crown and such.
Skills: Holy Fist - every 10 seconds releases an attack dealing damage equal to 120% of the current attack.
Shield - every 24 seconds, casts a shield on front-row soldiers increasing their defense by 12%

Pegasus: support type. Can increase the attack of your back row troops. Suitable for both attackers and defenders, the contribution of this beast to end-game battles is HUGE.
Skills: Thunder Charge - every 10 seconds release an attack dealing damage equal to 120% of current attack
War blessing - every 24 seconds blesses units in the back row increasing their attack by 8% for 5 seconds. Use ALL of your beast skill experience scrolls to level this skill.

Dragon: area attack type. Grants big attack buffs as well as dealing area damage, more enemies = more damage done.
Skills: Ice spike - every 10 seconds releases an attack dealing damage equal to 120% of current attack.
Rain of fire - every 24 seconds summons a fiery rain that attacks all enemies, dealing damage equal to 180% of current attack. Use ALL your beast skill experience scrolls to level this skill until you get evolution 2 with attack expert skill.

There are Active and Passive Beast Skills. Your Beast is born with an Active Skill and can unlock more as it levels up. Passive Beast Skills can be gained by fusing Skill Fragments into Skill Scrolls, then equipping the relevant Skill Scrolls to your Beast. There are a total of 10 Beast skills:
1. Wounded limit - increases your hospital's max wounded limit.
2. Life source - increases your army's max hp.
3. Attack expert - raises your army's attack power (focus on getting this spell, and level it to the highest level as possible).
4. Quick heal - increases healing speed.
5. Army expansion - increases the max size of your marching army by a %.
6. Recruitment speed increases troop recruitment speed.
7. Wounded conversion - increases ratio of wounded (instead of killed) troops in battle.
8. March speed - increases your army's march speed.
9. Vigor star - increases Beast vigor recovery speed.
10. Level up booster - get more Lord XP (experience) from killing monsters.
Commonly asked questions:
1. Can I switch my Beast?
You can spend Gems to switch your Beast. After you switch, your Beast Level and Beast Active Skill level will stay the same. Your Passive Skills will all stay the same. Your Beast’s Active Skill will change according to your new Beast. Each Lord can only have one Beast at a time.
2. How do Beasts get XP and level up?
You can feed your Beast XP Pills (sometimes available from the Merchant) or send your Beast out on battle marches to get XP. Your Beast will level up automatically once it has enough XP.
War and Order Beast XP Pill
3. Can my Beast die?
Your Beast won’t die and doesn’t need to be healed in the Hospital. As long as your Beast still has enough Vigor, it can keep going out on marches even after losing a battle.
4. Is there a cap on my Beast level?
Your max Beast level is limited to your current Castle level. Your Beast’s max Skill level is also limited to its current level.
5. How do I recover Beast Vigor?
Sending your Beast on active marches costs Beast Vigor. Vigor will recover gradually over time (1 per 600 seconds), or you can use Vigor Potions (also sometimes available from the Merchant) to recover some Vigor instantly.
War and Order Beast Vigor Potion
6. What’s Beast Evolution?
Your Beast can be Evolved every time it reaches a certain level (5,10,15,20). Evolution costs resources. Evolved Beasts have higher base stats, can unlock new Active Skills or Passive Skill slots, and will also change in appearance!
7. How do I get Beast-related items?
You can often buy or trade for Beast items from the Merchant. Defeating the Rebels in the Ancient Ruins also has a chance to drop Beast items.
War and Order Beast Item Drop
War and Order Beast Skill Chest
8. How do I quickly level up my Beast?
You should always use its vigor, easiest and fastest way to do that is to attack a castle with the beast, as it uses 30 vigor and you get 300 experience, much faster than killing monsters by using 5 vigor each attack and getting 50 experience. It results in the same experience per vigor but less time consumed. Also ALWAYS buy the Beast experience pills from the merchant, the pack of 5 for 40 gems is worth it.
9. What is the best Beast?
I see this question a lot. It depends, you have to ask yourself what kind of player are you. If you are a farmer, and you like to play defense, take Panda. If you attack all the time take either Dragon or Pegasus. Pegasus is good for people that do not spend money, while Dragon is better for spenders because they can buy Beast skill packs easily and get the Attack expert skill and max level it + have the rain of fire spell which is crazy good.
10. How do I change my Beast?
This is easy, click on the Beast building in your city. Then click on your Beast avatar picture in the top left, next to its name. Now choose another Beast and you can change it for 2000 gems.
To wrap things up, here is a Beast tip: if you have a Beast evolution 3 (level 10 or higher) you can have 2 passive skills active. For example, if you have a Beast with skills army expansion and attack expert, you can place the army expansion skill in your Beast, send your attack, then quickly while your army is marching, go to the Beast building and swap the army expansion skill for attack expert. For this trick to work, it is important that your Beast stays in your Castle, or else you will not be able to change it's skills.

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