War and Order Events

War and Order Events can be alliance-wide or solo. They reward you with gems, merit, resources, alliance points and material chests. In this guide you will learn everything about each of the main Events.

The main Events are:

Crown War
Elite Adventures
Territory Defense
Strongest Lord
Void Wars
Elite Wars
There are also special shop/pack events that last a few days, for example Hot Shop which lowers the gem cost of some items for three days.

Crown War

War and Order Crown War
War and Order Crown War consists of two phases. Phase 1 lasts 3 hours and takes place in the center of the map, at the Royal Castle and the surrounding Royal Towers. Phase 2 lasts 5 hours and is based around the Alliance Castle of Phase 1 winner.
The main objective of Phase 1 is to earn as many points as possible as an Alliance. Points are earned by maintaining control of the Royal Castle and the Royal Towers. The Castle gives 15 points per minute, and each Tower gives 5 points per minute. If you take the Royal City and one or two towers and hold them, you can easily win the first phase.
The usual strategy for phase 1 is to teleport into the black mud near the towers you are gonna take. When the Crown war starts, one of your players with the biggest Rally size must time attack the Royal City and use march speed ups to arrive before the enemies, do the same on two towers. Others (even the ones that are in the hive) should reinforce the Royal City with their highest level troops, then send all the extra to reinforce towers. Rally size is what affects the number of reinforcements Royal City and Towers can take, so always make sure you have a person in your Alliance with a big Rally size. For the first Crown War, if you plan on winning, your Alliance should have a player with a 500k-600k Rally size.
Moving on to Phase 2! Once you seize the Crown during Phase 1 by earning the most points, you bring the crown to your very own Alliance Castle during Phase 2, where you have to defend it.
Phase 2 lasts for 5 hours. During this time, the enemy/enemies will try multiple Time Attacks on the Alliance Castle. If they are successful, they will steal the Crown to their Alliance Castle and the clock resets to 5 hours again. The Alliance Castle can only hold a limited number of reinforcements (depends on your highest Rally size player that is currently reinforcing it), and only highest level troops should be placed in there to reinforce.
If someone starts attacking the Alliance castle, this is when you do Timed Defense. You do one of two things: time the reinforcement marches to get to the Alliance Castle a second or two after the enemy Time Attack gets to the Alliance Castle so that your reinforcement joins the attack instead of bouncing back due to full reinforcements.
Or you can wait until you see swords and speed your reinforcements in. Whichever you are comfortable with doing. In order to save gems and speedups, I suggest everyone practices Timed Defense and go that route. This is the part where you need maximum participation from every single member of the alliance.
If you successfully defend,  the enemy’s troops are killed and they are less likely to follow up with another timed attack. There might be another Timed Attack from another alliance, so it is important to heal up as fast as possible and stay vigilant.
Don't forget there are a lot of rewards for players that compete in the Crown War.
Phase 1: Winning Phase 1 will give you resources depending on how many points you scored by holding Towers and the Royal City.
Phase 2: If you successfully defend the Crown, your Alliance leader will be able to pick which player in the Alliance (or himself) will be the King or Queen. After a King or Queen is chosen, he or she will be able to give out titles to any player in the realm. These titles give buffs and debuffs. You can check which titles and what they give at the Royal City. Lastly,  you get King Packs. A King or Queen will be able to send packs to any player in the realm (Commander, Hero, and Warrior packs) that award resources, gems, speed ups, and material chests. You can check what these packs contain by selecting the Royal City description at coordinates 598,598.

Elite Adventures

War and Order Merit Ranks
War and Order Elite Adventure

War and Order Elite Adventures
War and Order Elite Adventures are a player vs. NPC Alliance gameplay feature. Fight across a map filled with enemies to earn rewards! Tap the Elite Adventure option on your Alliance menu to start an adventure. To read the full Adventure intro and rules, tap the “?” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Elite Adventures screen. In order to join Elite Adventures, you must be in the Alliance for 7 days, always make sure of that. Elite Adventures are great because you earn merit, and merit grants you ranks which give you awesome stat boosts!
Any troops that die during Elite Adventures will be wounded and go to your Hospital, you won’t lose any. And if you want to activate buffs, use them before the Elite Adventure, they don’t count if you activate them during the Elite Adventure.
Rewards for Elite Adventures are merit (how much merit you get depends on how much points in the Elite Adventure you get and at default higher level Elite Adventures give more merit), purple coins, alliance points and honor, speed ups, material chests and wish cards.

There are a total of 20 elite adventure maps: Savage Fortress, Dark Maze, Night Forest, Orc Camp, Vortex of Fate, Forlorn Marsh, Giants Pass, Sky City, Lookout Canyon, Mourner’s Coast, No Man’s Land, Liberty River, Ancient Battlefield, Lookout Peak, Agony Abyss, Forgotten Plains, Howling Cave, Liberty Castle, Death’s Border and Dream Haze.

War and Order Negative Effect
Kills a random player's army that passes through it.
War and Order Savage Fortress
War and Order Dark Forest
War and Order Night Maze
War and Order Orc Camp 1
War and Order Orc Camp 2
War and Order Vortex of Hate 1
War and Order Vortex of Hate 2

First three Elite Adventures: Savage Fortress, Dark Maze and Night Forest are really easy. The strategy to beat these is pretty much a no-brainer. Initially, you stay in the main castle and defend while all the NPCs march towards you and die. When most are dead, march with your allies across the map (strongholds) and beat the enemy main castle which will have one or two easy armies. The most important thing is to always make sure to have at least 15-20 people for elite adventures.

Orc Camp is where things get a lot harder. In order for this map to even be doable in 45 minutes, you need at least 20-25 people, tell everyone to activate attack and defense buffs, and have highest possible tier of troops. This map has two phases. In the first phase, there is one enemy defender per stronghold, THEY DO NOT MOVE. You do not need anyone to defend your main base in phase 1, gather all your people and make big attacks because even though these strongholds have 1 defender, the defender has around 600k troops. 200 k front line (Infantry and Cavalry) and around 100k of each tier back line (Mages, Archers). After you finish phase 1, it sends you to a whole new map for phase 2. The phase 2 is easier, in phase 2 the NPCs move and attack your main castle, so you can just defend your main castle for about 5-10 minutes to kill all of them one by one and then march on the enemy castle when it has 1-2 defenders.

Vortex of Hate seems to be easier than Orc Camp, because in Vortex of Hate the NPC enemies will march on you. This way you can thin out the enemy army to progress easier if you are not rushing for a good time. In phase 1 I would stay for about 10 minutes and let enemies kill themselves on the main castle, then start marching and take the enemy castle, if you succeed you will progress to phase 2. In phase 2 rush it, just march all the way to the enemy castle and beat it, in phase 2 leave 5-10 members to defend your main castle before you start the march.

Territory Defense

War and Order Territory Defense Rewards
War and Order Territory Defense Interface
War and Order Territory Defense Skeleton
War and Order Territory Defense Fire Demon
War and Order Territory Defense Minotaur
War and Order Territory Defense Rock Giant

War and Order Territory Defense
During the War and Order Territory Defense event, there are four different types of monsters that will attack your flags. When a flag reaches 0% health the event will stop and your flags will be healed back to full. Each of these monsters has a special resistance or weakness to a certain troop type. If you want to do well during the defense event then you should have everyone in your alliance set a preset for each monster. Any of your troops that die to monsters during territory defense will go to the hospital as wounded units where you can heal them.
The rewards are gems, resources, and material chests. The amount that you get depends on how you and your alliance have ranked in the event.

Aside from your march preset, you will want to send 1 of every other troop type and level. The monster will attack each of those single troops before moving on to your primary damage dealers. By sending those single troops you allow your mages and archers to be alive for longer which in result makes them do more total damage to the monsters, more damage > more points > you get a better rank in the event and more rewards (gems).
This is a recent run of territory defense with my alliance. The realm is 2 months old.  ‘My rank’ refers to your rank in the whole realm. On the bottom part you can see flag defense aka health points, when one reaches 0% the event will stop.

There are 4 types of monsters in TD (Territory Defense) and you want to send a different unit composition for each monster.
SKELETONS are resistant to Archers, so you want to send exactly 1 Angel, 1 Archer of each tier, 1 Cavalry of each tier, 20% Infantry, and the rest Mages. For example, if you have 100,000 march size, 20% Infantry would mean send 20,000 Infantry, 1 Angel, 1 Archer of each tier, 1 Cavalry of each tier, and 80,000 Mages. DO NOT bother sending more than one Archer of each tier on these, as they do close to no damage and you are better off sending all your Archers on a different monster.

FIRE DEMONS are resistant to Mages, so you want to Send exactly 1 Angel, 1 Mage of each tier, 1 Cavalry of each tier, 20% Infantry and the rest Archers. For example if you have 100,000 march size, send 20,000 infantry, 1 Angel, 1 Mage of each tier, 1 Cavalry of each tier, and 80,000 Archers. DO NOT bother sending more than 1 Mage of each tier on these, as they do close to no damage and you are better off sending all your mages on a different monster.

MINOTAURS are resistant to Cavalry, so you want to send exactly 1 Angel, 1 Cavalry of each tier, 20% Infantry, and the rest split between Archers and Mages. For example, if you have 100,000 march size, send 20,000 Infantry, 1 Angel, 1 Cavalry of each tier, and 80,000 of Mages and Archers combined. DO NOT bother sending more than one Cavalry of each tier on these, as they do close to no damage and you are better off sending all your Cavalry on a different monster.

ROCK GIANTS are resistant to Infantry, so you want to send exactly 1 Angel, 1 Infantry of each tier, 20% Cavalry (if you have any, if not then just send 1 of each Cavalry and half Archers half Mages) and the rest split between Archers and Mages. For example, if you have 100,000 march size, send 20,000 Cavalry , 1 Angel, 1 Cavalry of each tier, and 80,000 of Mages and Archers combined. DO NOT bother sending more than 1 Infantry of each tier on these, as they do close to no damage and you are better off sending all your Infantry on a different monster.

Always have all your marches reinforcing against monsters constantly. Even if you don’t have enough units or send the wrong type of unit.
Pay attention to flag reinforcement rally size (try and have your player with the biggest rally size always arrive first to the flag, he can even send 1 troop and it will expand the reinforcement size). If you reinforce and half your army gets sent back, recall the the other half and time reinforce instead.
You can view the flag with the lowest health by selecting the TD icon at the top right of the screen. Prioritize those flags in the later stages of TD.
When a battle successfully finishes, check your battle log and tap on the flag to make sure your troops have started to return home. If not, recall them for the next fight. If a battle fails, your troops will automatically be sent back to your castle.
Constantly help allies to heal troops faster.
Do not do territory defense if you do not have at least 15 players online.

Strongest Lord

War and Order Strongest Lord Event
War and Order Strongest Lord event takes place every two weeks. It is composed of 3 phases for the first three events. After the first Crown War, there are going to be 5 Strongest Lord phases.
1) War and Order Building/Upgrading/College Research Event – Earn points by upgrading buildings and upgrading your technology in the college.
2) War and Order Troop Recruitment Event – Earn points by recruiting units (golems don’t count)
3) War and Order Monster Kill Event – Earn points by killing monsters.
4) War and Order Gather Event – Earn points by gathering resources.
5) War and Order Kill Event – Earn points by killing/wounding enemy troops.
The first four phases are random but the last phase of the Strongest Lord is always the Kill Event. Each phase lasts 1 day except for the Kill Event phase, which lasts 3 days.
The first three building, recruitment, and monster kill guides are obvious on what to do but may have tips you might not know. The Gather Event and Kill Event Guide are important reads, not many people will know the best way to optimize point gain.
Rewards for these events are gems, speed ups, lord experience, stamina potions, resources and material chests. The amount of rewards that you get depends on how well you rank in the events.

Building phase

Upgrading buildings that take days/weeks will give the most points during build event, so plan your upgrades accordingly for this event. Upgrade castle/wall and make sure it finishes after the start of the event and speed it during the event if needed. Before building/upgrading any buildings, make sure to equip your building speed boost gear. This can help shave off hours of upgrade time. Your rank depends on the amount of points you earn. THE BEST building to upgrade for building events is the GUARDIAN TEMPLE. It actually gives almost exactly the same amount of points as a castle upgrade, but is much cheaper and takes less time to build/upgrade it.
War and Order Strongest Lord Building Event Phase

Recruitment phase

Plan long recruitment timings to finish right after the start of the event for best usage of time/points. Make sure to get all three prizes at least, and use speedups for that if needed. Before each recruitment, equip your recruitment speed boost gear and beast ability, if you have it. This can shave off dozens of minutes per recruitment, even hours. Near the start of the event, if your troop recruitment finishes early, DO NOT collect your troops until after the event starts in case they finish a few hours before the event. Make sure to recruit angels too and remember that golems do not give any points.
War and Order Strongest Lord Recruitment Event Phase

Monster Kill phase

Higher level monster kills give you more points. Make sure to be constantly killing monsters during this event, never be full on stamina. If you have lots of stamina potions (at least 1000) then go for a rank push, if not, then don’t bother, because you will just waste potions. I always save potions for the first few events, and then after a few monster kill events have passed and everyone used their stamina potions, I have like around 2000-3000 stamina from potions, and that is when I do the rank 1 push. Make sure to equip stamina recovery gear and monster speed attack boost gear to increase point gain time efficiency.
War and Order Strongest Lord Monster Kill Event PhaseWar and Order Strongest Lord Monster Kill Event Phase Points

Gather phase

You will need 4 or 5 marches to place high in this event usually. Always have VIP active for this event, especially if you have unlocked VIP 7 for that extra march. College 12 (Legion II) gives you a third march and College 19 (Legion III) gives you a fourth march. 5 is the maximum number of marches one can have. In order to get ranked in top 10, you need to start gathering gems before the event starts because they take the longest to gather. So optimally see how long a level 4/5 gem mine takes and start gathering and make sure it finishes right after the event start. Gems are THE WORST thing you can gather for points/hour while you are awake (with a gather boost activated). The calculations will be shown below. Gems take the longest to gather but give the least amount of points per hour. Make sure you have all your gather speed gear equipped. All four resources Wheat/Wood/Stone/Iron have the same base rate for points gathered an hour, but most people have better gather speed bonuses for wood and research due to the college tech tree, so Wood/Wheat will be the best to gather for points.
– First Best Thing to Gather – Elite wood and wheat mines are the best way to get points because they have the best points per hour ratio. Then elite stone and iron depending on your stone/iron gather bonuses researched.
– Second Best Thing to Gather – Wood/Wheat resource tiles in your alliance territory. Resource tiles in alliance territory give a 10% bonus to gather speed by default.
Only gather gems before the event or while you are sleeping or cannot play for extended periods of time.
DO NOT GATHER in another alliance’s territory, the taxed resources will not give you any points.
War and Order Strongest Lord Gather Event Phase
Point calculations for the Gather phase can be seen below.
(hr = hour)
Elite Mines:
elite wood/wheat: (25000 + 96054) / 20 = 6052.7 points/hr
elite stone/iron: (2500 + 8725) / 2 = 5612 points/hr
Alliance Territory Tiles:
wheat/wood: with gather boost and gear = (20000 + 2000 + 84528) / 20 = 5326.5 points/hr
stone/iron: (2000 + 200 + 7678) / 2 = 4939 points/hr
gems: did not calculate but should be less than wheat/wood/stone/iron
Regular Tiles:
wheat/wood: (20000 + 76843) / 20 = 4842.15 points/hr
stone/iron: (4000 + 13960) / 4 = 4490 points/hour
gems: 75 gems / 7 hour 59 mins 56s = 4218 points/hr
As you can see out of all the calculations gems give the least amount of points per hour. At 3150 points/hr, so even gathering a level 1 wood tile will give more points them gems in terms of points per hour.

Kill event

Kill event lasts three days, this is where all the fun starts. Usually, people mass train infantry so they can attack a lot during the kill event, see troop composition. Always be careful the first day of kill event because most people will be online and ready to defend themselves if someone attacks, so I would not generally recommend attacking on day one. I let my enemies get tired and then I attack on day 2 and 3. It is best to attack with your allies. there are many ways to attack which I cover HERE.  You should always have about 20 or 30 thousand highest tier infantry (preferably orcs) if you really want to push to top 10 in this event. If you do not have much infantry, your best bet is to defend farms, which I cover HERE.
War and Order Strongest Lord Kill Event Phase

Void Wars

War and Order Void Wars,  or Realm Invasion, are cross-server battles. You will be able to challenge other realms and others can challenge your realm. It allows three alliances to attack and three alliances to defend. These alliances must be in a union to participate with one another. The attackers will be able to teleport to the enemy realms black mud where the void wars take place.  Anyone outside of the area will not be open to attacks from players from other realms. The void wars work on a three week cycle. Each realm can have 1 attack and 1 defense during the first two week period. Week three is peacetime, in which the regular local crown war will take place. The king or queen can declare an invasion on another realm. Each realm can have 1 attack and 1 defense per 3 week cycle. Up to 3 alliances can join the battle on both sides. These alliances must be in a union. You will be fighting for the royal city. If you are the attacking side you have the chance to become the king or queen of a second realm. The defending side is fighting to keep the title as king or queen. Losing as the defending side means your realm will have someone from another realm as the king or queen. Void wars can be declared from Monday at 0:00 server time until Thursday at 24:00 server time. The war will be carried out on Saturdays.
The current king or queen alliance members must be in the alliance at least 8 hours before the battle. Be in a union with the assisting alliances at least 8 hours before the battle, and to participate in these wars you must be at least castle level 20.

Elite Wars

War and Order Elite Wars is a new cross-server alliance battle system, where alliances brawl it out on maps similar to the ones from Elite Adventures!
You can declare war on another alliance anywhere in the War and Order universe, from over 500 realms!
The concept of Elite Wars is basically the same as Elite Adventures, except instead of NPCs you’re playing against real players. The alliance which holds the most strongholds when the timer runs out, or destroys the enemy main base will win.
The alliance which wins earns rich rewards and merit.
Everyone who participates in this event will have a green shield over their Castle, which will be active during that event. So you CAN’T be attacked while participating in the event.
ALL soldiers that get killed become wounded and can later be healed in your hospital, there are no losses in this event.
If you want to buff your army, make sure to do that BEFORE you join the event, because if you buff during the event, buffs won’t take effect.

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