War and Order Farms

Everything in War and Order costs resources. If you want to build, recruit, heal, and grow you are going to need a ton of resources. Farms, as we WaO players call them, are alt castles that are used for gathering resources and looting them with your main account. What you will learn in this guide is how to start a new account in War and Order. You will also learn how to easily switch between accounts and binding them. Aside from creating new accounts, you will learn the basics of how to manage a successful farm in game. Every top player in the realm has at least 3 farms and you will need farms to get far if you do not plan on spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on resources.
The answer depends on you. Are you just a casual, or do you want to be one of the best and strongest players in the realm? The final and best option for many players is to start a farm. You can have as many farms as you would like in War and Order and you can't get banned for using farms. Farming is a common practice among most players. Many alliances encourage you to have a least one farm, in order to grow and have enough resources to always be able to upgrade your buildings.
I usually run 6 farms when I start realms, then add a few later. I stop at around 12 farms. It takes quite a bit of time to set them up, but after most are castle level 12, with a third march and at least 40,000 tier 2 Cavalry, it is quite easy to maintain them. Just log on every 8 hours and send gatherers out. With 12 farms that have 40,000 Cavalry on them, I could farm up about 100 million food and wood within a week.


Creating a new War and Order account (Castle) -Creating a second account for the first time can be a bit scary to some. The fear of losing your main account can stop you from making one. But do not be afraid! That is why I am making this post, and creating a third or fourth or Xth account will follow the same steps. NOTE - you can only create a new account once per hour.


First things first, gotta make sure your main account is bound so it does not get lost.
Click on your avatar in the top left corner of your screen. Once there, click “Account” which is the top left box in the menu area.
If your account is bound you will see a little red box that says “Undo Bind” in the top right of the screen. If your account is not bound, you will see large buttons indicating which services you can use to bind your account. On Apple devices, you can bind with Facebook or game center, and on Android devices, you can bind with google play or facebook. On these screenshots, the left (first) one is BOUND and right (second) one IS NOT.
War and Order Bound AccountWar and Order Unbound Account


To create your additional War and Order account follow these steps:
Go to your account management page (click your avatar on the top left of your screen).
Click “Account” on the menu (top left box in menu area).
Double Check to make sure account is bound.
Click on “New Game” – the big red button on the bottom of the screen.
Click Confirm to Create New Account.
Upon successful account creation, you will be taken to the inner city of your new castle.
Play through the intro/tutorial.
Bind your farm account as well.
It is very important not to forget to bind your farm account as well. Follow the same steps as above (where you checked to make sure your main account was bound). You can bind the account to a new Facebook, Game center account or google play account. You are allowed to have two accounts on the same realm per account. For example, I have 2 Facebook accounts, one is named Bob and the other Bobby. This means Facebook Bob can have Castle 1 and Castle 2 (both on the same realm). For Castle 3 to be in the same realm I would have to bind it to Facebook Bobby.


After you play through the tutorial, the FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO FOR EVERY FARM is rush to c12 to get college 12 and research legion II in order to get your third march. Use all your speedups on Castle requirements if needed. The majority of resources acquired from farms is from gathering so getting a third march will increase your farm's resource output by at least 33%. After c12 speedups should be used on resource production buildings first then on Castle requirements. On the way to way to c12 ONLY upgrade resource production buildings and castle requirement buildings. Never upgrade anything else (past level 5 of course). Focusing on getting resource production buildings to level 7-9 then focus on Castle requirement buildings first such as castle wall, and another building(there is a specific building for every Castle level). When you do not have enough resources for castle wall or a castle requirement building then focus on the resource production buildings again until you have resources to continue upgrading your Castle. After c12 all resource buildings should be upgraded to at least level 8 or 9 before moving to the next Castle level and make sure to upgrade buildings that take longer to upgrade overnight while you sleep, to maximize upgrade time and build/golden hammers. When your farm reaches Castle level 12 it can stay on it for a while, up until your main Castle starts getting iron issues (when your main is around Castle level 20 you will start needing lots of iron). So when that happens you will need to level a few farms to Castle level 15 (because you unlock iron then). After c15 focus on upgrading, Hospital, Medic Tents, College and Drill Grounds (if you have too many troops). These will be useful because you will have a lot of cavalry on your farms which are easy to kill and so if someone attacks your farm you will want to have the least losses, so big Hospital limit is a must.


If you are starting your first farm, you are probably curious how to get the resources from one account to the other. It is actually quite simple. You just need to attack your farm with your main account. Don’t just blindly run in and attack your farm with your main though. This can lead to mistakes like killing all of your farm troops, killing a bunch of your main account troops. The first thing you need to do before attacking your farm with your main, is to clear out your farm troops. Send them all gathering, preferably on a long march or to an elite resource tile if you have some available.
WaO Farm Tips:

  1. Only spend gems on shields, only shield if you have huge amounts of resources on them and you are unable to loot them with your main.
  2. Never upgrade Barracks past level 4  (except one to level 6 for castle requirement). ALWAYS RECRUIT TIER 2 CAVALRY - they are cheap, get recruited fast and have higher army load than other units, and tier 4+ Cavalry just take too long to train and take quite a bit of resources.
  3. Farms should be put into a farm Alliance. All top Alliances have multiple farm Alliances. It is good to set up a farm alliance early on in the realm so you can claim elite mines before anyone else claims them. It is easier to defend and heal flags than burn them down later in the game.
    Farm Alliance research technology should be focused mainly on building speed construction and resource production. Depending on resource your mains need the most focus the farm Alliance technology on that specific resource.
  4. You will want to place your farm somewhat close to your main castle. This way you can hop over to your farm's alliance to defend it quickly if needed, make sure to read more about how to defend your farms. Also, having your farm close to your main Castle makes clearing it out much faster.
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