War and Order Troop Composition Calculator

Troop Setup is a crucial part of outplaying your opponent in WaO. At Drill Grounds you can make a lot of March Presets which allow you to quickly change the Troops you send in your March. The only problem until now was finding out the good and bad Army Compositions. We did extensive testing and discovered some very strong March Setups that anyone can use (even beginners) and combined it into a rather simple but effective Troop Composition Calculator which takes your March Size and calculates how many of each Troop Type you must send for a particular Composition. Note that if the calculator results in Cavalry = 4, it means it’s just used as a distraction for your enemy (send one of each Tier).

Thank you for using our WaO March Calculator, if you know any other March Setups that work really well for certain things, feel free to note them in the comments section.


    • Preset monster: Use app. 25-30% of your highest tier infantry and app. 65-70% highest tier mages! If you don’t have enough fill it up with the level that comes next! Test it! Watch replay and look in the left top corner to your fighting army! If your infantry is above 1k in hit before the last hit decrease infantry with 500 and increase mages with that amount! And so on, and also send 1 troop each of your highest tier and one angel (if you have). If it’s below 1k it decreases your healing time

  1. Can you explain the difference between ranged archer build, ranged mages build and low level balanced build? And which preset you use for reinforcements?

    • The Ranged Archer/Mage presets use more Archers or Mages depending on what your tech tree looks like. If you’re using the Archer build for example – archer damage on gear, archer damage in the passive tree (you can find one on our battle system post), you’ll want to run the Archer Preset.

      The low level balanced preset will work fine until you get a full march of mages/archers, basically it’s a preset for under c15.

      For reinforcements use a preset that has a higher amount of infantry, such as the Crown War one.

  2. On this troop set up are these numbers just for your highest tier? Or do you split numbers, like t8,t9, or would you just send these numbers with for example the t9 only.

    • I am working on adding a detailed guide (for beginners) on how to properly utilize the calculator. Whether you send t8 or t9 (even or uneven tiers) depends on what you are attacking, the enemy defense troops and overall what the scout report contains. Naturally, if you have a full march of Attack tier troops (find them in battle system section) send those. Otherwise fill with the highest tier if it’s a defense tier.

  3. What about Angels? Do you send those and if so just one or maxed you have? And is there a difference in presets if you use sos. I heard you send angels only in sos attack!

  4. We have found that 10 percent even tier inf 500 odd inf and the rest split between even archers and odd or even mages works best. Also if you send odd archers they seem to push mages to the outside making them vulnerable

  5. Archers are to protect mages. they have higher hp. They do not cause mages to be killed faster. The troops that would would be if you put no infantry. or using cavalry. The cavalry are killed in one hit. The guy who told you of attack tiers is right. I do not understand this post. your basically telling people to send city defence troops (only one of defense troops should be sent and that’s for time) do NOT send odd level infantry if you have a big army..send level infantry.. Its easy the defence infantry is green when you look. If full army its level is infantry..10 cavalry. I but again. I only the one who attacks I believe cavalry level give attack boosts. I so use even just one…archers and mages. I send around the same amount time of both but slightly more mage. Attack tier(level) archers highest attack tier if you have a small army you just add more from lower levels, archer attack is…attack mages.. Example… For a castle 19.. 73k size army you would put mages level 6+7= 30660k(if no level seven do level five and six. archers 30660k infantry… 11677..ATTACK cavalry only 4. Again if not any level seven. Or not much You can use five and six…so angels.. Difficult to decide… Compare the strength of angels to strength troops.if angels are stronger. add them.. Replace with weaker. I Remember to upgrade building when at level 19… Oh tip… For farms train only level 2 cavalry. I they are much much faster at gathering than the others. I am LUA in realm 627. Leader of alliance SIN much live to all I hope that helped ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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