Warframe Fortuna Profit-Taker Guide

Warframe Fortuna Profit Taker Kill Guide Tips Tricks And Strategies

If you're struggling with the latest Warframe Profit-Taker boss this guide should be enough to give you some tips and tricks on how to have an easier time bringing Profit-Taker down. In case you don't already know, in order to battle the Profit-Taker you need to be in the fourth stage of the heist and this segment is repeatable once unlocked.

Frame Choice

Best Frames vs Profit-Taker

  • Chroma
  • Inaros
  • Mesa
  • Nyx
  • Other high health tanky Frames that can boost their damage as well.

Worst Frames vs Profit-Taker

  • Ember
  • Mag
  • Harrow
  • Any low health Frames

Profit-Taker Mechanics and Strategy

Once Vallus the Profit-Maker becomes marked on your map head over to it, the green light is going to be above the bosses' head and it shows to which damage type it is currently vulnerable. The damage type marked is the only damage type that can damage the blue shield of the Profit-Taker. The Profit-Taker's weakness damage type can be changed every four seconds by using Void Blaster and Amps.
There are 3 phases to the Profit-Taker fight.

First Phase

  • After you've removed the Profit-Taker's blue shield his legs will become vulnerable. Focus on his legs with your Arch-Gun (but be careful ammo is scarce) and once all four have been damaged his body will become exposed and you can take up to 25% of his health.

Second Phase

  • After you bring Profit-Taker down to 75% health points he will become invulnerable again. Whilst he sends out Pylons that are protected by the blue shield your goal is to walk inside the shield and destroy the Pylons. After doing this for a bit he'll gain the blue shield again which will start the pre-phase again.

Third Phase

  • Indicated when the boss reaches 25% Health. You will be informed that you only have 5 more minutes to finish the fight, repeat the previous cycles to finish the fight.
  • Failing to destroy the Orb Taker within 5 minutes will result in a failure of the boss fight so be careful and time your fight efficiently.


  • When the fight is finished, the boss will start a self-destruct mechanism which will nuke in an area of effect. It is unknown how much exact damage it does but it will instantly kill you if you're inside it.

Video Guide To Solo Profit Taker

Profit Taker Tips and Tricks

  1. Claim loot by using Itzal Archwing and head back to Fortuna.
  2. Increasing the amount of different damage types within a team composition will allow you with a faster way of taking down Profit Taker's shield.
  3. Physical damage weapons seem to be the most optimal choice at the moment.
  4. Pick up Arch-Gun ammunition while it's on a cooldown because it will reset the CD.
  5. Deal void damage to switch the damage type.
  6. If you can remove Profit-Taker's Armor take Electricity on your Arch-Gun for a huge DPS boost, otherwise run Radiation.

Hopefully you have found this Warframe Profit-Taker kill guide useful and you will be able to defeat the boss. We'll be updating this guide with additional information as it's discovered.

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