War and Order Buildings

War and Order buildings are located inside your Castle and they are what determines whether your Castle is strong or weak. When you first start these spots will be empty circles. After you finish the tutorial there will still be some empty spots inside your Castle, but don’t worry just keep playing and you will unlock all of them!

The WaO buildings you will be using are:

Castle -Your main building. Used for checking your City info and City boosts.
Castle Walls -Prerequisite for Castle upgrades.
Hall of War -Increases Rally size, I provided a table of Hall of War Glory Sword costs for each level.
Drill Grounds -Expands your march size and is also used for setting up march presets.
Watchtower -Allows you to scout enemies and also gives you info about incoming scouts and attacks.
Hospital -Heal wounded troops.
Embassy -Expands the amount of reinforcements your Castle can hold.
Barracks -The main building for troop recruitment.
College -Used for upgrading your technology.
Mystic College -Used for maximizing end game troop stats.
Blacksmith -The only building for Lord Gear crafting.
Guardian Temple -Angel recruitment.
Training Grounds -Lets you recruit more troops at once, maximum number of Training Grounds is 8.
Medic Tent -Expands the amount of wounded troops your Hospital can hold, maximum number of Medic Tents is 8.
Depot -Protects a small amount of your resources in case of an attack.
City Hall -Keep track of Daily Rewards, play the Piñata, Invite Friends, and collect your Monthly Rewards.
Event Building -Check current and upcoming events.


War and Order Castle
Like in most strategy games out there, you have the "main" building which you have to upgrade in order to upgrade other buildings to a higher level. There are many ways to play War and Order but usually the 2 ways most people play are: 1. Castle rushing, 2. Max level buildings before doing a Castle upgrade
Both ways to play are viable and I will explain why, I will also say the good  and bad sides of both.
War and Order Castles change their appearance at certain levels: 14 (red rooftop), 19 (blue Castle), 22 (green Castle), 26 (walls around the Castle), 30 (red Castle), 31 (star shaped Castle).
War and Order Red Roof CastleWar and Order Blue Roof CastleWar and Order Green Roof CastleWar and Order Black Roof CastleWar and Order Star Castle
The Castle Rushing Strategy is often used in War and Order and I think it is the best one if you know what you are doing, because you will have higher level troops sooner than others, making you stronger than them. The basic build order of a Castle rush strategy would be to set your Castle upgrade then look at a spreadsheet of what you need for the next Castle upgrade and while your Castle is upgrading work on getting that building upgraded, so when your Castle upgrade is done you can upgrade Castle walls  and set your next Castle upgrade right away. For example, I have a Castle level 22 (currently upgrading to 23), Embassy level 20 and Castle Walls level 22.  In order to rush for Castle level 24, I need castle upgrade to finish, and I also need Embassy level 23 and Castle Walls level 23. While my Castle upgrades to 23 (takes about 7 days), with my 2nd builder (hammer) I upgrade the Embassy from level 20 to 22 (can't upgrade to 23 because Castle level 23 is not done yet). After Castle level 23 upgrade is done, then I set Castle Walls from 22 to 23 and Embassy from 22 to 23. If I have any speedups, I use them to make the Castle wall finish quicker, then when both Embassy and Walls are done I set my castle upgrade to 24.
Note - when starting Castle upgrades and Walls you should always get % construction speed bonuses (can get it from Equipment, technology "Architecture" ,  Lord skill tree and when a King gives you the "Engineer" title.
War and Order upgrade importance of buildings for a Castle rush strategy should be: Castle > Castle Wall > Barracks > Drill Grounds > Hospital > Embassy > Medic Tent > College > Watchtower > Training Grounds > Blacksmith. Don't bother wasting time on Sawmills and Farms and level Hall of War only if you have enough gems for Glory Swords to make it high level, otherwise it's fine left at level 1, because spenders in your Alliance will have a max level one for their Castle level.
Watchtower in a Castle rush strategy should only be leveled at certain key points, it is fine left at level 14 because that lets you see approximate enemy defense units, reinforcements and what army they march with. When you get Castle level 19, make sure to rush Watchtower to 19 immediately, because it lets you see EXACT enemy defense units. After that, the next key level is 22, where you can see the exact amount of reinforcement troops.
Same goes for Barracks,  they have certain levels at which you unlock a new tier of troops. When doing a Castle rush build, rush your Castle to the level you need for unlocking new troops. For example, I am c19 (Castle level 19) and all my Barracks are level 19. I Castle rush to c22, then I stop Castle rushing and upgrade ALL my Barracks from level 19 to 22. After most or all are level 22, I go back to rushing Castle.
The cons of this build order are : Hospital gets left usually at low levels, which means that if you have a lot of troops and get hit, you will have huge losses. You will also need quite a few Farms (Farm Castles) to produce resources for you in order to rush Castle levels efficiently. If you spend at least a few hours in this game every day and you can use a shield when you are offline these cons do not really affect you.
War and Order Castle Upgrade Requirements
The other strategy is to upgrade all your buildings to match your Castle level before you advance. This play-style is often used by players that come from other strategy games such as GOW, COK and others. The problem with this is that WaO has a unique style and at certain things is not like any other strategy game.  If you are a casual player then this is a good way to play, but only to a certain point. It is only good to max level buildings to about Castle level 14, after that everyone starts rushing Castle levels to 16, 19 and 22 because those are key points when you unlock new tier units. A c14 with tier 5 troops versus a c16 with tier 6 will be weaker because it is all about the troop tiers,  a c14 can have max level Drill grounds (bigger army) and max troop technology, but a c16 with level 14 Drill grounds and level 14 College maxed tech will be stronger because of its higher level troops. While the c16 already is recruiting t6 troops from at least one Barracks, the c14 will be still struggling to c15, then level all buildings to 15, and then Castle to 16, which will take A LOT of time. By the time the c14 hits c16 with all max level buildings, the c16 that has been rushing Castle levels could already be c19 with one level 19 Barracks, effectively having 1 tier higher troops again. This is why, in most cases, Castle rushers stomp on the people that max level buildings because on top of having inferior troop tiers, they bank up a lot of resources from doing consistently small upgrades, making them juicy targets. That is why I do not really advise this strategy. I have tried playing 2 realms by max leveling buildings, and 3 realms by Castle rushing. There was a huge difference in my overall power and let me tell you, when you max level buildings, the bigger enemy Castles can easily attack you and take your resources but when you Castle rush, you have higher level troops and that "scare" factor, someone who is a lower level Castle than you will usually not attack you alone.

Castle Walls

War and Order Castle Walls Defense
War and Order Golems

War and Order Castle Walls
The Castle Wall is an important part of your city because it is where you can recruit Defense Golems and get information about your Castle's health. Upgrading it is also ALWAYS a prerequisite for a Castle upgrade.
When you select your Castle Wall, there are 3 options: "Upgrade", "Defense", and "Recruit."
"Upgrade" is self-explanatory; as with all other buildings, this option allows you to level up your Castle Wall.
"Defense" will open a new interface where you can see your City Defense points. If these points reach 0, you will be randomly teleported on the world map to a new location. You can reach 0 defense if someone attacks you many times and sets your Castle on fire. While burning, your Castle loses 120 defense points per hour. Defense points replenish themselves 20 per hour without you doing anything, or you can buy 1000 defense points for 100 gems, which I do not recommend unless you are on a farm account. Alternatively, you can spend 60 gems to stop your Castle from burning, allowing you to begin replenishing the points over time.

"Recruit" will open an interface where you can recruit Defense Golems. Golems are creatures that help you defend your city when someone attacks you. They are very "tanky" and do a bit damage. ALWAYS make sure you are recruiting golems unless you are already at the maximum number of Golems since Golems grant you a lot of battle power. Try to max the technology that lets you have more golems (Golem Legion) and level up Golem Defense and Health technology. Golem Attack is also okay but not really useful. Golems are unlocked at Castle Wall level 10.

Hall of War

War and Order Hall of War
The Hall of War building in War and Order is the prerequisite for a Rally. A Rally is when you pick an enemy castle (or ancient ruins) and team up with your allies to attack the target at the same time. The way a Rally works is simple, one person makes the Rally, others can join it in the 'Alliance' tab under 'Battles'. When others join it they march to the Rally maker Castle and after a set amount of time (5, 10, 30 minutes) they march towards the target. War and Order  Hall of War should always be built and can be kept at lower levels, depending on whether you want to spend gems to level it or not. War and Order Hall of War upgrades are pretty cheap at first. They may be just a couple of Glory Swords (they can be bought from merchants or shop, you can also get them for free from the pinata and monster kills, but the amount of Glory Swords you get for free is really LOW). Above Hall of War level 10 is when things get expensive. It was always a mystery how much do War and Order Hall of War upgrades cost but not anymore, I have made a simple table which you can see at the bottom of this page, it shows the amount of Glory Swords each Hall of War upgrade requires.
With around 2000 Glory Swords you can get your Hall of War to about level 16 (2000 glory swords is 10,000 gems, which is pretty costly). Unless you are ready to spend around 20,000-30,000 gems on Glory Swords to have your Hall of War on around level 22, then I do not advise spending any gems on it.
Make sure to check more about the Rally and why it is useful.

Hall of WarGlory Swords    
HoW lvl 12HoW lvl 12272HoW lvl 231227
HoW lvl 28HoW lvl 13326HoW lvl 241358
HoW lvl 317HoW lvl 14396HoW lvl 251497
HoW lvl 429HoW lvl 15452HoW lvl 261645
HoW lvl 544HoW lvl 16524HoW lvl 271802
HoW lvl 663HoW lvl 17603HoW lvl 28X
HoW lvl 786HoW lvl 18689HoW lvl 292143
HoW lvl 8113HoW lvl 19782HoW lvl 302327
HoW lvl 9145HoW lvl 20882HoW lvl 312631
HoW lvl 10182HoW lvl 21989HoW lvl 32X
HoW lvl 11224HoW lvl 221104HoW lvl 333600

Drill Grounds

War and Order Drill Grounds
War and Order Drill grounds is a building which makes your march size bigger (you can send more troops in your army when marching on an attack) and it also allows you to make march presets. Drill grounds should always be max level for your current castle level if possible. March size can also get bigger with an army technology upgrade, some lord equipment and titles from the crown war. If you click the drill grounds in your game you will be able to see the army size for each level of drill grounds.
You can use set presets for really anything, Territory Defense, Solo attacks, group Time attacks, monster killing. The War and Order Battle System page already has preset troop setup examples which you can use.
To use the Drill Grounds, select it from the top left corner inside your city. Click on marches in the icons that pops up under the building. From there you will see 5 little circles with numbers toward the top of your screen. Select a number and the march setup screen will come up. From there you can select the troops you want in this preset and when done, just click save.
When you want to use the preset march in an attack, you simply select your target and when the march setup screen appears you choose the preset number on top of the screen. It is easy and very worth your while to set this up.


War and Order Watchtower
The War and Order Watchtower is an important building. Unlike some strategy games that have spy technology, War and Order does not have any such technology. This building should be upgraded at certain key points. It is fine left at level 14 because that lets you see approximate enemy defense units, reinforcements and what army they march with. When you get Castle level 19, make sure to rush it to 19 immediately because it lets you see EXACT enemy defense units. After that, the next key level is 22, where you can see the exact amount of reinforcement troops. For more information about what each level of the Watchtower unlocks for your scout, you can check in-game by selecting the building.


War and Order Heal

War and Order Hospital
Hospital is one of the few things in War and Order which increase wounded limit. It lets you heal your dead troops, but it does come with some limitations. You should always level up your Hospital, or at least the Medic Tents. Things that increase wounded limit (spots in the Hospital) are: Technology, Hospital levels, Medical Tent levels and Merit ranks.
Your troops can be wounded from several things, when you attack enemy Castles (you must have %wounded conversion technology for that though), from monster attacks, Territory Defense, Elite Adventures, and most importantly DEFENSE (reinforcement defense as well). This wounded mechanic is unique because when your troops die in one of the mentioned types of battles, they can be later healed and brought back to life in the hospital. When you attack someone you will not get many wounded troops, only LOSSES. While the defender will have all his dead troops go to the Hospital until it fills up.
For example, you have 15,000 troops and 1% wounded conversion, while the enemy that you attack (the defender) has 10,000 troops but a Hospital size of 5,000. When you attack that Castle, and the guy lets say kills 1000 of your troops, you will get 10 of those 1000 as wounded, while the rest (990) will be permanently dead. The defender though, if you kill all of his troops (10.000), 5,000 will go to the Hospital where he can heal them, but the other 5,000 which can't fit the Hospital will be permanently dead (losses).


War and Order Embassy
The Embassy is one of the main defense buildings in War and Order. It lets you have a certain amount of reinforcements in your Castle to help you defend if someone attacks. Reinforcements are when an ally from your Alliance sends their army to your Castle. At the Embassy, you can check your internal and external reinforcement armies, and can send allies' reinforcements back to their castles if you do not need them. The Embassy has two uses, although defense size is the main one, there is also the 'help' feature. Every time someone from your Alliance is building, upgrading, researching, or forging something, they can ask for help. You will get a little pop up above your Embassy, tap it to help them by decreasing the time. Higher Embassy level gives more size for defense at your Castle and more 'help' times, let's say you have 20 help times, that means your Alliance friends will be able to shorten your upgrade or build time by about 15-20 minutes (30-60 seconds per help).
Nothing other than the Embassy level and Alliance technology can affect the number of reinforcement armies you can receive, so always make sure your Embassy is at a decent level.


War and Order Recruitment

War and Order Barracks
War and Order the Barracks building is the only place where you can recruit troops before Castle level 15 when you unlock the Guardian Temple,  where you recruit Angels. At first you start with 2 Barracks, then as your Castle levels progress, you will be able to build more up to 5 at level 19. Always upgrade them so you can unlock new tiers of troops, which is REALLY IMPORTANT. Even if you have tier 5 troops versus someone with tier 6, they will be a lot stronger than you, especially at defense. I would never attack someone 1 versus 1 if I had even 1 tier lower troop level than them.

TIER 1 - level 1
TIER 2- level 4
TIER 3- level 7
TIER 4- level 10
TIER 5- level 13
TIER 6- level 16
TIER 7- level 19
TIER 8- level 22
TIER 9- level 26
TIER 10- level 30
TIER 11- level 34

The best time to upgrade your Barracks is when you are able to get them high enough for a new tier of troops to be unlocked. Then leave them at that, level up your castle, and focus your both builders on Barracks to get the new tier of troops, then repeat that process. If you intend to spend money on this game, you can just have one Barracks leveled up to the next tier and speed recruit with gems or speedups, and make tier 2 Cavalry on the others. Tier 2 Cavalry is great for quickly plundering castles that have no troops and gathering resources because of them having the biggest Load stat of all the troop types . More about troops here.
There are two ways you can train more troops: you can upgrade your Training Grounds, and research Military Technology at the College called Expansion I and Expansion II, which lets you train 20 more troops per technology level. Barracks and Training Grounds levels also reduce the time required to train troops by a percentage.


War and Order Technology

War and Order College
At the War and Order College, you can upgrade the stats of everything you can think of through research: Military, Resources, Guardian Force, Development, and City Defense.
Military - Here you can upgrade the number of troops you can recruit in the Barracks, troop stats (attack, defense, health), march speed, amount of marches you can send (Legion I which is unlocked at College level 4, II which is unlocked at College level 12, and III which is unlocked at College level 19). TIP: It is possible to get a 5th march by attaining VIP 7.
Resources - Raise your army load (the amount of resources your army can carry when gathering or plundering enemies),  raise resource production and gathering speed, and raise depot capacity. I would always max upgrade army load and gem gathering speed since those 2 are really useful.
Development - Here you can raise building construction and technology upgrade speed by a percentage. You can also raise wounded soldier capacity, stamina recovery, monster attack march speed, the healing speed of wounded troops, and conversion of dead troops to wounded. If you like assisting your alliance members with resources a lot, a really useful research would be tax reduction. Initially, the game takes 50% of your resources sent, but the tax reduction research can bring that down considerably.
City Defense- upgrade your Golems, amount of Golems your Castle Wall can hold, and maximum health of your defense troops.
Guardian Force - all angel upgrades, you unlock this one after you get the guardian temple building, I wouldn't bother doing any angel upgrades before you get tier 3 angels.

From Military research, you should always try to max out Infantry, Mage, and Archer upgrades (Cavalry is useless, find why HERE .) Leadership (army size) is also useful, along with Legion (amount of marching armies), Expansion (troop recruitment size), and Draft (troop recruitment seed). Horseshoes (marching speed) is good to upgrade if you need to get rid of resources fast.
Resources wise  I would only ever advise upgrading gather speed, gem gather speed and load size.
Development wise you should max Architecture, Medical Facilities, Healing, Tax and Wounded Conversion. Physique and Rapid March are OK if you always spend your Stamina to attack monsters.
City Defense wise you should max level Golem health and defense, Golem Legion, Golem Recruitment Speed and Alliance Defense.
Guardian Tech, as I said above, should only be done after you get tier 3 angels.

Mystic College

War and Order Mystic College
The Mystic College will be unlocked at Castle Level 31. It has similar functions as the regular College. Like other Level 30+ buildings, it can be upgraded with Azurite to unlock more powerful effects. Within, you can unlock and upgrade new special skills under 5 troop categories: Infantry, Archers, Mages, Cavalry, and Angels.
- Exhilaration: Increases Infantry HP.
- Toughness: Reduces damage taken by Infantry.
- Mage Killer: Increases Archer damage dealt to Mages.
- Split Arrow: Attacks have a chance to hit 3 front row targets simultaneously, dealing full damage to each.
- Critical Strike: Mage Attacks have a chance to deal 200% damage.
- Fanaticism: Increases Mages' Attack power.
- Dodge: Grants Cavalry a chance to dodge enemy attacks.
- Savage Impact: Grants Cavalry a chance to knock the enemy out for 3 seconds when attacking.
- Blazing Soul: Increases damage dealt by Angels.
- Flame Missiles: Normal Angel Attacks deal damage both to the target, and to the single unit closest to the target.
Each skill can be leveled up separately, so YOU can pick the buffs that work the best for your army composition and play style!


War and Order Blacksmith
The War and Order Blacksmith building is where you can craft all of your Lord Equipment. It is a pretty simple building to manage and should only be leveled to levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, which are key points when you unlock a new tier of gear. When you first start to play, you should rush it to level 10 because then you unlock the little building at the docks where you can get materials FOR FREE every 12 hours (always do tier 2, green materials). More about Lord Equipment setups.

Guardian Temple

War and Order Guardian Temple
The WaO Guardian Temple is unlocked when you reach Castle level 15. This is where you train Angels in exchange for some resources (low cost) and Angel dust. I would not bother upgrading this building before Castle level 22, at which point you unlock the powerful Angel upgrades and tier 3 angels. That is where angels become really good in my opinion. When I start new realms I never build this building before Castle level 22, because it gives A LOT of points when you finish it, even more than a Castle level so speed building 3 levels of guardian temple at the Strongest Lord building event easily places you at rank 1.
You can get angel dust when your troops die. There is a daily limit of angel dust you can get, so do not kill a lot of your troops. Usually 1000 troops is enough to get 10,000 angel dust or so. DO NOT delete troops, you only get angel dust when they die in a battle (when you attack an enemy castle).

Training Grounds

War and Order Training Grounds
War and Order Training Grounds are buildings that can increase the number of troops you can recruit at once at the Barracks while also lowering the time that it takes for the recruitment to finish by a percentage. You should ALWAYS build 8 of these. At first, you can have 4, then you can build more as you progress through castle levels. Keep them upgraded if possible, but do not waste too much time on them, wait until you get a high level of VIP and then speed upgrade these.

Medic Tent

War and Order Medic Tent
War and Order Medic Tents are buildings which increase your healing speed at Hospitals and the number of troops a Hospital can take. Every level of Medic Tent increases Hospital size by 500. You should ALWAYS build 8 of these (at first you can have 4, then you can build more as you progress through Castle levels). Keep them upgraded at all times, Hospital size is REALLY important if you have a lot of troops.


War and Order Depot
The most useless building in all of War and Order: the Depot. All strategy games have that 'Warehouse' type of building which makes it so that a part of your resources can't be plundered. Well, Depot does the same thing, but it does not scale really well, so basically it can save you 400,000 of each resource while most people have about 10-20 million. I advise you rather spend your building time on Medic Tents, so you can keep more of your army in your Castle to defend it, that way it wont be an easy plunder and you will cause your enemy to lose more troops than what they get from resources if they do attack you. The only time you will have to upgrade this building is as a prerequisite for Castle upgrade.

City Hall

War and Order City Hall
The War and Order City Hall is the building which everyone has from the start.
It has four uses: you can buy a Monthly pack from it, invite your friends to the game, play the Pinata and pick up Daily rewards.
Pinata is a daily reward system found in the City Hall where you click on Pinatas and get rewards such as Glory Sword, Lord Experience, Resources, Gems, Speed Ups and Materials. A crystal ball can also sometimes appear, which will open a new interface with 9 cards. Each consecutive card you select will cost 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 purple coins. Purple coins are not hard to get, but are pretty expensive so I would not use them on everything and save them for the right time. Usually, the ONLY time you should go after 8+ purple coin cost of cards is when you can find gems, Elite Teleports, or a VIP point package. When one of these appears, there will also be a card which multiplies how much of the next item you get, like x5 and x10, an elite teleport and some random resource pack. Usually out of 9 cards, Elite Teleport and multiplier cards will be the last ones that cost 32, 64, 128, 256. In this case, you should always aim to somehow pick up the multiplication card and then right after it Elite teleport. Multiplications are additive, which means if you get x5 and then right after it you get x10 it will be x15 and not x50. Then you just have to be lucky enough to get the Elite teleport instead of some other reward. There is no pinata hack and everything is random, I have gotten elite teleport and multiplication cards three times in my crystal ball so far of which I got lucky only once and got x5, x6 and elite teleport, which resulted in 11 elite teleports.
War and Order Pinata
Daily rewards are pretty simple, you do some quests which will earn you points. When you reach 30, 80, 150, 210, 270, and 360 points, you get a reward. On the third and sixth chest, you will get a material chest and some lord experience reward.
War and Order Daily Rewards

Event Building

War and Order Event Building
The War and Order Event Building displays all the active events, and how long they last or in how long they will start.

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