Teamfight Tactics Monster Stage Guide

Teamfight Tactics Monster Neutrals Strategy Guide TFT NPC Rounds Krugs Wolves Raptors Drake Herald

Every six rounds in Teamfight Tactics you'll have to battle against dangerous NPC rounds which contain strong monsters that will deal damage to you if you can't beat them. In case you do kill the monsters, you'll have a chance to drop one or multiple items (depending on how many monsters there is in a certain monster stage round). Each monster round has a different unique mechanic that you need to counter in order to win. Knowing the monster mechanics allows players to prepare position and champions better and that's what we're going to teach you in this Teamfight Tactics Monster Round Guide.

Monsters can be tough to kill, but with these tips and tricks you'll easily kill them even with under-leveled champions.

Krugs Strategy

  • Three Krugs are going to spawn, two on the left side and a third one on the right side. Killing one of the Krugs will result in the others being full healed so it's best to focus fire them down one by one.

The strategy to easily beat Krugs is to place all your champions in the right corner so that they kill the Krug that's alone first before moving to kill the other two.

Wolves Strategy

  • 1 Greater Wolf and 4 Small Wolves spawn in the middle of the screen, instantly activating their stealth mode and jumping on the farthest enemies (just like Assassins do).

The strategy to easily beat Wolves is to place your tank champions in the back line and squishy champions on the front line, that way the Wolves will always jump on the tanks and your back-line damage dealers will do damage from a safe distance.

Raptors Strategy

  • 1 Crimson Raptor and 4 Small Raptors will spawn in an arrow shape. Killing any Raptor will result in all of them becoming enraged, turning into Crimson Raptors and gaining attack speed.

Raptors are the easiest neutral monster round, all you have to do is position tanks in the front and ranged damage dealers in the back (which is usually what everyone positions their units as anyways, so not much repositioning to be done).

Infernal Dragon and Elder Dragon Strategy

  • An Infernal Dragon spawns on the middle of the map. The Dragon deals high AoE damage that cleaves nearby enemies and he is immune to active skills.

In order to easily defeat the Infernal Dragon make sure to scatter your units so that he can't hit more than one or two with an attack (since he cleaves, he delete a whole team within a few hits if they're grouped up). Scattering your units and having good damage dealers will make the round much easier.

Rift Herald Strategy

  • Rift Herald will spawn and instantly charge onto the back line before attacking. It is incredibly tanky and you'll need good DPS to burst him down.

Beating Rift Herald is relatively easy, to kill it without issues scatter your units around and also mix them up so that some tanks are in the back.

We hope you've found our Teamfight Tactics Neutral Monster Round Guide useful and that you now know the strategy on how to best kill Krugs, Wolves, Raptors, Infernal & Elder Drake and Rift Herald.
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