Dofus Touch Class Tier List

Dofus Touch Class Tier List Strongest and Weakest Best Heroes Characters To Play

In this Dofus Touch Class Tier List we will present to you the strongest and weakest Characters in the latest Dofus Touch patch (version of the game). Dofus Touch is the mobile version of Dofus on PC and this list is only correct for the mobile version of the game (PC version has had many updates which include huge class reworks).
Please note: All Dofus Touch classes are more than viable for casual players but for some of you that enjoy min-maxing and playing the strongest character be it for low level gameplay and pvp or the end game dungeons and hunts, we have prepared this Dofus Touch Class Tier List.

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Class Tier List Descriptors

S+ Tier - Overpowered. These Dofus Touch classes that are perfect for the min-maxers who enjoy melting bosses and reaching very high damage numbers with both expensive and non expensive sets.
S Tier - Very Strong. Dofus Touch classes which are quite strong in the current state of the game but they're below the S+ tier in terms of power.
A Tier - Balanced. Dofus Touch classes are very viable, especially for casual players. Any of these is a great pick if you'd just like to have fun and you think the class is interesting to play.
C Tier - Underpowered. These Dofus Touch classes are currently very weak and you should probably avoid them if you don't have a lot of kamas to buy crazy overmaged gear. None of the classes from here are preferred for beginners and people that are just starting to get a grasp on Dofus Touch.



Cra's have been on top of their game for as long as I can remember. With a great set of spells in their kit nothing can stop them. Retreat Arrow and Burning arrow in most cases allow you to kite any monster in PvM so leveling is a breeze. For PvP on the other hand, Atonement and Punitive Arrow allow you to nuke anyone that doesn't hide on time.

Cra Builds


Osamodas are one of the strongest class in Dofus Touch because you can spam Gobbals or Tofus and literally 1 vs 1 anyone. Since Dofus Touch Osamodas summon damage doesn't scale with the caster's stats you can do fine even in scenarios where your set is worse than your opponents'. Overall a great beginner's class for people that enjoy winning fights in a slow fashion instead of rushing to have the fastest xp gain per hour.

EcaflipDofus Class Tier List Eca

The Dofus Touch Ecaflips are one of my favorite class because of the Kitten summon. It is so strong in early game. With a lot of high damage dealing spells in the strength side you'll be able to do most of the content in the game and leveling is a breeze due to how powerful the Kitten summon is. Slap on a Gobbal set and you can stay in it up until level 60 without any problems.


IopDofus Class Tier List Iop

Iop has always been really strong but the reason Iops are not in the S+ Tier is because their power tends to drop in the higher levels unless you have really strong (ap dependent) gear. Overall, if you enjoy to spam the 3 same spells every fight and watch Netflix while playing, Iop is for you.

Iop Builds

SacrierDofus Class Tier List Sacrier

Sacriers are one of the best PvP classes in Dofus Touch (along Cra and Osamodas). They are really strong but the problem with a Sacrier is that you'll often find yourself low on health after fights which will use up a lot of bread -- easy kamas drain. Though, chance Sacriers are excellent for farming Frigost mobs, you can charge people for leeching on Frigost Mastogobs or City mobs to make some easy cash.

EniripsaDofus Class Tier List Eniripsa

Eniripsas are the best support class due to their HUGE healing capabilities. An Eniripsa can effectively heal up to two people to full health every turn so Eniripsa is always a great pick for both PvP and PvE (hunts and dungeons). When you play an Eniripsa you will have no problems with finding a group to play with but as a solo character Eniripsa is not the preferred choice (you won't even be able to kill some of the Dopples).

FoggernautDofus Class Tier List Foggernaut

Foggernauts are a relatively new class. Even though they are not the most playable one, they're really strong in the current meta (pushback Foggernauts especially). Foggernaut is an often overlooked class due to the way their turrets work -- they attack/support both the Foggernaut's allies and enemies.


FecaDofus Class Tier List Feca

Fecas do their job as intended. The Feca is a tank class which is focused on defending their allies and keeping them alive while they dish out damage. Feca is not a great starter class due to the fact they require great gear to stay alive and do some damage but for group play and dungeons a Feca can be really useful.

Feca Builds

SramDofus Class Tier List Sram

Srams are really strong but the only viable stat is currently Strength. While they can do huge amounts of damage and be invisible, there's not much else you can do as a Sram. Srams in PvP are great but in PvE they lack damage due to the fact that their traps are useless versus A.I. controlled monsters (monsters often know where the traps are and will use them to their advantage to push you or your allies in them, they can sometimes even find invisible Srams really easily).

Sram Builds

EnutrofDofus Class Tier List Enutrof

Enutrofs are the kamas hungry class. Their only really viable stat is Chance, though most Enutrof players focus on getting the prospecting stat as high as possible in order to maximize the drops but overall an Enutrof is a good class if you just want to have fun.

PandawaDofus Class Tier List Pandawa

Pandawas are masters in their role -- positioning. There is no other class that can position enemies better than a Pandawa but other than that Pandawas are nothing special. Their damage is mediocre and they can tank some hits but not much. In a proper team setup they shine (Pandawa, Eniripsa and a damage dealer such as Cra, Iop, Sacrier...).

MasqueraiderDofus Class Tier List Masqueraider

Masqueraiders are great flexible characters that can do damage, shield their allies and position their enemies. The Masqueraider can do some serious damage at low levels (possibly the highest damage of all classes at level 40ish). Use a Gobball Set and even 7 AP is enough to do 200+ damage at level 30 with Furia and Reinforcement.


XelorDofus Class Tier List Xelor

Xelors are one of the worst classes in Dofus Touch due to the fact they just don't excel in neither PvP nor PvE. Their PvP is mediocre (ap removal -- usually Chance build) and for PvM they are useless. Nothing more to be said...

RogueDofus Class Tier List Rogue

Rogues have huge potential to be one of the strongest classes in Dofus Touch -- in the right hands. The Rogue class is extremely hard to play and a Rogue often requires really expensive gear to start doing some good damage. In PvM a Rogue is bad due to the fact enemies will push you and your allies into the bomb zones or even destroy the bombs.

SadidaDofus Class Tier List Sadida

The Sadidas are a mix of a support and a damage dealer gone wrong. The Sadidas' summons make the fights really long and a Sadida usually doesn't have enough damage to clear monsters fast enough. On top of that, a Sadida is EXTREMELY hard to gear up because you will need +summons on items, strength, range and many other stats.

Sadida Builds

Hopefully this Dofus Touch Class Tier List has helped you find the best possible class to play for both PvP and PvM. If you have any questions leave us a comment below!

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