Last Oasis Resources Guide

Last Oasis In Depth Resources Guide Where To Find Materials

Resources are the main focus of Lost Oasis as you really can't do anything without them. Resources can be used for building walkers, bases, food and weapons as well as a plethora of other things. If you've already read our beginner guide for Lost Oasis then you already know about the basic resources. In this Last Oasis guide we're going to cover the more intermediate resources and how to get them.

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During your exploration you'll stumble upon pink "cat" looking creatures called Phemke. Killing them and hitting the corpse with an Axe or Sword will harvest Phemke hide.

Contaminated Water

You can use contaminated water in two ways: boil it at a campfire to make purified water or drink it at the cost of your health. It can be a lifesaver at moments but be vary when drinking contaminated water. For more ways to get water, check our Oasis water guide.

Palm Leaves

Palms can be found on the edges of the map-- in deserts. To harvest leaves from a Palm tree simply hit it with a Hatchet or an Axe.

Rupu Vines

Rupu Camps will often have these vine-like bushes that can be harvested with your hands, sickle or a scythe.

Rupu Gel

When you encounter Rupu Camps some of them will have a tower looking structure in them. These can be explored to obtain the Rupu Gel which is a very useful resource.


Like in real life, Cattail grows in areas with low-depth water such as smaller lakes or shores. Just like Fiber, it can be collected by hand but it's preferred to use a scythe or sickle.


Mushrooms can be found in canyons and are harvested with a Pickaxe or an Axe.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be found near entrances to previously mentioned canyons. You can harvest them by hand but using a Sickle or Scythe will yield more.

Bone Splinter

Bone Splinters are scattered on the floor of most areas and is looted with an Axe or Pickaxe.


To get Beeswax you'll need to roam around the forest parts of the map. Trees are going to have a Beehive on the branches and the Beeswax can be gathered by hand.

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