The Division 2 Weapon Mods List And Locations

As previously mentioned in our Division 2 Beginner’s Guide, The Weapon Mod system in The Division 2 is quite easy to learn because once you’ve crafted a certain Weapon Mod you’ll have it for the whole duration of your playthrough. Weapons can have several different attachments: Scopes, Muzzles, Underbarrels and Magazines. All of these Weapon Attachments can have Attachment mods which increase and decrease certain stats of your weapon. You can find weapon mod Blueprints by playing Side Missions and Projects, and then construct them at the craft bench and some mods are even unlocked as Perks by spending SHD Tech at the Quartermaster. In The Division 2 Weapon Mods List And Locations we will tell you all of the Gun Attachment Mod Stats and locations where you can find the required blueprint for crafting.

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Long552 Holo Sight+10.0% Accuracy-15.0% Optimal Range
Acog Scope (4x)+25.0% Optimal Range-15.0% Critical Hit Damage
CQBSS Scope (8x)+35.0% Headshot Damage-20.0% Accuracy
VX1 Scope (12x)+30.0% Headshot Damage-20.0% Reload Speed
Short / LongEXPS3 Holo sight+20.0% Damage to Elites-50.0% Headshot Damage
Scopes(10)PRO Red Dot Sight+20.0% Stability-30.0% Optimal RangeBlueprint from “Water Pipeline Construction Project” for Theater
Reflex Sight+10.0% Critical Hit Damage-15.0% Accuracy
T2 Mirco Red Dot Sight+20.0% Accuracy-10.0% Critical Hit Chance
IronsightsOpen Iron Sights+20.0% Stability-10.0% Accuracy
Streamlined Iron Sights+25.0% Reload Speed-8.0% Critical Hit Chance
Muzzles(14)9mmCompensator 9mm+20.0% Stability-10.0% Accuracy
Flash Hider 9mm+20.0% Critical Hit Damage-10.0% Stability
Small Suppressor 9mm+20.0% Accuracy-15.0% Optimal Range
.45 ACPMuzzle Brake .45+10.0% Damage to Elites-15.0% Stability
Osprey 45 Suppressor+20.0% Critical Hit Chance-10.0% Rate of FireSilencerCo Osprey 45
Loud Vent Brake .45+20.0% Optimal Range-10.0% Stability
5.56 NATOCompensator 5.56+20.0% Stability-10.0% Accuracy
Loud Brake Vent 5.56+20.0% Optimal Range-10.0% Stability
Muzzle Brake 5.56+10.0% Damage to Elites-15.0% Stability
Omega 5.56 Rifle Suppressor+20.0% Stability-20.0% Optimal RangeSliencerCo Omega 300
7.62 mmCompensator 7.62+20.0% Stability-10.0% Accuracy
Flash Hider 7.62+20.0% Critical Hit Damage-10.0% Stability
Large Supressor 7.62+20.0% Accuracy-5.0% Damage to Elites
Loud Brake Vent 7.62+20.0% Optimal Range-10.0% Stability
Underbarrels(6)LongHandstop+10% Reload Speed-10.0% Stability
Short Grip+10.0% Critical Hit Damage-15.0% Rate of Fire
Short / LongVertical Grip+10.0% Accuracy-8.0% Stability
Angled Grip+15.0% Stability-8.0% Accuracy
Laser Pointer+10.0% Critical Hit Chance-10.0% StabilityGreen Laser
SidearmsCompact Coupled Small Laser Point+5.0% Critical Hit Chance-5.0% AccuracyRed Laser
Magazine(23).45 ACP (SMGs)Extended .45 ACP Mag+12 Rounds-15.0% Stability
Force Feed .45 ACP Mag+10% Damage to Elites-10.0% Optimal Range
5.56 NATO (ARs)Balanced Spring 5.56 Mag+20.0% Stability-10.0% Damage to Elites
Light Extended 5.56 Mag+30 Rounds-10.0% Rate of Fire
Tactical 5.56 Mag+10.0% Critical Hit Damage-15.0% Optimal Range
5.56 NATO (Marksman Rifles)Sturdy Extended 5.56 Mag+20.0% Stability-10.0% Critical Hit DamageBlueprint from side mission “Department of Justice”
7.62 mm (ARs)Light Extended 7.62 Mag+30 Rounds-5.0% Weapon Damage
Precision 7.62 Mag+15.0% Headshot Damage-10.0% Damage to Elites
Weighted 7.62 Mag+20.0% Stability-20.0% Optimal Range.
7.62 mm (Marksman Rifles)Mended Marksmen Mag+20.0% Optimal Range-10.0% Reload Speed
9mm (SMGs)Extended 9mm Mag+11 Rounds-15.0% Stability
Heavy Spring 9mm Mag+20.0% Critical Hit Damage-15.0% Stability
Oversized 9mm Mag+15 Rounds-20.0% Reload Speed
Segmented 9mm Mag+30.0% Reload Speed-5 Rounds
Belt Fed MachinegunsNimble Link Belt+10.0% Rate of Fire-20.0% Stability
Tactical Small Pouch+25.0% Reload Speed-15 Rounds
PistolsExtended Pistol Mag+11 Rounds-15.0% Stability
RevolversSpeed Loading Revolver Drum+30.0% Reload Speed-5.0% Weapon Damage
SidearmsField Pistol Mag+30.0% Optimal Range-10.0% Critical Hit Chance
Tubular (Shotguns)Compensated Integrated Spring+20.0% Reload Speed-10.0% Accuracy
Counter-Clockwise Tubular Spring+20.0% Damage to Elites-15.0% Optimal Range
Flexible Tubular Spring+30.0% Reload Speed-10.0% Critical Hit Chance
Hard Tubular Spring+10.0% Rate of Fire-20.0% Headshot Damage

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Knowing all of the Weapon Attachment Mods and how to get them will prove of much use once you’re in search for any Weapon mods. Hopefully this Weapon Mods List has been useful to you.