TFT Challenger Build Beginner's Guide

TFT Challenger Build Beginner Guide Teamfight Tactics Set 6

Challenger Trait currently holds two of the most powerful units in the game: Fiora and Yone. These two are incredible powerhouses as proper itemization on them allows you to win pretty much any matchup. While the Challengers tend to be relatively easy to play, most of the units in the final composition require a lot of Gold and luck to be acquired on time so you'll have to know how to properly transition the build into something powerful. In this Teamfight Tactics Challenger Build Guide we'll showcase the most popular beginner-friendly TFT Challenger build and how to play it throughout the early, mid and late game, which are the best Hextech Augments for this build, as well as how to gear and position your units.


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Challenger Synergy Bonus

Challenger trait grants bonus Attack Speed. Upon scoring a takedown, Challengers dash to a new target and double this bonus for 2.5 seconds.

2 → 30% Attack Speed
4 → 60% Attack Speed
6 → 90% Attack Speed
8 → 145% Attack Speed

Best Challenger Build

  • Camille
    • Camille gains a shield blocking damage over 4 seconds, then sweeps her leg, dealing magic damage to enemies in a cone. While this shield holds, Camille's attacks restore Health.
  • Taric
    • Taric heals himself and the lowest % Health ally. Any overhealing is converted to a shield that lasts 4 seconds.
  • Janna
    • Janna summons a Monsoon, knocking back nearby enemies and stunning them. The Monsoon heals your team over 3 seconds.
  • Yuumi
    • Yuumi and her Book detach and then launch waves of light toward the farthest enemy, each dealing magic damage and stunning enemies for 1 seconds. She then attaches to the nearest ally.
  • Fiora
    • Fiora becomes untargetable and strikes 4 times at her target's vitals. Each strike deals 160% of her Attack Damage as physical damage, bonus true damage, and heals her for 15% of the total damage dealt. If the target dies, Fiora will change targets to the nearest enemy.
  • Orianna
    • Orianna sends out her ball towards the largest group of champions, then commands it to release a shockwave. Allies within 2 hexes gain shield for 4 seconds, while enemies within the area are briefly knocked up and dealt magic damage. Enemies adjacent to the ball are drawn in and stunned.
  • Yone
    • Yone summons his spirit to attack an enemy up to 3 hexes away for a few seconds. The spirit is an untargetable, invulnerable copy of Yone and heals him for % of the damage it deals. If Yone dies, his spirit dies with him.
  • Kai'Sa
    • Kai’Sa dashes away from all enemies, then fires a volley of missiles spread evenly among all enemies that deal magic damage each. For each time Kai'Sa has attacked this combat, she'll fire an additional missile.

Challenger Team Comp Guide

Early Game

The early-game team composition should always consist of: Camille, Quinn, Warwick and Samira. This grants the team an easy Challenger-four synergy bonus and by adding Zilean as the fifth champion you'll also get Clockwork-two which comes in handy for the Camille. The main goal of this build is to reach level eight as quick as possible in order to get access to the Epic and Legendary units that you'll desperately need.

Mid Game

You will generally be on a long lose streak at this point and that's perfectly fine. Always try to be above 50 Gold for the maximum amount of bonus gold (via interest) and use all extra Gold to buy experience points. Rush level eight, try to get it early in Stage four and pick up Janna, Fiora, Orianna and Yone if you find any of them along the way.

Late Game

Roll at level eight and try to get the full team composition going. If you don't get the core champions early on during the late game you'll likely die very fast. Ideally, you'll want to have Camille, Fiora, Yone, Kaisa, Taric and Janna. These units will be able to carry the rounds until you find Orianna and Yuumi which completes this Challenger build by granting it additional bonuses via Scholar, Enchanter and Academy synergies.

Recommended Items & Hextech Augment choices

Yone → Guinsoo's Rageblade, The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge.
Fiora → Hand of Justice, Infinity Edge, Jeweled Gauntlet.
Camille → Dragon's Claw, Bramble Vest, Warmog's Heart.

Ideally, you'll want to pick up +Challenger Hextech Augments. Along with those, Augments which heal your allies depending on damage dealt or grant them shields will make the team incredibly strong simply because of the amount of damage Yone and Fiora dish out.

Unit Positioning

Position the Taric and Camille in the front-line as these will be your main tanks. Along with those, you'll also want Fiora on the front line with Yuumi right behind her (so that she attaches to Fiora). Yone should be behind the Camille so that he can dish out damage without getting oneshot early on. Janna, Kai'Sa and Orianna are further in the back-line as they are squishy and prone to one-shots.

TFT Challenger Build Unit Positioning
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