TFT Scrap Build Beginner's Guide

TFT Scrap Build Beginner Guide Teamfight Tactics Set 6

The Scrap Sisters Build is currently one of the most powerful Teamfight Tactics builds. The team comp doesn't focus on one Trait, but quite a few of them. This approach grants the team a lot of useful bonuses that allow Jinx to be the main hyper-carry of the Scrap build. Along with Jinx, this particular team composition uses high-tier, powerful units: Yuumi, Tahm Kench and Jayce to wreak havoc onto the enemies. In this Teamfight Tactics Scrap Build Guide we'll showcase the most popular beginner-friendly TFT Scrap build and how to play it throughout the early, mid and late game, which are the best Hextech Augments for this build, as well as how to gear and position your units.


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Scrap & Sister Synergy Bonus

At the start of combat, components held by Scrap champions turn into full items for the rest of combat. Additionally, your team also gains Health for each component equipped in your army, including those that are part of a full item.

2 → 1 component, 20 health
4 → 3 components, 35 health
6 → All components, 60 health

Sisters gain empowered skills to compete with each other. Vi's ability range increases by 2 hexes. Jinx gains 40% Attack Speed for 3 seconds after scoring a takedown.

Best Scrap Build

  • Vi
    • Vi empowers her next attack to blast through her target, dealing magic damage to all enemies in a cone and reducing their Armor for 8 seconds.
  • Janna
    • Janna summons a Monsoon, knocking back nearby enemies and stunning them. The Monsoon heals your team over 3 seconds.
  • Jhin
    • Jhin transforms his weapon into a powerful sniper rifle for his next 4 shots. Each shot deals % of his Attack Damage as physical damage, reduced by 50% for each target it pierces through. The 4th shot is guaranteed to critically strike, and deals 100% more damage based on his target's missing Health. Passive: Jhin always attacks fixed times per second. He converts each 1% of bonus Attack Speed into 0.8 Attack Damage.
  • Orianna
    • Orianna sends out her ball towards the largest group of champions, then commands it to release a shockwave. Allies within 2 hexes gain shield for 4 seconds, while enemies within the area are briefly knocked up and dealt magic damage. Enemies adjacent to the ball are drawn in and stunned.
  • Jayce
    • Melee form: Jayce overcharges himself, becoming unstoppable and gaining a shield for 3 seconds. Jayce then attacks twice, cleaving enemies in front of him for % of his Attack Damage as physical damage before leaping to the skies and slamming down on his target. Enemies within 2 hexes take the same damage and suffer a % reduction in Armor and Magic Resist for 5 seconds. Passive: Jayce gain 50 Armor and Magic Resist. Ranged form: Jayce summons an acceleration gate, granting allies within the same row % Attack Speed for 5 seconds. He then replaces his next 3 attacks with orbs of electricity that deal % of his Attack Damage as physical damage in an area around his target. The 3rd orb has an increased area of effect. Passive: Jayce's range is increased by 4 hexes and he gains Attack Damage.
  • Jinx
    • Jinx rides her rocket into the sky, then comes crashing down near the center-most enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies around the epicenter, and 50% to all other enemies in in a large area. The epicenter burns every unit except Jinx for 5 seconds, dealing % of the target's maximum Health as true damage, and reducing healing by 50% for the duration. She then swaps to her rocket launcher for the rest of combat, causing her attacks to explode for % of her Attack Damage in a small area around her target.
  • Tahm Kench
    • Tahm Kench devours his target, storing them in his belly and dealing magic damage damage over 3 seconds. During this time, they are invulnerable to other sources of damage and Tahm Kench takes 40% less damage. If they die while inside, Tahm Kench either spits out a random item component they were holding, or the cost of the unit in gold. Otherwise, he spits them towards the farthest enemy, briefly stunning targets they impact. If a target is immune to crowd control. Tahm Kench will instead deal 35% of magic damage.
  • Yuumi
    • Yuumi and Book detach and then launch waves toward the farthest enemy, each dealing magic damage and stunning enemies for 1 seconds. She then attaches to the nearest ally.

Scrap Team Comp Guide

Early Game

Scrap Build's early game is quite good due to the fact that getting four Scrap units is very easy. Placing one item on three of their units will transform them into full items during fights, allowing you to save item-combining for late game. Get Ezreal, Ziggs, Blitzcrank and Trundle as a core team composition of the early game. The fifth champion can be Vi, as she'll be used in the late game composition and her having Bruiser makes her quite useful as she unlocks the synergy in combination with Trundle.

Mid Game

Doing a proper middle game transition can be tricky because the power of this build fall off once everyone else starts building out their synergies. The goal with the Scrap Build is to reach level eight faster than others, so a win/lose streak will be preferred. In most cases you'll be on a lose streak with this build and that's fine, provided you can get all the core units for the late game. All you'll need to do during the mid game is to upgrade Vi, try to get Janna, Jhin and Orianna while saving up on Gold and rushing level eight. Remember to replace Ezreal, Ziggs and Blitzcrank with these units.

Late Game

Around Stage four you will most certainly want to be at level eight so that you can fast roll for high value units that are the core of this build's lategame comp: Jayce, Jinx, Tahm Kench and Yuumi. Having to get four Legendary units can be quite of a problem and require a lot of luck but getting all of them will most certainly result in a win. The core of this build are going to be: Vi, Jayce, Jinx and Tahm Kench with all the other units adding very useful synergies.

Recommended Items & Hextech Augments

Jinx → Giant Slayer, Guinsoo's Rageblade and Hand of Justice.
Jayce → Warmog's Armor, Dragon's Claw and Bramble Vest.
Yuumi → Archangel Staff, Blue Buff and Morellonomicon.

While this team comp doesn't rely on any Hextech Augments, some of the useful ones would be +2 to Clockwork, Scholar, Burn enemies at the start of fight, Bonus experience and any other that could add bonus stats (such as shields) to your units.

Unit Positioning

The Scrap Build has both great damage dealing capabilities as well as defensiveness. Tahm Kench, Vi and Jayce provide this team composition with much needed tanks that will peel for the hyper-carry Jinx. Jhin is located in the back line but on the opposite side of Jinx, in order to bait out Assassins and Blitzcrank hooks. Orianna and Janna are near Jinx in order to provide her with a last line of defense.

TFT Scrap Build Unit Positioning
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