TFT Mutant Build Beginner's Guide

TFT Mutant Build Beginner Guide Teamfight Tactics Set 6

Mutants aren't very special by themselves but when you combine them with Protectors they can become a fairly viable build that's currently A tier (one below the best). Since you can't plan around Mutants (due to not knowing their bonuses prior to the game) every match is going to be a fun surprise! Kassadin is not a highly contest unit, and pairing him with Kog'Maw & getting them to three stars will result in very powerful team compositions in most games. In this Teamfight Tactics Mutant Build Guide we'll showcase the most popular beginner-friendly TFT Mutant build and how to play it throughout the early, mid and late game, which are the best Hextech Augments for this build, as well as how to gear and position your units.


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Mutant & Protector Synergy Bonus

Mutant units gain unique bonuses. These bonuses are different each game and cannot be predicted.

3 → Bonus randomly selected per game
5 → Bonus randomly selected per game

Along with the Mutant synergy, this build also benefits from the Protector synergy.

Protectors shield themselves for 6 seconds whenever they cast an Ability. This shield doesn't stack.

2 → 20% Maximum Health Shield
3 → 35% Maximum Health Shield
4 → 45% Maximum Health Shield
5 → 60% Maximum Health Shield

Best Mutant Build

  • Caitlyn
    • Caitlyn takes aim at the farthest enemy, firing a deadly bullet towards them that deals magic damage to the first enemy it hits.
  • Garen
    • Garen shrugs off all crowd control effects, empowering his next strike to deal 200% of his Attack Damage, plus an additional % of his missing Health in bonus physical damage. This ability can be cast while stunned.
  • Graves
    • Graves launches a smoke grenade toward this current target. The grenade explodes on impact dealing magic damage to nearby enemies, and Disarms enemies who remain within the smoke cloud for a few seconds.
  • Kassadin
    • Kassadin fires an orb of void energy at his target, dealing magic damage and granting Kassadin a shield that reduces incoming damage by 35% for 4 seconds. Enemies hit by the orb suffer a increased Mana cost for their next Ability cast.
  • Blitzcrank
    • Blitzcrank pulls the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. His next attack after pulling knocks up for 1 second. Allies within range will prefer attacking Blitzcrank's target.
  • Kog'Maw
    • For 3 seconds, Kog’Maw gains infinite Attack Range, 75% Attack Speed, and his attacks deal % of the target's maximum Health as bonus magic damage.
  • Malzahar
    • Malzahar infects the mind of the closest unafflicted target, dealing magic damage over 8 seconds and reducing the Magic Resist of enemies by 40%. If an afflicted target dies, Malefic Visions spreads to the nearest unafflicted targets with the remaining duration.
  • Jayce
    • Jayce has two forms that he can swap between during fights.
    • Melee form: Jayce overcharges himself, becoming unstoppable and gaining a shield for 3 seconds. Jayce then attacks twice, cleaving enemies in front of him for % of his Attack Damage as physical damage before leaping to the skies and slamming down on his target. Enemies within 2 hexes take the same damage and suffer a % reduction in Armor and Magic Resist for 5 seconds. Passive: Jayce gain 50 Armor and Magic Resist.
    • Ranged form: Jayce summons an acceleration gate, granting allies within the same row % Attack Speed for 5 seconds. He then replaces his next 3 attacks with orbs of electricity that deal % of his Attack Damage as physical damage in an area around his target. The 3rd orb has an increased area of effect. Passive: Jayce's range is increased by 4 hexes and he gains Attack Damage.

Mutant Team Comp Guide

Early Game

This is a very cheap and easy build to get going, a majority of the units are 1/2 Gold cost champions. Get Garen, Graves, Kassadin, Kog'Maw and Malzahar during the early game. This team composition will grant you the following: 2 Academy, 2 Twinshot, 3 Mutant and 2 Protector synergies. Also worth mentioning is that this is a slow-rolling build, meaning that you will have to keep spending excess Gold to re-roll the shop and get three star units by the time you hit level 6/7.

Mid Game

Middle game is all about getting as many three star units as you can. Add Blitzcrank or Caitlyn to the previously mentioned team as this will grant the team additional bonuses via Protector or Snipet, depending which unit you've chosen. Try to work towards level seven, but keep prioritizing re-rolling the market and acquiring units.

Late Game

As you hit level seven you most certainly need multiple three star units or you're gonna lose. The core of this team should have: Caitlyn, Garen, Graves, Kassadin, Blitzcrank, Kog'Maw and Malzahar. As you reach level eight, Jayce is currently the preferred choice as he gives you the bonus from Enforcer-two. Additionally, you now have the option to swap Caitlyn, Graves and Kog'Maw for Cho'Gath, Dr.Mundo and Sion if you want higher quality, stronger units. Only do this if you have the latter at two stars (and the Cait, Graves and Kog'Maw aren't three star).

Recommended Items & Hextech Augments

Kog'Maw → Giant Slayer, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Hand of Justice.
Garen → Warmog's Armor, Titan's Resolve, The Bloodthirster.
Kassadin → Hextech Gunblade, Sunfire Cape, Warmog's Armor.

Best Hextech Augments for this build are certainly the +1/2 Mutant and Protector ones. Additionally, any Augments which would provide your team with additional damage and shields would fit in perfectly with this comp.

Unit Positioning

Kassadin with items is incredibly tanky! That's why he's positioned in the front-line, along with Graves and Garen. Blitzcrank is located in the second row, ready to hook an enemy's backline unit so that Jayce, Kog'Maw, and Caitlyn can shred it. Malzahar is last on this list and he's mainly on the opposite side of your backline as he's used to bait Blitzcrank hooks or Assassins.

TFT Mutant Build Unit Positioning
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