Ultimate Teamfight Tactics Gold And Experience Guide

Ultimate Teamfight Tactics Gold And Experience Guide TFT Leveling Strategies Hyper Rolling Economy Rerolls

Gaining a Gold or Experience advantage over other Teamfight Tactics players is crucial if you plan on winning the game or ranking higher. As such, having a strong Economy is important and in this TFT Gold guide we'll be teaching you how to use Gold (and the best ways to do it), when to level up and buy Experience as well as the two most common strategies that people use in order to spend their Gold and win games.

If you're a beginner or looking to be better at TFT, learning good Gold Strats will most definitely help you out.


How to get and use Gold?

Gold is a type of currency in most Auto Chess games and it allows you to buy units as well as more experience in order to level up your hero faster.

By default, you'll be getting a passive income of +5 Gold each round (and this number never changes). Additionally, you'll receive Interest for holding more Gold. Every 10 Gold that you're holding will generate +1 more Gold in that round (and it caps at +5 aka 50 Gold). Therefore, saving up more than 50 Gold is not worth it, so always try and be around the 50 Gold mark and spend Gold whenever you reach 60-70 or sooner if you have to. Lastly, Win/Loss streaks will also give you bonus Gold which depends on the amount of Wins or Losses that you've accrued in a row and every win will reward you with +1 Gold as well.

2 Wins or Losses → +1 Gold
5 Wins or Losses → +2 Gold
8 Wins or Losses → +3 Gold

What's Experience and how to get it fast?

The way experience work is that you always get +2 Exp every start of the round and you can also buy additional 4 experience for 4 Gold as many times as you want. Having a great Economy is important as it'll allow you to level up fast and gain high amounts of experience very quickly if you need to. The first three rounds of every TFT game you'll fight neutral monsters and they'll reward you with one level per round. After that, leveling up will require additional experience each time you reach a higher level.

Level 4 → 6 XP Required to level up
Level 5 → 10 XP Required to level up
Level 6 → 18 XP Required to level up
Level 7 → 30 XP Required to level up
Level 8 → 48 XP Required to level up
Level 9 → 70 XP Required to level up

When to buy Experience and level up quickly?

A good rule of thumb when it comes to buying experience and leveling up is to always do it if:
a) you can afford it
b) you can put a strong relevant unit on the board.

Obviously, this heavily depends on your playstyle and the current situation in the game. In case you're losing hard and have low health then use Gold to buy experience. Another good idea is to level up whenever you're 8 XP below leveling up, in most scenarios this will mean you're putting in a stronger unit at the cost of 1 Gold, which you can easily get back by just winning the round. Using this passive leveling tactic will make you one higher level than other players at the end which will let you win much easier.

Most popular Gold strategies

Hyper-Reroll Strategy

The hyper-roll strategy is a very hard one to pull off because you're essentially gambling your whole Gold stash on Tier 1 units that are relevant during early to middle game. Rerolls need to contain at least one key unit that will allow you to upgrade and rank them up, otherwise you'll end up with both a bad economy and a weak team which is a recipe for losses. Since the Reroll strategy relies on Tier 1 units, you'll often find yourself one level below other players-- minimizing your chances of getting Tier 4 units early on. Though, if you find relevant upgrades it will secure you easy win streaks and bump your economy back up.

To do the TFT Hyper-rerolling strat don't spend Gold until Krugs NPC round unless they're T1 units. Winning or losing at this point doesn't matter as your main goal is to accumulate Gold and then use it all on rolling for Tier 1 unit upgrades and getting a Rank 3 champion. After your team composition has stabilized and you start winning games, rebuild your economy in order to be relevant during late game.

Economy Strategy

The TFT Economy strat can be seen much more commonly among Pro players because it allows you to consistently have a high chance of hitting Tier 4 units, reach the late game and be able to transition builds without worrying about Gold. Doing your Economy is important as it'll allow you to snowball late game due to you being one or two Legend above others. Though, this particular strategy is very weak during early game so don't be surprised if you "trade" a lot of Health in exchange for Gold.

To make the Economy strat work you'll need to plan your Build very early in the game so that you can pick up any units that you want as rolling is not an option. Focus on saving up Gold and gaining Interest as it can reward you +5 additional gold per fight. Before the Krugs neutral round make sure to buy one experience pack for 4 Gold in order to level up to five. At this point, after a few rounds you should be at 50+ Gold. Whenever you go above 50 Gold, spend it on experience so that you reach level 6 before others and start heavily rolling for a Tier 4 (purple) unit that you need for completion of the desired Build. When you've hit the desired team composition, rebuild your economy and slowly level to seven & try to upgrade purple units to Rank 2.

Credits to Scarra for some of the information found in this article.

We sincerely hope you've found our Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Gold guide useful and that you now know how to play the Reroll and Economy strategies as well as level up fast and get Gold.
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